55 Tarot Spreads for Self-Empowerment.

The Ultimate Self-Empowerment Tarot Book


This is the book I made to help myself when I need to be empowered.
This is the book that will help you connect deeper with the Tarot. The obstacle in reading the tarot is not so much remembering the tarot card meanings…..or even problems with tarot combinations….

It is using the wrong spread with card positions that don’t ask specifically what you are want to have answered.The Tarot spreads in this book are Custom Made to empower the Seeker to look within, connect with self and the tarot in a meaningful way.

I have added specific Prayer Commands to help the Seeker in the process of self-empowerment, healing, and manifesting.


How to Protect yourself before a tarot reading

How to Read yes/no in tarot

How to Read male/female in tarot

Tarot and health

Tarot and relationships

Tarot and family

Tarot and spiritual development

Tarot and money

Tarot and pets

Tarot and bad habits

Price: 14.50 USD

Purchase this book on my Etsy Shop.

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