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Ace of Swords is a symbol for truth in the tarot

The Ace of swords can be best understood when you see what havoc the reversed meaning of the card is. Ace of swords reversed speaks of situations where liars and thieves rule the roost. Truth is in exile when Ace of swords is reversed. The Seeker could be completely overwhelmed by the situations they find themselves in. Perhaps more than any other card, this card reversed urges you to use the power of your mind to turn situations around. Ace of swords reversed asks you to overcome limiting beliefs and fears preventing you from having resolution and peace. When Ace of swords is upright it speaks of Justice. Ace of swords upright speaks of great potential to have a very desirable result. Ace of swords speaks of truth, honour, and peace. In career, it speaks of competence. In love, it speaks of compatibility. When you enter deeper into the energy of Ace of swords it becomes deep wisdom and the mind is flexible and free.

Ace of swords as an obstacle

Ace of swords becomes an obstacle in your life when people are lying, where there is misconduct, and knives are stabbed in your back. Ace of swords also becomes an obstacle when we stop believing in ourselves. We get stuck and other people’s opinions and attitudes gain power over us. Ace of swords often shows up reversed to signal this to you and it is important to turn it around. We might also believe we don’t have enough time to accomplish things or we believe we are too old to learn new things. All these limiting beliefs can be challenged and turned around.

Ace of swords as how someone sees you

Depending of if Ace of swords is upright or reversed, this card means they see you either as trustworthy or not. If they see you as Ace of swords upright, they think you are courageous, truthful, and brave. They also think you are smart and a good communicator. There are, however, trust issues when Ace of swords shows up reversed. Ace of swords reversed could mean trust needs to be rebuild again.