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Ace of swords and predicting time.

Using the suit of swords to determine the age of someone.

I often get’s asked when predicting about people coming into someone’s life: ‘How old is this person?’ The court cards can often be an inaccurate tool in determining someone’s age for 2 main reasons. 1. The court cards read the person’s energies. The elderly sometimes come up as pages and youth can come up as kings. 2. Kings often show up when someone is in the prime of their lives, and that is individually for everyone.

When it comes to dealing with time there is one card that represents the essence of time and that is Ace of swords. By reading the Ace of swords as time the whole suit of the swords can be given the theme of time.  I only use the cards between ace of swords to ten of swords (and not the court cards): 5 of swords is the same age as you, 4 of swords is a couple of years younger, 3 of swords about 5-10 years younger, 2 of swords is over 10 years younger and ace of swords is over 15 years younger. The same goes upwards. 6 of swords is a couple of years older, 7 of swords is 5-10 years older, 8 of swords is 10-15 yeas older, 9 of swords is 15-20 years older, 10 of swords is over 20 years older.

You can also use this method as Ace of swords means very young, five of swords means the middle of life (around 40+) and ten of swords means old age.

Ace of swords and timing of events

You can also use this method to determine when something will happen in your own or in someone else’s life. Will it happen soon (ace of swords) or in the far distant future (ten of swords).

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