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Anchor Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirty-fifth Lenormand card, anchor, is stability. Anchor also signifies what is long lasting.

lenormand card 35 anchor


Anchor Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Anchor in Rider position: Permanent changes.

Anchor in Clover position: Long-term fortune.

Anchor in Ship position: Long journey overseas. Settling overseas.

Anchor in House position: Stable home. Long term home. Stable family. Security.

Anchor in Tree position: Long lasting health. Strong health.

Anchor in Clouds position: Stability shaken up. Uncertain foundation. Long lasting confusion.

Anchor in Snake position: Lying to stay safe. Compulsive liar.

Anchor in Coffin position: End of stability. New beginning.

Anchor in Bouquet position: Long-term happiness.

Anchor in Scythe position: Confident decision. Very experienced surgeon.

Anchor in Whip position: Long lasting conflict.

Anchor in Birds position: Stable couple.

Anchor in Child position: Safe childhood. Confident child.

Anchor in Fox position: Long-term job.

Anchor in Bear position: Stable boss. Powerful and strong.

Anchor in Star position: Long lasting dream.

Anchor in Stork position: Big changes.

Anchor in Dog position: Long lasting friendship.

Anchor in Tower position: Stable government.

Anchor in Garden position: Traditional events.

Anchor in Mountain position: Stability delayed.

Anchor in Crossroad position: Having to make frequent choices.

Anchor in Mice position: Stability lost.

Anchor in Heart position: Strong love. Deep love.

Anchor in Ring position: Long-term marriage. Long term contract.

Anchor in Book position: Long-term study. Long term secret.

Anchor in Letter position: Documents that bring stability.

Anchor in Man position: Stable man.

Anchor in Woman position: Stable woman.

Anchor in Lily position: Stable retirement. Stability later in life. A long retirement.

Anchor in Sun position: Long lasting success.

Anchor in Moon position: Long lasting romance.

Anchor in Key position: Stability being important.

Anchor in Fish position: Long-term business. Stable business.

Anchor in Anchor position: Stable work.

Anchor in Cross position: Long-term worry.