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Astrology readings rachel

It has been a dream of mine to bring my love of astrology out into the world for many years. I am no stranger to astrology and began communicating “star signs” with my father when I was a girl. In my mid teens, I delved deeper into the mystically accurate world of star signs, houses, natal charts, transits and the compatibility between signs. I owe thanks to my best friend, at the time, who was and is immensely passionate about astrology. I can still recall the moment she handed me her thick, heavy ephemeris and I discovered my moon sign for the first time. I intuitively knew which astrology symbol would be looking back at me from the page. I have felt a deep connection with this mystical language since.

The areas in astrology that particularly get my juices flowing are the language of love, intimacy, and compatibility. In my personalised astrology style, I focus on psychological profiling for every individual. I just love the human psyche and how it works. I love weaving many different traits to sum up a person, in all of our complexities. I’ll love creating your chart for you as much as you’ll love reading it. Enjoy.

Learn more about how to get an astrology reading from me here.