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Tarot and Kabbalah

The link between tarot and kabbalah Tarot and Kabbalah have evolved through the history to become two unlikely partners in understanding the mystical world. Although there are no evidence that the Tarot has its origins in Kabbalah, no one can deny that modern Tarot is hugely influenced by the teaching of the Hermetic order of [...]

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Rune Spreads

Look at situations from all angles with the Rune Spreads. Thor's Hammer Spread   1. What mask do you show the world? 2. What fears are within you? 3. What are you seeking? 4. How should you best approach this? 5. What do you hope to become? 6. What is stopping you? 7. What is [...]

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Behind the Scenes with TarotCafe™

See for yourself what happens during a reading with Inger at TarotCafe™ What happens during a reading with Ingie at TarotCafe™ and why the name TarotCafe? Well I read in cafes because I love both tarot and cafes. When people are having a reading in a cafe they are usually relaxed and at ease, enjoying a cuppa while [...]

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