Badger Spirit Animal

Badger is represented by Strength Tarot Card

Badger Spirit signifies the path from insecure to confident. Badger is the teacher of owning your path and owning who you are. Badger signifies going after what you want until you have it, and doing what it takes to achieve. When Badger is in your life you might find yourself more competitive and aggressive than usual. Badger teaches how to be assertive and how to have courage. Badger releases people from the chains of people pleasing. Badger encourages you to make your presence known in the right situations.

Badger Spirit comes into our lives when we are about to launch new projects. Badger gives courage to pursuit ambitiously what we want in our lives. Badger helps people move on from hardship, come out of hiding and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Badger Medicine





Moving on from hardship

Moving forward




Healing from wounding

Herb knowledge

Sound healing



Badger as a teacher

Badger teaches you to become more confident, to get the job done and to relentlessly go after what you want. Badger helps leaders and authority figures, and also those who wants to become completely self-sufficient and independent. Badger helps people become good listeners, a quality much needed in leadership roles.

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