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See for yourself what happens during a reading with Inger at TarotCafe™

What happens during a reading with Ingie at TarotCafe™ and why the name TarotCafe? Well I read in cafes because I love both tarot and cafes. When people are having a reading in a cafe they are usually relaxed and at ease, enjoying a cuppa while they contemplate what is showing up in the cards. I also do readings on Skype and I follow pretty much the same procedures there. I encourage my clients to relax and focus on what it is they really want to achieve. They might have a dream they would like to accomplish. I ask them to hold the feeling of having what they really want in their life while I ask them to pick 10 cards from the ‘Master your life with the Norse Gods and Goddess’ deck. I call this deck my manifesting cards.


The ten cards are then re-shuffled by me and laid out in a spread called the Celtic Cross spread. This way I see both the opportunities and obstacles the client is facing in making their dreams come true.

A reading on Skype or in the cafes usually goes for 1 hour. In that hour the client can ask as many question they would like. I also like to use the runes and often cast the runes during the sessions. It looks like this:


Runes are stones that I basically cast on the table in front of me. The diagram in the picture acts as a rune cloth and the way the runes fall on this diagram add to the meaning and interpretation of the runes.


So far so good. Oracle cards and runes have been introduced, but what about the Tarot cards? The Tarot dominates the reading and after casting the runes I bring them out. I don’t always use the runes, but I like to use them as well, as they add to the reading in a very nice way.

I shuffle the cards and hold the client’s question in my mind. Then I lay the cards out in the Celtic cross spread. I also use other spread such as ‘Who is my Soul Mate’ and ‘Make the right decision’ spreads. The spreads I use are found here.

Depending on the question and the spread I use, once the cards are on the table I start telling the client what I see in the cards.


I use different tarot decks, but the most common one I use is the Hanson-Roberts deck. They are small and easy to shuffle, and they have a good vibe about them.


Many people avoid having a reading because they are afraid the Tarot will give them bad news. Sometimes the cards warn the seeker against problems that will arise in the future. So the question is, do you believe you can change your future? I absolutely believe you can. The Tarot can tell you what is most likely to happen the way you are living your life now, but if you ‘see’ where you are heading and you don’t like it, you can use your free will and change your course of action.

If you change course of action your future will change as well. You can see the changes your beliefs and thoughts have on your circumstances in the cards.


When you look in the cards you are using more of the creative and intuitive parts of your brain. Looking at a situation with your creative brain increases the chances of having an A-HA moment as well as seeing solutions you might never have thought of. 


TarotCafe™ was born in Perth in 2012. About a year and a half later I moved to the east coast and read in cafes and markets in Brisbane, QLD.


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