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Tarot Card Combination for February 2019

Beginning of February:

Nine of Swords, Emperor, Ace of Pentacles. This card combination denotes an ending of financial stress. There is more structure around creating a good lifestyle and how to earn a living. Many will find that they will land on their feet when they expected things to spiral further out of control. There is a light at the end of the tunnel in this period. There could be some feelings of being unsettled in both career and relationships. If you are seeking answers about a relationship, you will get the answer in an unexpected way. For many, it will be about whether or not to trust someone. There could some emotional dissatisfaction due to lack of communication. Be patient with the other person as they could feel threatened by conflict and in a defense position. They want things to be the way they are and don’t want things to change too much.

Middle of February:

Knight of Wands, Death, Eight of Swords. This card combination can mean someone from your past is resurfacing and this can cause some confusion as this could be someone you have had some conflict with. A situation you thought you had put behind you could be coming to pass again. You could feel you are taking one step forward and then two steps backward. Many could feel it hard to trust this person or situation. Tread carefully and with compassion.

End of February:

The Sun, Six of Swords, Three of Pentacles. This card combination can mean you stop worrying so much about relationships, and instead, you take great satisfaction in success at work and in a project. Many will fulfill an ambition in an area they care deeply about. You will move forward in your life and some will also travel, especially in the area of work. This is also a great time to clutter clear and organise and file paperwork.