My Ehwaz Inspired Essential Oils Blend

Ehwaz (Cooperation) Blend ~ 5 very different Essential Oils blended together beautifully

This blend is good to use if you find yourself in a 5 of wands situation, basically when you want to stand out as an individual in a group of strong personalities. The tarot and runes helped me pick the essential oils. When I asked the Runes what this blend was aiding the Seeker in, I pulled the Ehwaz Rune. I thought perhaps it was a relationship blend, but no, this is not a blend just for a personal relationship. This blend helps on a broader level with a situation where people have to cooperate with each other.

There were oils I expected to be accepted into this blend that was rejected (like my favourite Ylang Ylang), and oils I did not at all expect to be accepted into this blend (like Lemon).

I also asked the cards about the portion size each oil would possess in this blend. I expected Rose to be at the top, but it was put last, and I expected Frankincense to be put last, but it was put first.

I connect to the Creator of all when I ask the tarot cards and I use my intuition in my tarot card interpretation. It has taken me a long time to tune in this way, and I feel my reward is that I can now tune in to create these amazing Essential Oils blends.

Here is the Recipe for the Ehwaz Cooperation Blend

The five remaining oils selected were: Wild Orange, Lemon, Rose, Frankincense, and Lavender. I was shocked to get the portion sizes. The first thing I ask is from 1-10 drops, how high should I go for the highest number and I got 6. So the highest number will be 6 (however I repeat the rounds of drops 7 or 8 times depending). Frankincense got 6 drops, Lemon got 5 drops, Lavender got 3 drops, Wild Orange got 3 drops, and Rose got only 1 drop. After I put all the drops in I inhaled the scent. I can’t describe the beautiful balance between these very different oils. It truly is the perfect cooperation between these very unique oils. I repeated this round 6 more time, so 7 times all up. I then asked the cards if I should add any of the other oils I so expected to be accepted. But no, the blend was in perfect harmony. I am diffusing it at this very moment writing this.

I am around big personalities most of the week in my part-time job as an Activity leader at a very busy learning center. I hope this blend will help me guide our group together. I will put the blend in the diffuser and also wear as a scented balm on my wrists.

Essential Oils Properties

Frankincense: A sacred oil that can aid the person focus on the present. Frankincense is used to aid the person in regulating their emotions to create balance in their lives.

Lemon: Lemon oil is a great purifier and uplifter of moods. This oil is also used to aid a person in increasing their awareness and help balance brain chemicals. No wonder it was chosen to be part of this blend.

Lavender: Lavender oil is a great balancer and can aid in reducing tension.

Wild Orange: This is the oil for Abundance and was chosen by my tarot cards to be part of my King of Pentacles Abundance Blend.

Rose: Rose oil can aid the person in creating positive feelings of joy, hope, love, and appreciation. This oil is also connected to peace and happiness.


My King of Pentacles Abundance Blend

essential oils blends

My King of Pentacles Abundance Blend

I have always been a very sensory person. It is funny that I haven’t begun the sacred oils journey sooner since I love to learn about scents and different scents put me in trance. I can spend ages in shops smelling all the different perfumes. A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils that were meant to aid different physical problems. I felt more drawn to learning about the oils in the sense of Sacredness. I began reading about Sacred oils and the use of them in healing, trance work, psychic work, and elevation of states. I believe if you elevate your consciousness, you begin manifesting easier. I believe it is important to change beliefs that hold us back to begin attracting more positive life experiences and this can sometimes be hard to do if we are in a rut. Perhaps elevating the mood using special blends can help us let go, forgive, and live in joy? Perhaps special blends can help the person to hold a vision of what they truly desire?

Essential oils and Abundance.

I didn’t know I made an Abundance blend. I chose my 5 favourite oils and began melting some wax in a jar. I put the jar inside a pot of boiling water and melted 28 g of beeswax. When the Beeswax had melted, I asked the cards to guide me in the proportion of the oils. The Oils I was working with was Frankincense, Wild Orange, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender. The cards suggested this order:

Geranium (9 drops)

Ylang Ylang (6 drops)

Frankincense ( 3 drops)

Wild Orange (3 drops)

Lavender (2 drops)

After I added the oils, I added 45 ml of Coconut Oil. I then left the concoction to cool in room temperature. I asked my tarot cards: What Kind of Blend did I make? I pulled the King of Pentacles. This suggests an Abundance blend. I googled what is typically used in an Abundance blend. I was happily surprised to see Frankincense, Geranium, and Orange typically being blended together in Abundance blends.

Meditate on the Colour Gold for Abundance

The proportion between the Wax and the Coconut oil took a bit of trial and error to get right. The first few times, the balm was too flaky like a candle and couldn’t be applied to my skin. In the end, the balm was just that: a Balm. I put on my skin and drew in the scent. I visualized Gold colours which when it appears in meditation is a sign of Abundant times ahead.

The Sacred Meanings of the Oils used in this blend

First of all, what makes an Essential Oil Sacred? Essential Oils become sacred when the intention is to achieve Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and Manifestations.

Frankincense: This is perhaps the most well known Sacred Oil. This oil is used in the healing of Soul wounds and opening of 3rd eye. Frankincense also enhances the property of the other oils it is blended with. Frankincense has many Spiritual properties and is used in QiGong medicine to strengthen the Person’s Energy Field.

Ylang Ylang: My favourite scent is Ylang Ylang. This oil is used in releasing negative emotions and rebuilding of confidence in the person. Nothing blocks abundance more than resentments and grudges, so removing these toxic emotions can help you bring in more abundance. Ylang Ylang is also used to bring more sensuality and self-love to the person.

Geranium: Geranium oil is uplifting and used to aid the person to restore emotional balance. Geranium oils is also used to help the person dispel depression, anxiety, and fear.

Wild Orange: Wild Orange is an uplifting oil that is used to help the person lift their vibration, promote joy and creativity.

Lavender: Lavender oil is famous for promoting relaxation, rest, and serenity. It can be used to aid the person letting go of mental clutter and distractions.

I have also put this blend into my diffuser at night, however, I ease up on the Geranium as it is not my favourite scent lol. I add extra Ylang Ylang as it is my favourite scent. I might make a Ylang Ylang combined with Rose perfume soon.

What is the Perfect Essential Oils Blend for Tarot readers?

I am in the process of researching what will be the perfect High Priestess Blend. The High Priestess is the Mystic and the Reader and I believe essential oils can help thin out the veil even more. I will also make an Empress blend for beauty, and a Moon blend for creativity.

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