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Is the Hanged Man one of the cardinal virtues

Is the Hanged Man Prudence or Thief? Of the 4 cardinal virtues, Prudence, Temperance, Courage and Justice, it is easy to assign Temperance to Temperance, Courage to Strength, and Justice to Justice in the tarot deck. But what about Prudence. Court de Gebelin decided that the Hanged Man is in fact Prudence. According to the [...]

Are you a Crystal child, Indigo child, or Rainbow child

Am I a Crystal Child, Indigo Child, or Rainbow Child ~ Tarot Spread If you feel stuck in an energy pattern, this Meditation could be helpful. This meditation includes Emotional healing and Belief Work. This meditation also includes Curse Clearing, Entity Clearing, and Clearing of Oaths to Poverty, and to Self-Sabotage, and Negative Thought Loops. This [...]

A guide to Inner Peace

An ongoing guide to Peace and Tranquility Are peace and tranquility even possible in today's society? I believe it is, but our beliefs can make it difficult. Our beliefs shape our reality to such an extent that we can think ourselves to absolute joy or misery. A person's religious beliefs can make it very hard [...]

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