Learn how to Read Tarot In a completely new way

Learn to read tarot like a pro from scratch. When you become a student of the Arrows course (full version) you also qualify to get the Master the Tarot Card Meanings Course for FREE (and vice versa)! Unlock your Tarot Combinations with the Arrows. The Arrows and Tarot card Combination are [...]

Absent tarot cards

The Meaning of absent tarot cards Absent tarot cards in your reading can tell you heaps, some times even more than the tarot cards that are present. Here is a tutorial on how to read with absent tarot cards. Tarot is a system that can be divided into groups. If there is a lack of [...]

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The Tarot’s Hierarchy of Needs

Needs seen in the Tarot Cards Most of us have heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The tarot cards show a similar and strikingly insightful hierarchy of needs seen many places in its 78 cards. The first six Major Arcana cards have a strikingly similar structure to the needs seen in Maslow's pyramid. Maslow's Hierarchy [...]

Full Moon Spells

Full Moon Spells with the Tarot New Beginning Moon Spell Incense Your favourite tea A rock A candle A deck of Tarot cards Lay The Fool, The High Priestess, The Empress and The Emperor on the table. The Fool represents air. Place the card next to the burning incense which also represents air. The High [...]

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