Seeker’s Position in the Celtic Cross

How to interpret the Seeker's position in the Celtic Cross Spread In the video above, I speak about how to interpret the Seeker's position in the Celtic Cross. This is an example of a reading, where I also speak of tarot card combinations. There are many different versions of the Celtic cross. [...]

The Star Tarot Spread

The Star Tarot Spread Find out how to make your dreams come true. The Star tarot card is all about hope and making your dreams come true. Make your dreams your goals and never stop dreaming of good things to come. If you have experienced ill-health, it is even more important to make [...]

Major and Minor Card Combination

How to read a major arcana and a minor arcana card together Another way of reading card combinations is the Arrows technique. The Arrows will tell you what is in focus in the Seeker's life, what is working for them, and what is lacking in the situation. You can learn the Arrows technique as [...]

Major Arcana Tarot Reading

Major Arcana Tarot Reading ~ Pick a Card Learn more about the Major Arcana in the Grand Tableau here. Note that I don't follow exactly the card descriptions in the video below, as I am picking extra 2 cards and reading all the cards together. These extra cards, plus additional clarification cards will be revealed [...]

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