Court Cards as Soulmate Cards

queen of pen

How to find which Court Card represents/resembles your Soulmate

Shuffle and cut the deck as usual. Lay the cards in rows of 7 cards. The court card that is closest to the Lovers card is the court card that resembles your Soulmate the most. The video above explains it all.

Learn How to Interpret the Tarot Court Cards here. 

Learn what the Court cards mean as final cards in a Tarot reading

Page of cups

Knight of cups

Queen of cups

King of cups

Page of pentacles

Knight of pentacles

Queen of pentacles

King of pentacles

Page of swords

Knight of swords

Queen of swords

King of swords

Page of wands

Knight of wands

Queen of wands

King of wands

What do you see first test

what do you see first test

What do you see first ~ a Pegasus or a Face

what do you see first testPegasus: If you see Pegasus first then that can mean you are currently feeling you are going against the stream and that you want to find your place in the world. It is time for you now to move forward in your life. There are so many possibilities ahead of you. There are no boundaries to what you can accomplish. It is time for you now to focus your energy and avoid all the pointless drama that is or has been draining your sensitive energy. Many will also be a source of comfort for those who are grieving and feeling hopeless in their lives. The pegasus spirit wants to lift people up to soar towards new heights. Many of you will also have green thumbs and have or are planning to create a garden to feed and nourish themselves and others. It can also be a good time now to purify your body and mind. Drink plenty of water and detox your mind from fearful thoughts.

Face: If you see Face first then that can mean you are focused on personal relationships, perhaps you are even deeply in love with someone. There could be an expanding in the heart chakra and if there has been issues in a relationship, you are working on solving any issues. Love, partnership, and support are denoted in recognising the face first. This can be a confirmation that you have found your rock in life. You could be very different, but your differences makes you stronger and unique. You support each other in different ways, and in ways that promotes respect. Some could also be in the process of either seducing or being seduced.

Practice reading the tarot

the high priestess tarot card high priestess tarot card

Practice reading the tarot

The tarot can take practice to master. I believe it is important to practice regularly. There are my favourite practice tips.

Tarot practice tip 1.

Pull a tarot card out of the deck. Do not look at it. Ask the rest of the deck to describe the card you pulled out. You can pull 3 cards or even do a full Celtic cross layout. Pretend you are doing a real reading and analyse the card you pulled out. When you are ready, turn the card over. I bet you learned something new about the card you read.

Tarot practice tip 2.

Open a magazine (one you haven’t read) to a random page. Make sure you don’t see what the magazine article is about. Ask the cards what the article is about and lay out the cards. This method is my favourite for activating the right side of the brain.

Tarot practice tip 3.

While you are watching tv, ask the card what the next advertisement will be about. Layout the cards. This method is really fun!

Tarot Practice tip 4.

Watch a ‘Who Dunnit’ show either real or fictional. Ask the tarot cards to tell you who has done it and see if you can get motive and full plot, twists, and turns as well.

How to best Practice the Tarot cards?

The most important thing about practicing the tarot cards is to practice regularly. Don’t give up and never surrender. If you practice regularly, you will increase your skills quickly.

What can you do to be a better Tarot reader?

Everyone has their own style. The people who want you to read for them most likely are going through something where they believe you could be of great help. You often find that reader and seeker have similarity in both personality and life experiences. :)

Study the tarot with me

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How to Predict someones name with the tarot

How to predict someone’s name using Tarot

Tarot is ruled by the law of synchronicity. Tarot is also connected to the law of truth and law of attraction, and the more you practice with the Tarot the more you will work with these laws. Here are a few games that will help you get in touch with the laws.

How to Predict someone’s name with the Tarot: Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out each card and count A-Z as each card goes down. A is card 1, B is card 2 and so forth. Continue until you have the Wheel of fortune card. Since there are 78 cards and only 26 letters in the English alphabet you might have to rotate it around and begin with An all over again. When you get to the Wheel of fortune card notice what letter it represents using this method. Now click on the link to the letter and do as following. Shuffle and cut the deck again. Start counting from 1 and up to where the wheel of fortune is. Notice the number. Count down the baby names. If the number is higher than the number of baby names rotate and start from the first name and keep counting down until you hit the name.

This method is not a tested method in Tarot and will not always give accurate results. That is why it is called a game only. It serves to keep you on your toes and practice your skills.

Baby Boy Names – A

Baby Boy Names – B

Baby Boy Names – C

Baby Boy Names – D

Baby Boy Names – E

Baby Boy Names – F

Baby Boy Names – G

Baby Boy Names – H

Baby Boy Names – I

Baby Boy Names – J

Baby Boy Names – K

Baby Boy Names – L

Baby Boy Names – M

Baby Boy Names – N

Baby Boy Names – O

Baby Boy Names – P

Baby Boy Names – Q

Baby Boy Names – R

Baby Boy Names – S

Baby Boy Names – T

Baby Boy Names – U

Baby Boy Names – V

Baby Boy Names – W

Baby Boy Names – X

Baby Boy Names – Y

Baby Boy Names – Z

Decide whether you are predicting a boy or girl name before you start the game. The methods are identical.

Baby Girl Names – A

Baby Girl Names – B

Baby Girl Names – C

Baby Girl Names – D

Baby Girl Names – E

Baby Girl Names – F

Baby Girl Names – G

Baby Girl Names – H

Baby Girl Names – I

Baby Girl Names – J

Baby Girl Names – K

Baby Girl Names – L

Baby Girl Names – M

Baby Girl Names – N

Baby Girl Names – O

Baby Girl Names – P

Baby Girl Names – Q

Baby Girl Names – R

Baby Girl Names – S

Baby Girl Names – T

Baby Girl Names – U

Baby Girl Names – V

Baby Girl Names – W

Baby Girl Names – X

Baby Girl Names – Y

Baby Girl Names – Z

Yes or No in Tarot

How to determine yes or no answers in tarot

There are many ways of determining a yes/no answer to a question. Work with the different methods until you find the one that suits you. The Tarot will predict the most likely yes/no answer, so when it is for example 70% a yes and 30% a no, the tarot will say yes. There are ways of predicting if it will be more or less 0%, 50/50, 75/25 or 100 % chances for the yes answer to happen, with the ‘what are my chances spread’ described in Method 2.

Method 1, the use of Tarot Aces:

This method uses the 4 aces to determine a likely yes/no. Shuffle all the 78 cards. Divide the deck into 2 piles, with 39 cards in each pile. Turn one of the piles upside down so that the 39 cards in the pile becomes reversals. Then shuffle the deck together until the 2 piles are mixed well together.

Divide the deck in 2 with your non-dominate hand, and put the bottom pile on top of the top pile. Start turning cards over one by one until you turn one of the aces over.

If the Ace is upside down it is a likely no. Notice the suit, and have a look at the cards surrounding the Ace. This will tell you why it is a no and also how likely it is you can turn it around so it becomes a yes. Look at the other 3 Aces in the deck. Where they upside down or right way up? 3 upright aces tell you that you will soon get another opportunity.
If the first Ace was right side up the answer is a likely yes. Look at the suit of the Ace and the surrounding cards to see if it is a 100 % yes or if it will be a close call. Look at the other 3 Aces in the deck. If they are all turned up right it is a very positive sign, and it strengthens the yes answer. If they are turned upside down you must be careful not to miss your chance.

Method 2: The Use of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card

Pull out the Wheel of fortune tarot card + 9 more (random) cards. Shuffle them up and lay them out in front of you:

Card 1: 100 % YES

Card 2: 75 % Yes

Card 3: 50/50 (Yes and no equally possible)

Card 4: 25 % Yes. A no is more likely here.

Card 5: 0 % Yes. 100 % no.

Lay out the cards so that two cards fall in each position. The position where the Wheel of fortune falls gives you the answer. The card it shares a position, with explains why it is either a yes or a no.

The easiest way to determine yes or no in tarot

Method 3:

The easiest way to determine yes/no in tarot is to reverse half of the deck and shuffle the reversed cards into the deck. Think of your yes/no question. Cut the deck as you normally do. Lay out the cards one by one. If the Wheel of fortune card shows up upright it is a Yes. If it shows up reversed it is a No.

Another Easy way to determine yes or no in tarot

Method 4:

The last method does not use reversed cards. It uses the Sun (positive answer) and the Tower (negative answer). In this method, if your Yes is a negative your Yes will be the Tower, but if Yes is a positive Yes is the Sun. For example: Will I get the dream job I applied for: Sun means yes and Tower means No. But if the question is: Will I get fired from my dream job (just an example question), then Tower means Yes and Sun mean No. You get the picture. Shuffle and cut the deck as usual. The card that shows up first when you turn them over one by one is your answer. This method can also be used to time events. For example: Will I reach such and such goal within 6 months. If Sun shows up before the Tower it means Yes. If Tower shows up before the Sun it means No.

The Absolute Easiest way to determine yes/no in tarot

Method 5:

This is the absolute easiest way to determine yes/no in tarot, and my Favourite method. Shuffle and cut the deck as usual. If Wheel of Fortune shows up before Death card it is a Yes. If Death shows up before Wheel of fortune card it is a no. In this method, Wheel of fortune is a yes whether yes is good or bad, and Death is no whether or not no is good or bad. This is the easiest way to determine a yes/no answer in tarot, and this is the method I use the most. I find it to be very accurate.

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