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Tarot Court Cards as Cats

I have written about dogs and tarot cards, now it is the Cats turn. If you have ever had a cat in your life you know that cats can have big personalities. The cat revolution has taken the world by storm, and social media is filled with crazy fun cat videos. I love cats, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I even think they make great tarot court cards. I thought: wonder if cats have similar characteristics to those described to the 16 court cards. Sure and behold some of them definitely do.

Page of wands and the Singapura cat

page of wandsThe Singapura cat and Page of wands have in common their cheeky and outgoing nature. They are both enchanting and captivating, and they know how to turn on their charm. Singapura cats are lively and curious, they are mischievous and they love having fun; Just like Page of wands.


Knight of wands and the Ocicat Cat

knight of wandsThe Ocicat and the Knight of wands have in common that they are active and sociable. Ocicats are highly intelligent and fast learners. They love company and get lonely if left on their own. Just like Knight of wands they love to be the center of attention.


Queen of wands and the Somali Cat

queen of wandsThe Somali cat and Queen of wands have in common that they love to be on the go, and they love being out and about. Neither like being stuck inside all day long. The Somali cat is considered to have a great sense of humor. They are also very affectionate, and they prefer adult company to children. Just like Queen of wands.

King of wands and the Selkirk Rex cat

king of wandsThe Selkirk Rex cat and King of wands have in common their placid and endearing personality. Selkirk Rex cats love to cuddle, and with their curly fur, they are extremely lovable. Owning a Selkirk Rex is like owning a big cozy teddy bear. They love to snuggle, just like the affectionate King of wands.

Page of swords and the Sphynx cat

page of swordsPerhaps the quirkiest of all the cats, and the best fit to describe the unconventional Page of swords, the Sphynx is a cat that is sure to leave an impression. A sphynx is one of the friendliest cat breeds around. They love attention and are not as aloof as other cats. The sphynx notices you and loves to interact. They are outgoing and incredibly intelligent, just like Page of swords.

Knight of swords and the Tonkinese cat

knight of swordsThe Tonkinese cat is the attention seeker of the cat species and a perfect match to the rebellious Knight of swords. The Tonkinese cat will demand your attention, and not be satisfied until they get it. They are brainy and active, and very sociable. This is a cat breed that loves puzzle toys. Just like Knight of swords, the Tonkinese cat enjoys mental simulations and a varied and interesting lifestyle.

Queen of swords and the Turkish Angora cat

queen of swordsThe Turkish Angora cat and the Queen of swords have in common their intelligent, assertive and adaptable nature. The Turkish Angora cat is in Turkey considered a national treasure. In a household of many pets, the Turkish Angora often becomes the Alpha of the household. They are even considered to be dog-like and are not shy when there are visitors in the house. Just like Queen of swords the Turkish Angora is confident, elegant and strong.

King of swords and the Oriental cat

king of swordsKing of swords and the Oriental cat have in common that they know how to make their presence known. The Oriental cat is an extremely curious cat breed, and they are very assertive in that they will let you know what they want. They are not shy, and they are quite vocal, always voicing their opinions to their owners. Just like the King of swords, the Oriental cat like to be kept amused and their curiosity often gets them into trouble.

Page of cups and the Devon Rex cat

page of cupsThe pixie-like Devon Rex cat has a thing or two in common with the sensitive Page of cups. They are both very loyal and sweet. The Devon Rex cat is known to be loyal like a dog, and they are more sociable than most other cat breeds. A Devon Rex is a very good choice as a playmate for children. Devon Rex loves to play with children, and their loving nature bonds with the whole family. They look a bit odd, and just like Page of cups, they might even feel a bit different as they are very sensitive creatures.

Knight of cups and the La Perm cat

knight of cupsKnight of cups and the La Perm cat have in common that they are all about the senses. A Le Perm cat loves to purr, and they have an unusual poodle like fur. These are gracious and sensual cats, and they shower their owners with devotion and love. Just like Knight of cups the La Perm cat knows that the most important thing in life is to give and receive love and affection.

Queen of cups and the American Shorthair cat

queen of cupsQueen of cups and the American shorthair cat have in common that they are both gentle companions. The American shorthair cat is a beautiful, affectionate, easy going and low maintenance breed. This is both a pleasant and a placid cat. They are quite easy to look after, they are known to be quiet, perhaps even a bit introspective. They love spending time alone, snoozing in the sun. Just like the Queen of cups, the American shorthair cat is especially beautiful, and they attract people into their lives merely because of the way they look.

King of cups and the Turkish Van cat

king of cupsKing of cups and the Turkish Van cat have in common their above average intellect and high social intelligence. Turkish Van cats are usually robust and healthy, and they even enjoy baths. Yes, this is a cat breed that loves water. They are known as the swimming cat. Like King of cups the Turkish Van is sensitive and can be a bit emotional, and when they are upset they like to be left on their own.

Page of pentacles and the Chartreux cat

page of pentaclesPage of pentacles and the Chartreux cat have in common that they are both silent and silly, often at the same time. The Chartreux cat loves to nap and is an attentive and charming companion. This is a cat who has taken the middle road; they are not a social butterfly, but they are not shy either. Just like the Page of pentacles, the Chartreux cat is happy as long as their routine is maintained. They both do their best to obey the rules (yes a cat that obeys rules), and as long as you show them kindness you have a friend for life.

Knight of pentacles and the Bombay cat

knight of pentaclesKnight of pentacles and the Bombay cat have in common that they above all love their home comforts. The Bombay cat needs security, and they are very sensitive to their owner’s feelings, making them excellent companions. The Bombay cat is very intelligent and calm, and they love the warmest spot in the house. This is a cat that loves to snuggle under your doona. Just like Knight of pentacles they enjoy the security of a happy family, and as long as they have a stable home, they are adaptable to different lifestyles.

Queen of  pentacles and the Birman cat

queen of pentaclesQueen of pentacles and the Birman cat have in common their gentle and generous nature. The Birman is not as active as other cats, they enjoy a more quiet time where they can stretch and relax with their favorite family member. Just like the Queen of pentacles, the Birman cat is known for their warmth and friendliness; they are very pet-friendly and they also interact well with children. The Birman cats are known to become their owners best friend.

King of pentacles and the Maine Coon cat

king of pentaclesKing of pentacles and the Maine Coon cat have in common their awesome temperament and impressive stature. They radiate authority and confidence. The Maine Coon cat is the largest of cat breed, and they are also one of the friendliest. The Maine Coon cat does well both with singles and families. They are laid back and patient. Just like the King of pentacles, they are very calm, good-natured and easily adaptable.