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Am I a Crystal Child, Indigo Child, or Rainbow Child ~ Tarot Spread

If you feel stuck in an energy pattern, this Meditation could be helpful. This meditation includes Emotional healing and Belief Work. This meditation also includes Curse Clearing, Entity Clearing, and Clearing of Oaths to Poverty, and to Self-Sabotage, and Negative Thought Loops. This meditation is FREE on my Bundle. Click on the link, then scroll Down to the Bottom of the Course to access.

When people wake up to their Spiritual Nature, they can change their energy. An Indigo child can become a Crystal Child, or a Crystal Child can become a Rainbow child. Nothing is set in stone. We are always changing. When we work on ourselves with sincerity and honesty, we better ourselves, and our vibration raises.

Their energies are similar to the images of me above. Crystal people look at you with love in their eyes, Indigo people look straight at you and they see straight through you, and Rainbow people are busy raising the vibration of the room or space they are in. :)

More people are changing their energy and their frequency is raising and we are becoming more aware of our spiritual energy. For some, change is long overdue, and for others, change is coming easy. Others are already fully aware of being part of Creator of All that is. The most important thing now is to move forward and to begin healing our emotions. Our limiting beliefs and negative emotions have held us back. When we begin to align to our highest potential, we will find new talents and abilities we didn’t know we had. One of the things I discovered after my Thetahealing journey, was that I had creative talents. I didn’t know I could draw, crochet, and make music. Creating was the most natural thing after my spiritual awakening. Beforehand, I internalised all of my creative abilities. Opening up to Unconditional Love makes everything possible.

The difference between Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Rainbow Children

Once you have Spiritual breakthroughs, you might find that your energy is very attuned to either Crystal, Indigo, or Rainbow Children’s energies. The Spread below will help you find out if you are more Crystal, Indigo, or Rainbow. Below is an explanation of the 3 energies.

Shuffle and cut the whole deck. Layout 1 card in each position until the Sun card shows up in one of the position. The Sun means Yes in Tarot (in a yes or no question).  

Card position 1: Am I a Crystal Child.

Card position 2. Am I an Indigo Child.

Card position 3. Am I a Rainbow Child.

Crystal Children:

Crystal Children can be people of all ages who are pulled deeply towards a spiritual path. They often leave a more ‘obvious’ path, and they take complete U-Turns in their lives. Crystal Children are very caring and loving people. They are drawn towards vulnerable people and animals, the sick, the poor, and the unfortunate. They can manifest misfortune in themselves as they are so empathic, and they feel so much love and compassion towards people who are down on their luck they sometimes ‘join’ the party. Crystal children must learn to balance their energy and keep themselves prosperous. This way, they can reach more people and heal more situations. They feel the most joyous when they can share with others. They love to make people feel special and loved. They also love animals and many end up volunteering at Shelters. Where there are homeless animals or people, you will also find Crystal children. Where there are misfortune and sickness, you will find Crystal Children. Crystal children must also learn to nurture themselves. Growing up, they often displayed different personality types within them, which was confusing to their parents. They could be harsh with their words one moment, to soft and loving the next. What was happening was the Crystal Children were preparing for battle to save the misfortunate people of this world. Crystal children do have a very strong side to them and they can be misunderstood as the Ice-Queen or cold ‘father’ type. They have learned to harness their strength so they can be Strong for others. They are always looking out to the world, sending out their ‘feelers’, searching out the places that need a strong person to give aid in various ways.

Challenges: Be organised. Crystal children often ‘wing’ it, they can be very disorganised. They dislike too much planning, instead, they like to go with the flow and channel the energies of a situation in a positive way. They can also be manipulated as they are so empathic. They want to see the good in all people. If they are betrayed, it can take them a long time to recover, and they often retract into themselves, confused about the ruthlessness they experienced. They will stay inside themselves until a situation brings out the light in them once more. This can be a slow process.

Advice: Have Confidence. You are the person that is right for the Job. You have the Moral Standards to bring change when everyone else is either complacent or they have given up. You are very strong-minded. You never give up. Once you organise your thoughts and plans, you are unstoppable.

Indigo Children:

Indigo Children are people of all ages who have a strong need to get the Truth out there. They believe the Truth is what will set your Free. They are often born into families and communities where they strongly sense that people and situations are not what they seem. Everything seems fine on the surface, however, Indigo Children intuitively pick up all the cracks. They believe the cracks are obvious for everyone to see, and they don’t understand why no one else is talking about all the obvious issues. Thus, they tend to unintentionally create upsets by speaking of what others want to stay hidden. Indigo Children believe there can be no Spiritual Peace without Speaking about the Truth, and that means the Truth about everything! They want all family secrets out in the air. They want all that is wrong with society to be out in the air to be discussed and resolved. They believe there will be no Unity without working out what divides us. They can come across as divisive people as they speak of what others can’t deal with. Indigo children make great Leaders! If they can make it to Management levels (unfortunately they often get sabotaged before they get there), they will turn organisations around and bring everyone together. They are incredible at motivating people, but it is a lot easier when you are at the TOP of the chain. Pushing up the ladder with truth bombs can be destructive, however, once you are up the ladder, you can send truth down the spiral and help people by solving problems. Indigo children are great problems solvers and they see People for Who They Are, not what Identity Group they belong to. Indigo children don’t play politics, which is why they do best when they get to pull the strings, rather than follow the lead. As children, they were obsessed with justice and fairness. They are often very security minded and can become wealthy in their lives. They don’t like owing money and want to pay out debt as quickly as possible. Once they are debt free and feel secure, they have a non-resistant relationship with the material world. They have what they need, but don’t go overboard. Indigo People are often very musically gifted and they often also have healing gifts.

Challenges: Indigo Children must learn to let Go of things. They are often very much in their head-space worrying and hurting over everything going on in the world. They also tend to be in abusive relationships. While Crystal children can be detached, Indigo children find it much harder. They feel everything so deeply, and their hearts tend to hurt deeply. This creates mental pain in them, and they sometimes forget about their spiritual gifts.

Advice: Become your Own Best Friend. Work on your Self-Esteem. Have a goal and a vision. Be around GOOD people. Stay away from Toxic People like the Plague. Toxic people prey on you like no-one else. Once you learn to keep them at bay, and you know how to protect your Energy, You can share Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom with the world like few others can.

Rainbow Children

Many new children are called Rainbow children, they are able to raise the vibration in their environment. When adults change enough of their beliefs, they too can become Rainbow children. When your Spiritual gifts are activated and your humanity aligns with your Divinity, new possibilities and new realities open up. Through belief work, you can raise your vibration to become similar to the new children that are born. Rainbow children bring joy to the world. They are very attuned to the Highest Truth and sometimes they are so efficient and gifted, others feel very confused, even threatened, by them. Rainbow children often end up feeling they are doing either too much or not too much, and they are working on finding the balance between action and non-action. When to intervene or not to intervene, that is the Question the Rainbow children are often asking themselves. Rainbow children are very relationship focused, and they are not too keen on modern technology taking up the time we spend together. Rainbow children are working out ways to bring people together. They often create organisations and movements that bring people in the community into the same room, be it either through art, sport, fitness, music, or other interests. Being naturally gifted and quick learners, Rainbow children sometimes find themselves criticized for no apparent reason. It could be hard for a Rainbow child to explain why they do the things they do, they simply follow their Spiritual Guidance and they are fulfilling their Divine Destiny. When people meet a Rainbow child in person, they tend to mellow, as the Rainbow child’s energy put them to ease. The super-toxic person will try and fight it and find a way to control the Rainbow child, however, it usually is the toxic person who drops their sword in the end. A Rainbow child will observe this taking place time and time again in their lives. It can take a toll on them, and they should always remember to keep clearing their own energy field. Every day, they should clear out energy from their aura and charge themselves up with Divine Light. They need to keep connected to their Divine family of Light. Orbs are plentiful around Rainbow children.

Challenges: Many rainbow children suffer injustice at the hands of others. Rainbow children need to focus on their journey and ignore the haters and nay-sayers, and they need to especially ignore the bullies. The bullies are jealous of the Rainbow children as they feel inferior to them. This has created some distress in Rainbow children, however, they often find peace again at the end of these ordeals, and they let go and move on. They learn to turn off from these people and instead they create their own reality. They are deep thinkers and the conflicts they experience often become a source of enlightenment to them. They see everything from different angles and point of views. Emotionally, they are quick to forgive. If they are hurt too many times, they tend to change the environment completely. Release the obligation to always explain yourself, and continue doing your good work. Jealous people are everywhere, no matter what you do, so you might as well continue on your Divine Path.

Advice: You are happiest when you help and teach others. You are especially good at teaching others how to release their limitations. You are spiritually fulfilled when you bring people together and you can change the vibration in the room and space you are in. When people meet you in person, they have their own vibration raised as well. This is your gift to the world. Many Rainbow children will create their own organisations where they will bring people together. Rainbow children are the healers of this world. They live through a heart connection. They know the world will change one person at a time.