Decks for Sale

Decks for Sale

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My Published Decks for sale

My first ever deck is the ‘Master your life with the Norse Gods and Goddesses’ deck. It was first produced in 2010 in Coffs Harbour, Australia. I have now republished it through the Make Playing Cards company. This deck comes in a standard tarot size and a tin box. Each card has 3 keywords on it, making this deck easy to read with. You will also get a booklet with upright and reversed card meanings.

How to Preview all the cards in this deck.

All the 22 cards have 3 keywords as seen in the first card, Thor. Click on the image and click Preview to see all the cards and their meanings. This deck is perfect for those who want to simplify their readings.

how to purchase norse gods and goddesses deck

Purchase this Oracle deck here.

The Elder Futhark Rune Deck

elder futhark rune cards

In the early part of 2019, my friend Dominic and I made the Elder Futhark Rune Deck. This deck comes in 2 different sizes, a mini deck and a standard tarot sized deck. The mini deck comes in a cardboard box, while the tarot sized deck, comes in a tin box with a card meaning booklet. The standard sized deck also has 3 keywords on each card.

Purchase the Rune Cards Here.

Do you want to be a Deck Creator?

If you have always wanted to be a deck creator, but don’t have any drawing skills, there is still a way you can design your own deck. Check out my post on how to create your own decks with the help of phone apps here. 

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