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Your Power Animal

We all have a power animal that guides us with their special magic. Our Power animals have special abilities we can tap into so that we can learn and grow with harmony in our lives. The energy of the power animals are the combined spirit of the animal and the consciousness is huge. Never allow a power animal to enter your body as it can be harmful. The best way to interact with your power animal is to have it speak to you and give you a message.

Messages from Power animals can show up as symbols. Coffee cup scrying is one way to receive their messages. 

Discover your Power Animal and find out about hidden talents and abilities.

Power animals often reveal hidden talents within the person. By connecting to your Power Animal you will get in touch with your inner self and your sacred abilities.

The personality of the seeker and the power animal are often integrated while you are completing your life purpose. You can have more than one Power Animal and your main Power Animal can change as your role in life changes. You can also call on a specific Power Animal and ask for its specific guidance as their ability can be beneficial to your current life path. Your power animal will speak to you in a way you can understand. Its medicine is simple. One little step at the time brings big changes. Never give up and never surrender. We are connected to the Law of Nature and we are always improving, whether we are aware of it or not.

Love and Light from

Inger Tarot reader