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11:11, 111, 11, or any repeating number of 1

Number 1 stands for new beginning, Oneness, and being in harmony with your ego. Your ego must be your amigo. When you see 11:11 (perhaps on your watch or phone), then it means the Universe is open for you to manifest your heart’s desires. Imagine the numbers being a Universal gate that now is open and the Universe is now listening to your dreams and desires. Send out a prayer about what you want when you see 11:11.

11 is also a Master number. When you see this number it is time to raise the bar and ask more of yourself. If you do more, you will have more, and most likely you will have something you have always wanted.

Number 1 wants to be number 1, so when you see repeating number 111 you might be more competitive than normal. You want to be unique, you want to be the main focus of your loved one, you want to reach your ambitions, you want to communicate with your higher self, and you want self-determination. Now you are motivated to have a new beginning in many areas of your life.

Keep your mind positive when you see repeating number 111. You cannot afford to be negative right now because all of your ideas are reflecting back to a more authentic life than what you have had before. It is also a time now to let go of the old that no longer serves you.

Be you own best friend when you see repeating number 111. Not everyone will understand what you are doing right now, however, the only person you need to understand in your vision is you.

What to do when you see repeating number 111.

The best thing you can do when you see repeating number 111 is to aim higher, achieve more, be more unique (be yourself), and be more discerning who you let influencing you. Now you will have a new beginning in many areas of your life, and these are beginnings that are meant for you, so don’t be disheartened if others don’t understand.

Repeating number 111 in love.

If you are single and sick of being single, repeating number 111 can often mean you will mean THE ONE, and this will bring on changes in many other areas of your life. These changes can be very hard to adapt to at first, so give yourself time to adapt. You don’t have to have all the answers straight away. The most important thing is that you have met your One and only, and life will not be the same from now on.

If you are in a relationship, repeating number 111 can mean you will have a renew in the relationship. Maybe you will move, have a child, or change your habits to accommodate each other in a better way. 111 in a relationship can also mean you are too competitive within the relationship and you might need to soften your energies to have more harmony in your personal relationship.

Number 1 in Tarot

Many 1 (aces, tens, the magician, wheel of fortune, the sun) showing up in your reading denote wanting to achieve, often in a career, and wanting to WIN and be the best you can be. There are often many new beginnings waiting for the Seeker and the other cards will tell the reader in what areas these new beginnings will occur.