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55:55, 555, 55, or any repeating number of 5

Number 5 stands for freedom, adventure, and doors opening when you need it the most. You might feel very boxed in when you see a repeating number of 555 and you might be reconsidering relationships and your life choices up to this point. Five is a number for needing more freedom to be yourself, the non-confirmative YOU that you might have lost sight of along the way of societies expectations. When you see 555 it is time to let go of these expectations and ask yourself what makes you happy; what do you really want. 555 also means you need to be more physically active, and to get enough exercise. When you see 5 repeating itself you must also ask yourself if you are running away from something and if you are dealing with unhealthy addictions and cravings. What dramas are following you around that you can happily live without? 555 also shows up when you are about to solve a mystery and when you are drawn to puzzles and riddles. If someone is lying to you, you will soon find out the truth.

55:55, 5555, 555, 55 are signs that you will soon have more personal freedom in your life. You are now also able to handle more multitasking and you might want to explore other interests. New gifts and talents will present themselves to you now.

Number 5 wants to have freedom through discipline. Now is a time to go on holiday, to travel, and to discover new talents, and also to work hard to afford your personal freedom. Depending on others might not be ideal right now, and having others depending on you too much does not feel right either. Now you need time to discover who you are. Now is a time to be curious.

A repeating number of 555 also signify you are able to handle pretty much anything thrown your way, both practical and cerebral tasks. Your impulsive nature will draw new people into your life, and you are seeking people that are very compatible with your vibration and values. You want to invent and solve mysteries right now, and personal relationships might fall down your list of priorities unless the people in your life bring you fun and adventure. 555 is telling you that changes are coming for the better.

What to do when you see repeating number 555.

The best thing you can do when you see repeating number 555 is to invite more fun into your life and to invite new doors to open in your life for you to have new and exciting experiences. It is time to break free from old restraint.  It is time to embrace your inner truths.

Repeating number 555 in love.

If you are single and sick of being single, repeating number 555 means you might find love while on holiday or when traveling. You might find yourself in the middle of a worldwide romance. There could be drama in your personal relationship, and you might find it hard to settle down. You want and need someone who really gets you, and who will accept you for who you are, and give you time and space to be yourself.  If you are in a relationship, you might be tempted to leave your relationship, however, now is not the time to make any major decisions about the future of your relationships. Instead, focus on having more fun in your relationship. Dance, travel, sing and enjoy your relationship, especially the little things that make a relationship worthwhile. Don’t make this time of your life about heavy commitments. Have fun and see what doors will open for you in this relationship.

Number 5 in Tarot

Many 5 (five of wands, five of cups, five of swords, five of pentacles, the Hierophant, Temperance) showing up in your reading denote freedom through discipline and becoming more of who you really are. You desire more freedom and authenticity in your life now, and doors are about to open that will give you the opportunity to live a new reality. If you have felt confused and unsure about what to do, then you will soon know exactly what to do, where you want to live, and who you want to be with.