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66:66, 666, 66, or any repeating number of 6

Number 6 stands for nurturing, taking care of, fixing, compassion, and loyalty. This is the number for wanting to take care of everybody and to fix everything that is broken. This is a very loyal number, and it is also very family oriented. When you see a repeating number of 666 it can be a sign that you need more time with your family, something might be out of balance in your life, and you feel you need more control over your environment. Maybe you are trying to fix something that wasn’t really broken in the first place. Perhaps you are making a situation worse so that you can fix it later on. Self-sabotage can also be happening when you see a repeating number of 666. You might be giving too much of yourself to someone, or to a situation, and maybe you are being completely drained. You might have to walk away from a situation that feels toxic. You don’t need to know the WHY if you feel bad in someone’s company, that is reason enough for walking away from that person.

66:66, 6666, 666, 66 are signs that you will soon have to stay on top of more than you might have bargained for and you might be worried about your long-term future. You want to live in an oasis of comfort and you are putting in the efforts to have beauty around you. But all of this does not matter as long as the company you keep is poor. You want to help everyone now, and you might be forgetting to look after yourself in the process.

Number 6 wants to be in charge so that it can care for everyone and at the same time be in full control. This is the maternal and paternal number. If this number is showing up for you in repeating patterns then you might be sending out ‘I Will Take Care Of You’ vibes, and this will attract people in need of healing. You might want to just keep on giving and giving, and you might not get much back. You might even put people on pedestals that end up falling down face first when you realize they are not all that they seemed.

A repeating number of 666 is also a sign that you will now be very fertile. If you have been wanting to fall pregnant, now is a good time. If you want to start a garden and grow your own food, now is also an excellent time. Everything to do with creating life is good now, including, helping animals. You might want to adopt a new pet from a shelter or even volunteer your time to help someone in need.

What to do when you see repeating number 666.

The best thing you can do when you see repeating number 666 is to examine your negative thinking. You deserve happiness. Let go of guilt and anger. Things are going well for you now and you deserve it! Spend time with you family and let your inner child come out and play. Invest in your home and make it an oasis. Wherever you put the efforts in your life will blossom now.

Repeating number 666 in love.

If you are single and sick of being single, repeating number 666 means you might find love and suddenly have an instant family. Children will often be at the center of your relationship. You will attract a partner now like a moth to a flame because a repeating number of 6 create a very magnetic energy. You might find it hard to find a partner that is willing to give as much as you do, so you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (or princess).  You might also attract a partner who wants you to provide for them and this person might not be your equal. Take your time and don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you are in a relationship, a repeating number of 6 indicate this will be an abundant time in your relationship and a great time to renovate, upgrade your living situation, getting married, having a child, and spending more time together as a family.

Number 6 in Tarot

Many 6 (six of wands, six of cups, six of swords, six of pentacles, the Lovers, the Devil) showing up in your reading denote you want more control in your life, and you want to have it all. You want the perfect family and the perfect career. The best thing is for you to be your own boss. You are now a magnet and people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame, so you will have a wonderful social life. You might find that you give a lot more than you receive, so make sure you look after yourself in the process. Your children and your family are the most important things to you at the moment. Anything living, like flowers, and animals, as well as people, are your greatest source of joy at this time.