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77:77, 777, 77, or any repeating number of 7

Number 7 is a very spiritual number, it is seeking God, nature, and within. This number speaks of your spiritual awakening and your spiritual gifts. This number will also show up when there is a deepening in the spiritual connection between you and a place or a person. You might also deepen your connection to a hobby turns into a passion that in turn connects you deeper with your soul. A repeating number of 777 shows up when you might need more time alone. This is the number sequence for the lone wolf. You might be more interested in connecting with animals, nature, and your spiritual teams like your guides and angels. 777 also mean you will connect deeper with the intellectual world. Study and learning will be at focus now, especially spiritual learning.  777 can also mean you feel people are letting you down, however, this number sequence is a message from your guides that you are not alone. You see straight through people at the moment, and you need to be around a selective few of high integrity. If not, you might choose to be on your own and enjoy time in solitude.

77:77, 7777, 777, 77 are number sequences that show up when you have to look at how much you are sacrificing in your life. Have you taken oaths and vows that are now stopping you from achieving your dreams. These could be past life oaths that are still serving you in this lifetime, however, you might want to reassess them. Have you taken an oath to poverty and/or chastity that potentially are keeping you from having what you truly deserve in this life? 777 is a sign from the Creator that you can be Spiritual without having to sacrifice so much on this earthly plane.

Number 7 wants to be close to God. When people are under the influence by this number they often isolate themselves from other people in an attempt to feel closer to God. Number 7 denotes spiritual evolution that often happens through some kind of sacrifice. Your message now is to uplift others through a spiritual message that will help others feel closer to God, Nature, and themselves. 7 is a very magical number and you might find that you can now manifest seemingly out of thin air. Your thoughts are very powerful now, so be very discerning in your thoughts. Keep your emotions in check.

A repeating number of 777 means you have a spiritual message that you will share to the world through either writing, music, or visual arts and craft. You will connect with others through a connection with God, and this makes you very sensitive, especially your heart chakra. You might feel very sensitive now, and your heart and nervous system could feel more fragile than usual. Connecting with Nature and to keep meditating on a regular basis are key to staying grounded and healthy. Any type of energy work such as thetahealing, reiki, qi gong etc are also recommended as you are now very sensitive and working with spiritual energy will align you and balance you. All type of spiritual work will also feel very fulfilling right now.

What to do when you see repeating number 777.

The best thing you can do when you see repeating number 777 is to meditate, study healing modality, connecting with Nature, create art, and manifest your heart’s desire through a conversation and connection to Creator of all that is. Now is a time to let go of your fears. LET GO AND LET GOD!  You will learn more about who you really are through a spiritual connection and awareness of All that is.

Repeating number 777 in love.

If you are single and sick of being single, repeating number 777 means there is a deep spiritual love available to you now. This is someone you have a deep and soulful connection with. It could become platonic love as you might be scared of a commitment right now. You might even feel that earthly love will come between you and God. Examine those beliefs and allow yourself to have human love as well as Spiritual love to the Creator. Find a way to have Human love through a Spiritual love connection to the Creator. Allow the Creator to find you your highest and best, most compatible, Divine Soulmate. Don’t settle for anything less!

If you are in a relationship, 777 means now is a time to deepen your soul connection to your partner. Take time to talk about mysteries and spirituality, have deeper conversations about what truly matters. Escape the mundane! Go on a road trip and connect deeper with Nature! See your partner not just as your next of kin, but also as a Divine Soul Partner you have chosen to share this Earthly life with. Ask the Creator to sparkle Divine joy and love on your relationship to make it as meaningful, purposeful, and joyful as possible.

Number 7 in Tarot

Many 7 (seven of wands, seven of cups, seven of swords, seven of pentacles, the Chariot, the Tower) showing up in your reading denote your have many spiritual gifts and you are now asking all the big questions. You want to connect stronger with your Soul purpose and most importantly you want a stronger connection with the Creator of All. You have a spiritual message to convey and it will be shared through writing, art, or music. Everything in your life will be about your spiritual life because this is what makes you truly happy. Your personal relationship could suffer as a result unless you allow your personal connections with people to be part of your spiritual life as well. Your vibration is rising and you must take care of earthly body through meditation and energy work.  You may also be drawn to be more physically active, especially activities that involves Nature.