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88:88, 888, 88, or any repeating number of 8

Number 8 is a very karmic number, and it reminds you to always do the right thing. This number sequence shows up when you don’t take others advice easily and therefore you could go through some hard life lessons. There are also some financial lessons attached to this number sequence. You could now make a lot of money, and just as easily spend all the money. Make sure that what you invest your money in now is part of your divine plan. A repeating number of 888 shows up when you might be repeating the same thought patterns and the same routine over and over again. It might be time now to change things up a little bit. You might need a new plan. You might need a new routine. What makes you truly happy? What gives you joy? Break up your routine with what fulfills your soul and make sure it is not just mindless Shopping! Now is a time to fill your life with true abundance and bliss. Now is a time to work on projects that uplift your inner spirit. 888 also mean you will enter into a period of hard work to achieve your long term goals. Financial security is now utmost important and you are willing to put in the hours at work to achieve financial success. You might hunt for a lucrative job deal, or even start your own business. You might also feel the need to upgrade your living situation and possibly even renovate your house, or buy a brand new one.

88:88, 8888, 888, 88 are number sequences that show up when you have to look at your finances and how you operate in the material world. You might be either too tight with money or too loose with money. When you are in harmony with money you are in harmony with yourself. 888 is asking you to truly value yourself as a person and to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what your financial situation is. 888 is also a sign that your money situation will soon get a lot better if you focus on loving and valuing yourself. Get rid of financial parasites, and invest wisely. 888 is a number sequence that also reminds you that just like the number 8 you are an endless circle of energy that will always exist in the loving energy of All that is.

Number 8 wants to achieve in career, to have financial success, and to live in a beautiful home.  8 is also a number for authority so now you could be faced with more responsibility and possibly career promotions. If you feel you are working too much and not having enough work/home balance, now is a time to change this.

A repeating number of 888 means you might find yourself in business mode and wanting to know everything that is going on around you. You are now also very honest and you might be unknowingly upsetting some people with your honesty. If you want to enjoy more harmony in your life be careful with the words you speak and the way you speak them.

What to do when you see repeating number 888.

The best thing you can do when you see repeating number 888 is to take a look at your finances, create work/home balance, and to follow through with your entrepreneurial ideas. Now is a time to shine in business and to make your home look beautiful. 888 also mean you are repeating the same patterns in your life and you are going through the same cycles, and if you want to create change, you need to change your routine. This means new hobbies, new careers, new interest groups, and new friends. Number 8 is here to remind you that you are forever energy, and this means you have nothing to fear other than fear itself.

Repeating number 888 in love.

If you are single and sick of being single, repeating number 888 means you are looking for a certain type of person, and you might have to change your type. The best thing is to follow your heart and to let go of fears around being let down. A repeating number of 888 can mean you feel emotionally misunderstood, and this can create loneliness and drama in relationships. If you are in a relationship, focus on how you communicate. When you feel hurt you could lash out and create lasting damage.  888 in love also means you don’t want to put up with any silliness. You want someone stable who can create you with security and unconditional love.

Number 8 in Tarot

Many 8s (eight of wands, eight of cups, eight of swords, eight of pentacles, Strength, the Star) showing up in your reading denote you are now having the opportunity to have more financial security in your life, however, you might first deal with some fears around your finances. There is more authority in your life now, and most likely, you are this authority. You could be ready to start your own business, work harder in your career, and/or invest in a new project, or perhaps you will get a promotion. Many 8s also mean you are repeating the same pattern in your life and you might need to change up your routine a bit, especially if you want something new. If not, you will have more of what you already have now.

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