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Major Arcana tarot cards of the Dog world.

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Many of the dog breeds have personalities very similar to the tarot cards. The strong archetypical energies displayed in the Major arcana cards can sometimes be difficult to grasp. Our brain has a much stronger chance of remembering something if it can reference it to something else. It’s like hanging up a coat. It is much easier if you have a hook to hang it on. The dog breeds are like hooks making learning the Major Arcana cards meanings easier.

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Most people love dogs. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to display certain characteristics and talents. For this reason, they are perfect hooks for our Major Arcana tarot card learning.

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Saluki and the Fool


Saluki is a dog breed that is always on the go. They love to learn and they are very spirited. They are always chasing their next adventure. Just like the Fool, the Saluki can be very accident prone. Their curiosity and impulsiveness sometimes get the better of them. Saluki is not a dog breed that is easy to keep up with, they are always heading into the unknown and they exuberate carefree and joyful energy. They are the Fools of the dog world.

Labrador and the Magician


Like the Magician, the Labrador retriever is super-smart, hard working, a good communicator and inhabits plenty of natural talents. The Labrador is known not just for their talents, but the use of their talents, and that is the key message in the Magician tarot card. They have all the skills needed to do whatever is asked of them. Labrador makes excellent sniffer dogs, guide dogs and pet therapists. They are also used in search and rescue. They form strong bonds with their family, they are a human’s best friend and make excellent companions for people. They are the Magicians of the dog world. 

Poodle and the High Priestess

high priestess

It doesn’t get more majestic and feminine than a Poodle. They are known for their beauty and mystery. They are impressive and intelligent, and behind all the fur is a very sensitive being. Poodles were originally water retrievers and they are very fast learners. The High Priestess is often symbolised by water, the tides and the changing faces of the moon. Like the Poodle get polished up into all kinds of shapes and fur-doos, the High Priestess can shape-shift into many different feminine forms. She represents your mother, sister, female friend, boss etc. The Poodle has a dignified personality and they were once believed to have magical abilities. They are the High Priestess of the dog world.

Shetland Sheepdog and the Empress


Shetland Sheepdogs are beautiful and smart, and a farmer’s best friend. They are found to be loving towards all members of their family. Shetland Sheepdog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds, so they excel at everything they do; much like the Empress tarot card. A Shetland Sheepdog is a sensual dog who needs plenty of stimulation, both physical and mentally. They need playtime, family time and they love the grooming process. Shetland Sheepdogs are the Empress of the dog world. 

Neapolitan Mastiff and the Emperor


This gentle giant is bred to be big and intimidating. This is your perfect family guard dog. Neapolitan Mastiff is dominating by nature and just like the Emperor they love to be the ones in charge. Neapolitan Mastiff can easily be described as the ultimate macho dog. They are not for clean-freaks and people without air-fresheners. Like the Emperor, Neapolitan Mastiff dogs are assertive, confident, bossy and very protective of their family. They are the forefather of many breeds created to watch and protect. They are the Emperor of the dog world. 

Saint Bernard and the Hierophant


The Saint Bernard was originally used to guard the ground of the St.Bernard hospice in Switzerland and on the Pennine Alps, as well as in search and rescue of travellers in need. The Saint Bernard is bred for community service and is a kind and emotional stable dog. This saintly dog is named after Bernard of Menthou, the founder of the famous hospice were Saint Bernard used to guard, rescue and protect. When people lost their way, the Saint Bernards were there to help them get back on track, just like the Hierophant are guiding through ceremony, traditions and celebrations. The Saint Bernard are a role model to all kinds; people and animals. They are the Hierophant of the dog world. 

Afghan Hound and the Lovers


The Afghan hound is one of the oldest breeds, dating back to the pre-Christian era. They are elegant and beautiful, with soulful eyes and exotic faces. They are free thinkers and independent. They are simply in a class of their own. They can be playful as well as astute, and they make you fall in love with them. They bond with people on a deep level, but not just anyone. No, they choose their soul mate carefully, and they stand by their choice as it makes them feel whole in their union. They are the Lovers of the dog world. 

Alaskan Malamute and the Chariot


An Alaskan Malamute never gives up. They charge ahead regardless if the odds are in favour or not, and they never surrender. They are positive, social and courageous dogs who are bred to pull you forward under any circumstances. Like the Chariot tarot card, the Malamutes love to travel and they rarely tire. They are the Chariot of the dog world. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback and Strength


Known as the lion dog, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are bred to be brave. They used to hunt lions and are today excellent guard dogs. They are passionate about their family and will die for their master if necessary. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are strong, assertive and confident. To be around a Ridgeback you either have to step up or step outside; so strong is their will. They are not for the faint-hearted, however, they have an enormous amount of love for those who can handle them. They are the Strength of the dog world. 

Irish Wolfhound and the Hermit


Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants. They have old soul energy in their eyes, and they are way above average when it comes to friendliness. They are very sensitive and as the Hermit, they have that special light that shines no matter how dark the circumstances. You only have to look into their eyes to notice. They are taller than other dogs, and perhaps they even feel a bit alone whilst towering above all the other dog breeds. The Irish Wolfhounds are eager to please, and they love to fill their owners with love and affection. Like the Hermit tarot card, the Irish Wolfhound are patient and thoughtful. They are the Hermits of the dog world. 

Greyhound and Wheel of fortune

wheel of fortune

Greyhounds are friendlier, healthier and more trainable than most other dog breeds, giving them the prime spot as the Wheel of fortune of the dog world. Wheel of fortune can also denote luck in gambling, doing well on tests and moving from good to better fast. Greyhounds are well known as race dogs, however now they are carving out a new life for themselves as much loved family pets. They are playful and make working look fun and easy, just like the Wheel of fortune tarot card.

German Shepard and Justice


German Shepherd is celebrated as the ultimate police dog, sniffer dog and military dog. They are also good at herding livestock, as well as being used as therapy dogs, guide dogs and as faithful companion dogs. They are brilliant at all kinds of community service, and they are always working towards a more balanced society. Their unselfish work for law and order is admirable, to say the least. They are the Justice of the dog world.

Peruvian Inca Orchid and the Hanged Man

hanged man

The Hanged Man hangs upside down to get another perspective, symbolising if you make a sacrifice you will receive something new and wonderful. It is a card for learning and enlightenment, but you will have to walk your talk. The Peruvian Inca Orchid dog is a breed that can tell you a thing or two about sacrifices. They have been bred to lose the one thing that gives dogs around the world a huge advantage; namely their fur. Fur makes dogs cuddly, easy to love, not to mention it keeps them warm and comfortable. I am sure the Peruvian Inca Orchid dog has a different perspective. They are from a very small gene pool and they go back a long way. They were kept as pets in the Inca empire. They are even considered having healing abilities which correspond well with the Christ Consciousness seen in The Hanged Man tarot card. This dog breed is also considered a sighthound; seeing what others cannot. The Peruvian Inca Orchid dog is indeed the Hanged Man of the dog world. 

Pit Bull and Death


Unfortunately, the Pit bulls are often misunderstood. They can be terrifying to look at, and as with the Death tarot card, there are many misconceptions around them. Many people get scared when they see the Death card, not quite welcoming the truth about this card; Everything is changing all the time, and often we may feel like things are out of our control. Pit bulls are kind of in the same boat. Many Pit bulls end up in shelters. A large majority of dog breeds having to be put down are Pit bulls and many shelters also have a no-adoption policy around them. This gives the Pit bulls an air of endings around them for sure, not to mention they were bred to fight until death. However, times are changing for the Pit bull. There is a change in how they are approached and many work hard to ensure a better future for the Pit bull, adding a positive transformation to why the Pit bulls are the Death of the dog world. 

Doberman and Temperance


The Doberman is a boisterous, assertive, highly intelligent, loyal and strong dog. They are on the high end for almost every characteristic making them the perfect dog to describe the Temperance card. A Doberman needs balance. They will either bring out the best in you or the worst in you, depend on how well-rounded and safe you feel within yourself. A Doberman is tough on strangers and soft with their family, giving them a mix of two polar opposites which create a beautiful blend of temperaments. A Doberman will either be your best friend, guardian angel and protector, OR your Nemesis. They are the Temperance of the dog world. 

Bandog and the Devil


The Bandog possesses a high prey instinct and a bit of a reputation. They are not a pure breed as such but in fact a mix of Pitbull and various Mastiffs. This is a dog bred to be strong, intimidating, fierce and assertive. Bandogs can be a great pet if you know what you are doing. But if you are not an Alpha, your Bandog soon will be. In fact, you might think you are the one in charge, but if you are not strong enough, a Bandog will de-throne you very quickly. As with the Devil tarot card, a Bandog is competitive and forceful. They are not always easy to be around. Like the Devil tarot card, a Bandog is ambitious and they need to feel like they are in control over their environment. They are the Devil of the dog breeds. 

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and the Tower


There is no doubt that the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a stunner. They are a mix of German Shepherd and Carpathian wolf, but they look a lot more like a Wolf than a German Shepherd. The varied genetic structure of this dog breed makes them very unpredictable. Like the round roof on the square tower, the German Shepherd mixed with Wolf might not be very compatible, creating sudden upheavals. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog are known to frequently attack children who they mistake as prey. They are the Tower of the dog world. 

Jack Russell terrier and the Star


Everyone know about the Jack Russell terriers. They are totally famous. This breed has made many appearances on our television screens. Jack Russells are lively, independent and clever. They are optimistic and extremely charming, but most of all they are Charismatic. They make sure the spotlight is on them. Whatever they have been through they make sure they live in the moment. They are determined, quick and they adapt easily to their environment. They are the Star of the Dog world. 

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Moon


The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog is a breed with webbed feet making them excellent swimmers. They love water. They are also considered ‘psychic’, or at least Excellent judges of character. If a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog doesn’t like someone it is a reason for it. They pick up who people are, their true intentions and values. They are very sensitive dogs. Some have blue eyes, others have one blue and one brown eye, some green and amber eyes. Due to their trust issues they are not as easily adaptable as other dog breeds, however, they are hard workers, and they love their family. Like the Moon tarot card, this dog breed will hide from the world if they don’t feel comfortable. They are the Moon of the dog world. 

Golden Retriever and the Sun


Golden retrievers are often described as having a Sunny personality, as well as being very good with children. They are the ultimate family dog. They are full of energy and they are super-playful. The Sun tarot card is about being loved, living your truth, being childlike, silly and playful; all characteristic of the Golden retriever. The Sun tarot card is also about making good decisions, and few dog breeds are trusted more than the Golden retriever, especially around children. They are the Sun of the dog world.

Karakachan and Judgement


The Karakachan dog breed (also knows as Bulgarian Shepherd dog) is perhaps the most assertive of the dog breeds I have researched. They are bred to protect life stock against Wolfs and Bears. They are the guardian angels of farm animals, resurrecting them from living in fear of being eaten alive. Judgement is a card that promotes hope to everyone. You will be saved by someone stronger and more powerful. It can be a protective parent, friend, partner, boss or a legal system. You are not alone. Things will change for the better, but you must not be afraid of letting someone ‘take care’ of you or at least trust someone to help you. The stronger your support system, the more you can relax and focus on the important things in life. Thanks to the Karakachan the sheep of Bulgaria can relax grazing away. The Karakachans are independent leaders. They are the Judgement of the dog world. 

Border Collie and The World


The Border Collie is regarded as the most intelligent and trainable dog breed in the world. They are workaholic and they don’t go easy on themselves. They feel responsible for the world around them and they help regulate it beautifully through their extraordinary instinct and working ability. The World tarot card stands for structure and meaning, not to mention accomplishments. But you cannot have accomplishment without putting in the hard yard first, and the Border Collie knows this. The World tarot card is about becoming an expert, and that is exactly what Border Collies are within their field. They give 100 % all the time. They are the World of the dog world. 

Major Arcana tarot cards

I focus a lot on Major Arcana cards on this website for the purpose of demystifying them. When they show up in your reading they do so to help you. They want to ease your lessons and bring your more love and abundance. Keep study the Major Arcana cards as they represent your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. They help smooth the road ahead so that you can achieve what is important to you in this lifetime.

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