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Famous Soulmates

In this show, I will look at famous couples who stayed together through the lens of tarot. I will look at Johnny Cash & June Carter, Patrick Swazye and Lisa Niemi, and Sharon Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne. Who had the strongest connection? What were the challenges and what were the individual soul lessons?

Johnny Cash and June Carter by the Tarot

Four of pentacles, Four of wandsThe Sun, The Star. This card combination indicates the couple shared similar beliefs about commitment. They believed in commitment and were most likely also very patient with each other. They would both ‘put up’ with a lot, and they took the good with the bad. The Sun denotes this relationship was fun and childlike. The Star denotes this relationship could also be very impulsive and mysterious. They were at their best when it was just the two of them and they could escape into their soulful conversations. This card combination can also indicate a lack of trust between them. This is seen when there are more than one four (Four of pentacles + Four of wands) with pentacles, but a lack of Queens. This can mean a lot of worries, often about nothing at all. This could create a feeling of being on shaky ground. Learn the Arrows (card combination) technique here.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi by the Tarot

The Hierophant, Two of wands, King of pentacles, The Moon. This card combination indicates a strong soulmate connection between two people who were very emotional, and who ‘escaped’ their deep emotions through other pursuits. Two of wands indicates a strong intellectual bond and they had similar worldviews. The Moon denotes strong creativite talents and also some underlying fears that could have put a shadow on their relationship. The Hierophant signifies this was overall a very blessed relationship.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne by the Tarot

Nine of cups, Eight of swords, Knight of pentacles, Page of wands. This relationship is a very social relationship and the relationship becomes about everyone else. They need to focus more on each other. Nine of cups next to Eight of swords can mean they know how to manifest, but they get easily confused when it comes to what they want deep down in their souls. Knight of pentacles denotes a relationship who changed as new doors opened and new career opportunities came along. Page of wands indicates big personalities in this relationship, where many people are screaming for the couple’s attention. They might benefit from setting stronger boundaries.