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Famous Serial Monogamists by the tarot

Can you imagine being married 9 times! Or marrying the same person twice…or regretting ever getting involved with anyone after your first love… this episode is about serial monogamists through the lens of tarot. I analysed Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Marilyn Monroe’s all up 19 husbands between them :) Did they ever find real love? Was their true soulmate amongst all these husbands?  The tarot will tell :)

Elizabeth Taylor and her Husbands by the tarot.

Who was her real soulmate?

Using the Major Arcana cards only; the bottom card is the Emperor. This means she wanted a strong man, an alpha male. This card also indicates she wanted to heal her father related issues through her relationships. Many of her husbands had alcohol abuse problems. Did one of her parents also struggle with alcohol? Did she try and resolve her wounding with one of her parents through her relationships?

Conrad Hilton Jr.  Judgment. This card indicates there was unfinished business between them. She had regrets about this relationship. This relationship was also an awakening for Elizabeth Taylor. She also wanted this man to be different from what he was in reality. He was driven to succeed, and she was also focused on finding out who she was, and the relationship suffered as a result.

Michael Wilding. Empress.  They came together to have children. His health suffered in his lifetime. Empress can sometimes mean there is some neglect involved, and he had issues around neglect. He could have been neglected earlier in his life. He wanted to resolve those issues in the relationship, and in the end he ended up cheating on her. She did not want to be his ‘mother’ replacement.

Mike Todd. The Devil.  This was love that felt like an obsession. She was most likely very in love with him, but she was also exhausted by him. He could have been a lot to deal with as he was a strong personality. He was born on a master number by 22, and he also died on a master number day 22. He wanted to master life above else and he wanted to achieve big in everything he did. She did not divorce him. He died in a plane crash.

Eddie Fisher. Temperance. This was a healing relationship after her devilish relationship with Mike Todd. Now she could rest and get back to herself again. This was love she could handle, even though it did not have the intense moments she felt drawn to in her men.

Richard Burton. Strength. This card indicates a soulmate connection. She trusted him and she thought he was her rock in life. They divorced and remarried. They shared similar passions and many interests. They viewed live in similar ways and they cared about life in the same way. They were in many movies together. In the end, his alcoholism became their downfall

John Warner. The Star. Another healing relationship. She felt John Warner could understand her, and that is why she married him. He was a 3 life path, the number for the great communicator. He most likely became like a therapist for her and they had many deep and soulful conversations. She wanted to heal her wounding around father in this relationship.

Larry Fortensky. The Tower. This was her worst relationship. A difficult relationship that was filled with conflict.

Conclusion. Her strongest connections were with Mike Todd, Michael Wilding, and Richard Burton. In the end, her true soulmate was Richard Burton and they are most likely entertaining everyone in the afterlife together. They enjoyed the public life and if alcohol hadn’t entered into, this relationship could have lasted a lifetime. :)

Zsa Zsa Gabor and her Husbands by the tarot.

Who was her real soulmate?

Using Major Arcana cards only, the bottom card is Wheel of fortune. This means she was ruled by destiny and it was her Divine Timing to work out her sense of self through all of these relationships. She had 9 husbands, including one annulment since she didn’t divorce one of her husbands before marrying the new one. Her 9th husbands became the only husband she didn’t divorce. They were married until her death in 2016.

Burhan Asaf Belge. The Fool. An impulsive act and she wanted to do something ‘out of character’. Ironically, it became her character to marry and divorce quickly. The Fool means the person really is ‘addicted’ to the rush of hormones they get when they are in love. This card can indicate she was a complete love addict.

Conrad Hilton Sr. The Chariot. The lesson in this relationship was to love herself. This relationship could have made her feel terribly insecure and unloved, all of which fuelled her love addiction.

George Sanders. Strength. There was a love connection here, and they shared similar beliefs about relationships. He came in to heal her traumas and be her rock. He cared about her deeply and when this relationship ended, he ended up marrying her elder sister which lasted only 32 days. He self-destructed in alcoholism.

Herbert Hutner. The Star. This was someone who she could communicate with. In the end, he could have been too ‘caring’ for her and she could have felt uncomfortable with the love he gave her. She felt that she needed to be neglected. She hadn’t yet healed properly. Her lesson was to accept love.

Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. The World. There is a soul lesson completed here. She is now beginning to prepare her soul to have a long relationship.

Jack Ryan. The Sun. This relationship brightened up her day, and he could be her true soulmate. He was a very eccentric man who had a very dramatic life. She could have disproved of some of the life decisions he made, but the bottom line is, she loved him.

Michael O’Hara. The Tower. A complete opposite relationship to the Sun relationship. She is learning by complete opposites. These two men would have been like day and night. Now she had a good relationship to compare her bad relationship to and this a turning point in her life.

Felipe de Alba. The Hierophant. Her soul is ready for a longer relationship, however, this marriage was annulled as she hasn’t yet divorced her previous husband. The annulment stands, and she did not reunite with Felipe de Alba.

Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. Justice. This is a Karmic relationship. They were not in love when they got married, but fell in love during their marriage. They were married until her death in 2016.

Conclusion. Her strongest connections were with George Sanders and Jack Ryan. For someone who loved the spotlight, the Sun relationship could have felt like too loving and too good. She suffered from a love addiction and often replaced good relationships with terrible ones. Her lesson was to allow herself to be loved. She was afraid of love and could only make a relationship work with the one husband she wasn’t in love with.

Marilyn Monroe and her Husbands by the tarot.

Who was her real soulmate?

Using the Major Arcana cards only; the bottom card is the Tower. She found that relationships were painful and the stronger she felt, the more pain she experienced.

James Dougherty. The Magician. This man loved Norma Jeane, not Marilyn Monroe. He understood her spiritually better than any of her other husbands. One of her biggest regrets was to let up this marriage. If she could have done it all again, she would have stayed and had the ‘quiet’ life. To her, that was real luxury and fortune.

Joe DiMaggio. The World. She learns what she really wants and what makes her soul happy. There were some hard lessons in this relationship and she figured out something important about herself. She just wanted to be happy and she thought a relationship would do that for her.

Arthur Miller. The Devil. This could be a relationship that felt like an obsession and it could have pushed her to take drugs. There was unfinished business between them, and when she met JFK, she would have felt very torn between the two men. This could have led to the deterioration of her mind that became her ultimate downfall.

Conclusion. Her strongest connection was with the man who loved Norma Jeane, her first husband James Dougherty.