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How to find your Soulmate with the Tarot.

Tarot is my favourite tool in predicting who is someone’s soulmate, and when they are most likely to meet. After doing soulmate readings for many years, I now break the ‘Who is my Soulmate’ reading into 4 stages. 1st stage. Find the block in the manifestations. There are 6 main negative blocks in meeting a soulmate, and 1 positive block. A positive block is when you feel so strong and fulfilled, whole and complete on your own, on a subconscious level, you feel a relationship will take away, rather than add to your life. Creating a Soulmate manifesting list takes care of the positive blocks in a really awesome way.

The 6 negative blocks are:

  1. Fear of abandonment. 2. Fear of rejection. 3. Financial blocks. 4. Safety (not feeling safe). 5. Lack of self-love. 6. Possible (believing it is not). The 6th block is the strongest block. I will do a layout to see if you have one or more of these blocks.

2nd stage. Removing of the block(s) with command prayers (you will get the exact words to repeat that will help you remove any of the blocks if you have any).

3rd stage. The ‘Who is my soulmate reading’. Here I use the Soulmate spread and also supporting spreads such as the Zodiac spread and Celtic Cross to get specific information about your soulmate.

4th stage. A timing of when you are most likely to meet your Soulmate.

Example Tarot Soulmate reading from a Real Reading.

The first thing I do when I do someone’s soulmate reading is to include something all the students enrolled in the linking soulmate course is doing, and that is to find out if and where there could be a fear or a block in their soulmate manifestations. Then the block is removed through a command prayer to the Creator of all, and through the command prayer, a positive affirmation will replace the block. This is a crucial step and will make meeting your soulmate so much easier. I will give you the affirmation according to where the cards say you could have a block. The Soulmate reading follows below the ‘removing of the block’ part.

Where are you blocked Tarot spread

After doing soulmate readings for a long time, I realised people are blocked in 6 ways. These can be connected, but it is easier to remove them separately. If you have none of these blocks, it means manifesting your soulmate will be very easy. I pulled one card per block.

Block 1. Abandonment: Often shows up as commitment issues. People that have a block here often have a string of short­ term relationships and complicated friends with benefits relationships. They have a fear of falling in love and getting hurt. The Sun. You are Not blocked here.

Block 2. Rejection: Often shows up as anger, hot/cold, not letting anyone in, running from love, irritation, difficulties forming all types of relationships, including friendships. The card here will show you how much you are fearing, feeling, and expecting rejection. 4 of wands. You are Not blocked here.

Block 3. Financial: People manifesting a partner for purely financial reasons rarely ends up with their highest and best soulmate. The blocks are related to trust issues. The card here will show you if you allow yourself to manifest a soulmate based on love or if trust issues are making it difficult. 9 of cups. You are Not blocked here.

Block 4. Safety: Often shows up as self­-sabotage. People who have safety issues believe that they eventually will end up betrayed in a cruel way. They are unable to let the walls come down. The deeper they feel, the more stressed they get, and they often sabotage their relationships, believing they will end up alone anyway. The card here will show you how much you are fearing, feeling, and expecting betrayal. 5 of pentacles. This card indicates you have a block when it comes to feeling safe in a romantic relationship.

Block 5. Self­ Love (lack of): Shows up as a string of painful relationships, and often with emotional and also physical abuse. Being with their highest and best soulmate is something they feel unworthy of. The card here will show you how much (or little) self ­love the Seeker has. 7 of cups. You are Not blocked here, however, 7 of Cups can indicate that you can still increase your awareness of your own self and self-esteem, so I will include the remedy for this block as well, as increasing self-love will help release the block at the safety position as well.

Block 6. Possible (believing it is not): This is the deepest block, and often on a soul level. This belief often shows up as cynicism in the person. The card here will show you how possible the Seeker believes it is for them to find their highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate. Page of Pentacles. You are Not blocked here.

To remove a block, take some time to yourself and centre yourself. Put your hand on your heart. Say to the Creator you want Creator to remove the block to love. This is the command prayer remedy.

Command Prayer Remedy for safety (repeat this at least 3 times): It is my intent and my command to release all trauma of betrayal, hurt, and disappointment from my past and present, and I do. I know how to live free from expecting betrayal. I know how to manifest, create, expect and accept positive life experiences and soulmate love in my life, now, forever, and always. I know what it feels like to be safe. I know how to stay safe with Creator’s truth, perspective, and understanding. I now know how to live without self­ sabotage, forever, and always, and I do in the highest and best way, with grace and ease, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

You can repeat this prayer as many times as you like, and you will start feeling a shift. You can also visualise a bright sparkly light filling your heart with love, joy, and happiness.

Command Prayer Remedy to increase Self-Love (repeat this at least 3 times): It is my intent and my command to get Creator’s truth, perspective and understanding on self ­love, and it is safe for me to have self ­love, and I am worthy and deserving to receive good in all ways. I know how to accept love from the Creator, and I know how to love, appreciate and like myself. I know what love feels like, I know how to take care of myself, now, forever, and always, and in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

Another thing that really helps to manifest a soulmate is to write a soulmate list. Write down what is important to you in a soulmate, and on a subconscious level, your soulmate will start preparing for you, as your soulmate is also looking for you.

‘Who is my Soulmate’ tarot spread:

This is a 7 card layout that looks at every aspect of manifesting your soulmate. Since we can have many soulmates, I am asking the cards to show me your Highest and Best, Divine Soulmate.

An overview.

The first thing they show me is someone who is very intelligent and cerebral. They also showed me his hands and said he had healing abilities, and I feel he helps others in his career, and it is related to health and well being. They show me he is very efficient person who has excellent organisational skills, and I sense he is in a leadership role. I do several supporting spreads to get more information around certain card positions in the soulmate spread. I always do the Zodiac spread on both the Seeker (you) and the Soulmate. The reason I like to do the Zodiac spread on the Seeker is to see in what area of your life your Soulmate will connect with you. When I did your Zodiac spread, the cards showed me your soulmate will enter your life in house 10, which is the area of career, status, and direction. This is the area where you are achieving and fulfilling yourself. This is also confirmed in the soulmate layout in card position 4, which describes how you are most likely to meet. In numerology you are a 3 lifepath. You are born on a 1 (28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1) day and you have a 1 attitude. A double 1 in numerology and being a 3 life path makes you a force to be recon with. You are most likely a very motivated person who likes to inspire and motivate others. A 3 life path person has many gifts and talents, and they love to uplift others. You need to be with someone who can communicate with you, as positive communication is the most important thing for a 3 life path. This year you are in a personal year of 2, which is a very romantic number. Next year you are in a personal year of 3, and this is the year you can have a major shift in love and romance. Many people meet their Divine life partner when they are in a personal year. I feel you will meet your Divine soul mate within 3-4 years time. I also feel this relationship will move very quickly to become a very committed relationship such as marriage.

Card 1. Situation. Page of Swords. Six of Pentacles. This card combination can mean you want more freedom to be yourself without having to worry about what other people are thinking or saying, and if you feel you have over committed yourself, now is the time to free yourself from structures that are no longer serving your highest and best. I feel your soulmate is someone you have not met yet, and everything that is happening now is preparing you. I also feel like you are living life in the fast lane and you are always multitasking. I feel like you are going to shake up the status quo in your life and act a bit out of character, and this will take you on the path to meet your soulmate. I feel some people might be on their way out of your life, and then I can see new people coming in that you will form a close relationship with. I feel there could be some heartache as well at the moment, and things are changing around you, especially on an emotional level. I also feel when the time is right you will have a mental shift that will help you heal from any hurt you have experienced. At the moment there is a lot of potential for love, but it is almost as if you are not completely ready yet. There is a new beginning waiting to happen, but you could be holding off, waiting for a time where you will feel to just let go and let God bring you the perfect soulmate. I also feel you need a new environment to grow, laugh, and evolve, where people are easy to talk to and enthusiastic about the same things you are. I also feel like doors are opening for you, but you are holding off a bit, not sure if you should go for it or not. I feel the time is right for you now to take a big leap forward. The cards are showing me you are regaining your personal power.

Card 2. What the Seeker really wants. The Devil. Ten of Wands. This card position often speaks of what the Seeker wants on a subconscious level. The Devil with Ten of Wands can mean you want to be with someone you can achieve with, to share similar goals, and you want to free yourself from any constraints that stopped you from moving forward in the past. The Devil card here can also mean you want to have a lot of passion in your relationship. I also feel you want someone you can really talk to, someone who is good at conversation, and who is also deep and soulful. This is someone you have been with in many past life and you will have an instant recognition of this person. They show me a strong spiritual connection is important with someone who is evolved and mature, and I also feel someone who is very good at what he does for a career. I feel you would really appreciate someone who is educated and also someone who is spiritually aware. You want someone you can trust completely. They are showing me someone who is smart and romantic, and socially very confident.

Card 3. Past life connection. Three of wands. Three of swords. You have had many past lives together. In this card position, the cards describe a life that is influencing your life today. The cards are showing a life as traders living close to the sea, and I also feel you lived close to a volcano. I feel in this lifetime you learnt to be independent and strong, and you learnt how to handle money and business. I also feel you always had to be innovative to survive, and I also feel you learnt about medicinal herbs and plant medicine in that lifetime.

Card 4. Family and friend connection. The Hermit. Eight of cups. This card combination can mean you will not meet through friends or family, but more through what seems to be being in the right place at the right time. I get a holiday feeling when I ask how you will meet, and I feel like you are on a trip, really enjoying yourself. I get the sense you will meet through a connection to an organisation where you share a similar interest. I also feel you are in a very good place in your life when you meet, and you are investing in yourself and in your future. This is the energy you are in when you meet your soulmate. They show me there is an instant recognition of your souls and I feel like you have similar interests and personalities.

Card 5. Where is your soulmate? Two of Cups. Ace of Pentacles. This card combination can indicate your soulmate is in a different area to where you currently are, however, you have a strong connection to this place. I feel like this is a place that speaks to your soul, and I feel you will travel to this place when you meet your soulmate. They show me he has a nice house that I feel he has put work into. I feel like he lives a bit remote, in the countryside, and he has a long driveway. I get the sense of beauty and serenity where he is currently living.

Card 6. Who is your soulmate? The High Priestess. Five of Wands. When I tune in on your soulmate, I get a very logical person with a scientific mind. He enjoys helping people, especially fixing problems, and helping others get back on their feet. I also feel he has invested his money well. I always do the zodiac spread here to get more information, and he got the Emperor in his finance house. I also feel he could have some family money. His childhood was very happy, and I they showed me his family lived on a beautiful property. He never had to worry about anything. They show me his hobby is also his career, so he really enjoys what he does for a living. He has fun at work. He gives a lot of himself in his job and I keep getting that he helps people in his career. I feel like he helps people get better. I get the Hermit in the relationship sector which tells me he is currently single. I get the Justice card in the 8th house, which often means there is an inheritance on its way. They show me there is great hopes for the future in his industry and there is a lot of new technology that is being used that brings almost like a revolution to the field that he works. He is being represented by the High Priestess which often shows up when someone is very educated as well as they are very intuitive. The High priestess showed up in the 12th house, in the areas of his life that he finds overwhelming. I feel he is not at ease with his intuitive self, and he rather leans towards the logic and the scientific. When I ask how he looks like, they show me he looks like Hermes from Stacey Demarco’s Gods and Titans deck. You can see the deck here: Scroll to the God Hermes. This is what they showed me your soulmate resembles. I feel he is a few years younger than you. I feel he has brown hair, olive skin tone, and slim built. They show me green eyes. I feel he is a bit above average height.

Card 7. Destiny of relationship. Six of wands. Seven of swords. I feel you both have a perfectionist side and you will support each other to have more balance in your life. I also feel this relationship will give you new opportunities to have more peace within and also to feel you can achieve your goals. This relationship will be about creating new opportunities and live a life where you can let go of the past and know what it feels like to be truly in love with someone. This relationship will teach you about self-esteem and unity. I also feel this is the relationship where you can truly be yourself.

I wish you all the best.

Love Ingie.