Free Lenormand Card Reading

Lenormand card 24 heart

Get a Free Lenormand Card Reading Here

Below is a video spinning the 36 Lenormand cards over and over again. This is how you get your reading.

Step 1. Think of your question. 

Step 2. Play the video and hover the cursor over the video. 

Step 3. Close your eyes and when you are ready click on the video so it pauses. Remember the card you get. 

Step 4. Repeat the process and get your second card.

Step 5. Click on the first card you got and read the card combination on that page, for example, if you got Rider and Stark, you click on Rider and see what it means when Rider is in Stark. 

You can also click Here for the Video Explanation how to play. 

Lenormand Card Meanings

Card 1. Rider

Card 2. Clover

Card 3. Ship

Card 4. House

Card 5. Tree

Card 6. Clouds

Card 7. Snake

Card 8. Coffin

Card 9. Bouquet

Card 10. Scythe

Card 11. Whip

Card 12. Birds

Card 13. Child

Card 14. Fox

Card 15. Bear

Card 16. Star

Card 17. Stork

Card 18. Dog

Card 19. Tower

Card 20. Garden

Card 21. Mountain

Card 22. Crossroad

Card 23. Mice

Card 24. Heart

Card 25. Ring

Card 26. Book

Card 27. Letter

Card 28. Man

Card 29. Woman

Card 30. Lily

Card 31. Sun

Card 32. Moon

Card 33. Key

Card 34. Fish

Card 35. Anchor

Card 36. Cross


  1. I didn’t understand this at all. I got mice 23 problems, & deception, but there was nothing showing the 2nd one or them as a combination???? I need to do it again anyway, I did it wrong, but either way, there was no description for Deception

  2. Mice in Snake…. click on mice and read mice in snake. This can mean someone is stealing from you or bringing you down on a level where you don’t want to be.

  3. Morning…. I asked about when my heart will be happy… and the two cards that came up were 4 house/home/family and 12 birds/a couple…. erm, what does that mean please???

  4. Hi Inger, I have a quick question, I asked about continuing working at my current job and I got Crossroads and Tower, the meaning was political election. What does political election means regarding to my question? I feel a bit confused about the meaning.

  5. wow Inger, these cards are very well synchronised and one can connect immediately.
    Thank you for your guidance and contribution! 🙂


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