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The No-Fear Tarot Combination.
Queens in your Tarot layout.
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Opportunities in Tarot.
Significance of 7 and 0 in Tarot.
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Learn To Read Tarot Like A Pro ~ Ebook by Tarotingie

  • I have divided tarot card meanings into upright, love, career, yes/no, personality types, reversed, and spiritual meanings In this book, you will be provided with the most relevant meaning of each card. The tarot cards get their meaning from their numerology and element connection, and also the symbolism on each card. Each deck is different, thus, the meanings shift a bit depending on the deck you use.  The Seeker is the person you are asking about. If you are giving yourself a reading, you are the Seeker.  Yes/no speaks of whether the Seeker’s manifestations are likely/unlikely to happen at the time of the reading.  People are more complex than what a tarot card can describe. We are a work in progress. Few people stay the same over a long period of time. Most people change. That is part of life.  No card is only positive or only negative. Most times, the cards want to give you both the upright and reversed meaning. There are powerful lessons in each card. 

    Tarot and Spiritual Meaning

    The most empowering way of reading tarot is to understand the spiritual meaning. I used a power animal deck, the Runes, and the tarot cards to work out the spiritual meaning of the cards. I also used meditation and asked the cards directly what they mean as spiritual lessons. The cards’ spiritual meaning goes beyond what I can put into a book. Everyone’s tarot journey is ongoing and the meanings shift as you increase your vibration.  The Tarot gives the Seeker an indication of what is likely to happen and what is occurring. The Seeker has the power to change their reality using the power of their mind. You cannot manifest for other people. The Law of Free Will is sacred. No one should try and manipulate the feelings of other people. It is best to ask the Creator of all to give you the relationships, friendships, family, career, prosperity, and adventure, that are yours by Divine Right.

    Law of Synchronicity

    When you read the Tarot you connect to the Law of Synchronicity. The laws have a consciousness. You can learn a lot from the laws. I also recommend that you connect to the Creator of all. I am very influenced by Thetahealing®. I learned that Creator makes matter by energising the quark inside the protons.

    How this book is structured


    To begin with, you will learn about Numbers. Numerology in Tarot is helpful in understanding what motivates the Seeker. Pay extra attention to the repeating Number in your tarot layout. For example, an abundance of 1s means the Seeker is highly ambitious and competitive. This motivates their actions. 


    After learning about Numbers, you will learn about the Elements. If a tarot layout has a lack of or an abundance of One element,  this tells you about the Energetic factors operating in the Seeker's life. For example, a lack of Pentacles means a lack of routine. An abundance of Wands means the Seeker is filled with passion and energy. 

    Tarot card meanings:

    Now you will learn about the Fundamental Basic Tarot Card meanings. Combine the meanings with the repeating numbers and elements that are either abundant or lacking, and your readings will be multilayered.  Always include your intuition. What do the cards make you feel? 

    Tarot combinations:

    There are unlimited tarot combinations. I will share with you how you can break it down in a simple way.  I will share my secrets in reading the Celtic Cross which is the 10-card layout I use on a daily basis.   
  • 186 pages

Online Tarot Course by Tarotingie ~ All Skill Levels

I now offer only the 3 in 1 tarot course: Tarot Meanings, Tarot Combinations, and Master Soulmate readings courses in One Course. Lifetime access.

This course is my 3 main courses in ONE course: Tarot meanings, Tarot combinations, and Master soulmate readings. You can download the lessons and keep them forever.

Is it really possible to learn Every Tarot Combinations?

The number of possible tarot card combinations are unlimited. Instead of trying to learn every infinite tarot card combination (which would be very hard to do), this course will teach you about how the card groups communicate. All up, you will learn the main rules, and understanding these rules, will help you interpret card combinations.

What are the main rules?

The Main Rules are what I call Arrows of energy between the cards in a layout. The main rules show up in the way the cards are distributed. They show up in cards that are present vs cards that are absent. Absent cards and/or card group also tell a story. This course explains how to interpret absent cards, as well as present cards.

How can the Main Rules cover infinite tarot card combinations?

By understanding the different groups or systems within the tarot, and the needs, qualities, and attributes the groups bring to a reading, you can structure the reading within the main rules. For example, knight of pentacles, belongs to 4 groups; Minor Arcana, Pentacles, Court Cards, and Knights. By understand how each and every group connect with each other, you can easily interpret specific messages in the layout.

What about Individual Card meanings?

Individual card meanings are also covered in this course.

This course will teach you about how the card groups communicate and also the meaning of individual tarot cards.

The main rules show up in the way the cards are distributed in the layout. They show up in cards that are present vs cards that are absent. Absent cards and/or card group also tell a story. This course explains how to interpret absent cards, as well as present cards.

You Will Learn

Individual Tarot Meanings

Tarot and Numerology

Tarot and the Elements

The Rules of Tarot combinations

Tarot distribution

How tarot cards communicate

How major arcana cards communicate

How court cards communicate

How kings communicate

How queens communicate

How knights communicate

How pages communicate

How pentacles communicate

How cups communicate

How wands communicate

How swords communicate

I have also added the ‘Master Soulmate Readings’ to this course. 

BONUS! Full access to the Elder Futhark Course. 


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