Full Moon Spells

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Full Moon Spells with the Tarot

New Beginning Moon Spell


Your favourite tea

A rock

A candle

A deck of Tarot cards

Lay The Fool, The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor on the table.

The Fool represents air. Place the card next to the burning incense which also represents air.

The High Priestess represents water. Place the card next to a cup of your favourite tea which also represents water.

The Empress represents the earth. Place the card next to the rock which also represents earth. The Empress symbolise the rock of the family.

The Emperor represents fire. Place the card next to the candle which also represents fire.

Your Spell Casting

Pick up the Fool and say: I evoke new and exciting beginnings. I move in the direction of my highest and best. I am provided for.

Pick up the High Priestess and say: I cleanse from all harm and negative influences. Only situations and people who serve my highest and best can cross my path.

Pick up the Empress and say: My family and friends are safe from harm. Our love conquers all and always will.

Pick up the Emperor and say: I am sustained by the eternal flame. I am powerful and limitless. I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. I have what it takes to succeed.

Write down your goals for the future while you drink your tea. Your tea will be extra cleansing.

Moving On Moon Spell

This is a spell to move on from a difficult life experience. You will need the same ingredients as above, but different tarot cards.

Lay out the Death, Tower, Star and World tarot cards.

Death represents water. Put it next to your tea.

Tower represents fire. Put it next to the candle.

Star represents air. Put it next to the incense.

World represents earth. Put it next to the rock.

Your Spell Casting

Pick up the Death card and say: I let go of hard life lessons. I now choose to learn my lessons with joy. I let go of people who want me harm. I only let people into my life if they are for my highest and best. I know that my highest and best mean joy and happiness.

Pick up the Tower card and say: The truth will come out and all darkness in my life will be shattered and gone. From now on I live only in the light. I bring the light with me wherever I go. Happiness awaits me now.

Pick up the Star card and say: My future is bright. My talents will shine. I will be recognised where recognition is due. Communication is easy and people understand me.

Pick up the World card and say: The world is my oyster. I know where I belong. I make planet Earth my home. I am supported and provided for in all ways. I am moving forward in new and positive directions. I am making big leaps forward. No one can stop me.

Write down what you want to end. Rip the paper up and throw it out. Your troubles will do the same. Drink your tea. Your tea will cleanse you.

Do the spells during a Full Moon.

Create positive change in your life

Tarot cards can be used to evoke powerful spells. Full Moon spells are meant to be done when there is a full moon watching over you. Communicate all your wishes and desires. Put Intent into your life and your life will start changing course towards more desired outcomes.

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