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Take your tarot reading abilities to the next level and start up your OWN tarot business

Once you learn to read with the cards why not take it one step further and become a professional reader? Having your own Tarot business is a great way of self-development while you are meeting people you’d never otherwise meet. Here are a few things to get you well on the way. 

  • Get a website up and running. You can easily create one for free. If you don’t want to build it yourself, I can do it for you and hand you the reins to your own professional site.
  • You will need your own domain. A domain is a web address. Think of it as virtual real estate. 
  • Get a facebook page, a twitter account and a pinterest account for your business.
  • Get a skype account to read for people all over the world. 
  • Offer a range of e-mail readings, phone readings and face to face readings.
  • Host a show on blogtalkradio. This will get you clients in other countries, and boost your confidence.
  • Write articles or blogs about current affair issues seen through the eyes of the Tarot cards. Remember to keep it vibrationally high. Do not attack and harm. 
  • Get a Google+ account and share your tarot blogs, articles, news and updates.
  • Optimise your search engine traffic. This will ensure visitors to your website.
  • Get google analytics account. This way you will know how many visitors you have and it assists with SEO. 
  • Sell readings on sites like E-bay and Etsy. You will need a paypal account. 
  • Read at psychic fairs and markets. 
  • Host Tarot Parties. 
  • Advertise your business by branding your car with your business name.
  • Join your local business chamber.
  • Put your business cards and flyers in cafes and shops.
  • Write e-books and sell them on your website.
  • Get a youtube channel and show off your tarot reading skills. 
  • Put your business on Google Map. It is 100 % Free. 
Take it one step at a time. Things of substance sometimes take time to build. Never give up and never surrender.
A useful tip is to make sure you stand out in your own unique way. Every tarot reader and psychic read in different from everyone else. Who you are must shine through your business. Never be afraid to be yourself.