Heal the Broken heart

Heal the Broken heart

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Heal the Broken Heart~ Pick a card reading

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Tarot for the Broken Hearted

Let’s face it, life can be heartbreaking. Having a broken heart can be the worst pain you ever have to deal with. A lot of people who get into doing tarot and divination is motivated by love or the lack of returning affection from their love interest. The yearning to have someones love returned can be a very strong motivator to turn to the world of dreams, the world of metaphysics. They say whatever happens happens for a reason. I do believe you can use something negative in your life and create something positive. I mean how many of us exercise and get healthy due to our fears rather than our joys. Where can tarot help? Are we destined to stay in our fear paradigm due to all the undercurrent of benefits it serves us? Of course not. What if you could get motivated every morning out of joy rather than getting energy from all the anger you harbor against your boss, colleagues, partner, friends, and family? The tarot can look at all different aspects of your life and tell you what is really going on. When you see ‘dark’ cards turning up and you start dreading it, you realise it rarely is as bad in reality as it looked in you ‘head’ or ‘imagination’ when you read the cards. The cards speak to us on an emotional level and point out the good times and the bad times in regards to our emotional state and well being. All your heartbreaking moments will one day be in the distant past, meaning the past that no longer affect your judgment of today. The sooner you recover from the drama of every day living the sooner you can ‘sink’ into yourself, connect deeply and start to live from the inside out, allowing projections and expectations to peel off you, together with a new and more authentic you.

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