Healing once and for all ~Tarot Spread

Healing once and for all ~Tarot Spread

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Healing once and for all ~ When you feel at the End of the Road

The Devil tarot card can speak of negative emotions taking control over the person’s life or an evil person controlling other people using fear and intimidation.

The Star tarot card can denote the Seeker is taking responsibility for their own Emotions and their reactions, and they begin their Healing journey. It is a very brave step to take.

A psychopath is someone who Preys on others. Whether you have been a victim of a Psychopath or you have struggled through life’s many challenges, Healing can feel unattainable when we need it the most.

Healing Tarot Spread

What limiting belief do I need to Heal from? Look at the card and ask yourself: If this card was a limitation, what would it be? You will begin to the sense of the program you have that has been limiting you.

How does it serve me to keep this limiting belief? Look at the card and ask yourself: If this card was a positive, what would it be?

What is the lesson learned from this? Look at the card and ask yourself: If this card was a valuable lesson, what would it be?

How can I best move forward? Look at the card and ask yourself: If this card was a positive path forward, what would it be?

Negative emotions can cause weight gain

I gained nearly 10 kilos over a very short amount of time while a very stressful ordeal was occurring in my life. I exercised and ate healthy food, but the weight wouldn’t go. When I began releasing the negative emotions and stress, the weight also came off me. I worked on feeling safe within me. I felt so shaken up, that no matter how far away I got from my troubles, I felt I was going to be attacked. The weight became another barrier.

The Two Tunnels of Love

I kept examining my emotions. Why did I feel this way? What did it give me? When dealing with negative emotions towards someone, ask yourself: What is the worse thing that can happen if I let it go? Finding out how something serves you, is the best way when doing belief work. I also visualise tunnels of light: One behind me (supporting me), and one in front of me (pulling toxins out of me). The tunnel behind me beams light of support, love, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness, joy, and healing into my back and into my body. The tunnel in front of me pulls out hatred, shame. guilt, blame, trauma, abuse, regrets. I visualise these tunnels of light working together and healing me. You can do the same visualisation when you feel you need it.

I needed Creator’s truth, perspective, and understanding on Compassion and how to feel and give Compassion free from being a doormat for other’s to use, step on and throw away. I needed to also have Compassion for myself. :)

Prayer: Creator of All, it is my intent and my command that I have your truth, perspective, and understanding on how my negative emotions serve me so that I can let them go, only keeping the wisdom and the learning, but free from negative emotions that are harmful to me. Thank you it is done, it is done, it is done. 

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