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How to deal with Horrible Bosses tarot spread

Let’s face it; There are some Awful bosses out there! If you ever had to deal with an unbearable boss you know what I’m talking about, and contrary to the funny movie ‘Horrible bosses’, when it happens in real life it is no laughing matter. I came across this tarot spread on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. You can see it here: CLICK ON TEXT. 

This spread aims at understanding your horrible boss and also to see what you can do about it to change it.

1 – The boss.

2 – Conscious reasons for why he/she acts the way he does.

3 – Subconscious reasons for why he acts the way he does.

4 – What effect is my boss’s behaviour having on me psychologically?

5 – Best advice on how to handle the situation.

6 – What will ultimately happen if I do nothing?

Tips and tricks when reading the tarot cards

When doing this spread (and other spreads) look at the ratio between major and minor arcana cards. Notice also the lack of a certain group of cards, such as lack of court cards etc. The ratio in which cards show up or don’t show up will tell you plenty, sometimes more than the meaning of the tarot cards. Click here to learn more: Absent tarot cards.

Many swords in a reading indicate conflicts often due to the person’s belief systems.

Many wands in a reading indicate a competitive person who is also a hot head.

Many cups in a reading indicate the seeker has a strong love and connection to the subject. When you change how you feel you change your life.

Many pentacles indicate that security is very important to the seeker.

I also recommend you use reversed cards as they add another layer to your readings.