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How can a tarot reading be helpful, and why?

Can a tarot reading actually be beneficial? Yes, it can. Because the Tarot is objective with One objective in mind: You. The energies that flow through the Tarot are the Law of synchronicity and the Law of truth. Many tarot readers are also very intuitive and they are communicating with either your angels and/or guides while reading the Tarot. Every tarot readers are different, and their techniques may vary, and when used correctly the tarot cards can be an enhancing tool to assist you.

The tarot will point you in the direction that is mostly aligned with your truth and your authentic self. For me the benefits have been to recognise where I am ‘betting on the wrong horse’ as they say, whether it is the danger of going down a path that is not for me or getting involved in toxic situations. The tarot will steer me towards a path that is much more joyful and enjoyable for me.

Because we have many options and therefore many futures ahead of us, the Tarot will point out to us which one is the most enjoyable one so that we can grow with joy rather than with pain and frustration.

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The Tarot is also a great tool to look into other peoples agendas.

The best thing about the Tarot is that it is a tool to manifest and speed up development in an area of your life where you want things to happen sooner rather than later. In the metaphysical world, the more we use our manifesting powers, the more they become available to us. The rule is that once you have seen it in the cards you have made a witness. The witness is the most important thing in the art of manifesting as once you have ‘seen’ it you accept it as a reality in the physical world.

What if I see something in the Tarot Cards that I don’t like?

The Tarot is ruled by the Law of synchronicity. The laws are living consciousness which we are governed by. You can work with the laws as you evolve and grow. Let’s say you see something in the cards you don’t like. Change it. The Tarot will offer you options and advice. Simply ask ‘What can I do to change this’. Certain spreads like the Celtic Cross have card positions specifically to aid in the change of outcome if you so wish. The fastest way to change something is to ‘simply ask’ the Creator of all to change it for you. Pray and lay the cards out again. Hold your highest and best vision of your future in mind. Sometimes you have to change your beliefs about what is possible to change before you will allow change to happen. Ask the tarot cards what beliefs you have to change to have positive changes in your life. Always ask yourself how your beliefs serve you. Write it down. Then acknowledge you can have the positives without the negatives.