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What Do I really Feel about You ~ A spread to reveal true feelings

This spread is a remake of the popular ‘What does he/she feel about me’ Tarot spread. In that spread, you are finding out what someone feels about you, and now you are looking at what you are truly feeling about someone else. This spread also looks at the most likely outcome. Sometimes our needs are so big due to our wounding, and we often confuse this need for love. This spread is designed to make it clear if your feelings are genuine or false. 

What do I really Feel about you Tarot Spread

Card 1. What do I need from You?

Card 2. Why Do I need You?

Card 3. How do I communicate with You?

Card 4. Do I want us to have a future (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together)?

Card 5. What do I think about You?

Card 6. What are my true feelings for You?

Card 7. What will I feel about You in the future?

Card 8. The most likely outcome for Us.

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