How does he/she feel about me tarot spread

Discover his/hers real feelings with the Tarot


This tarot card spread can be used to look at both friendships and romantic relationships, both existing relationships and potential relationships. 

Card 1. How he/she communicates with me.

Card 2. How I communicate with the other person.

Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together).

Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships)

Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now?

Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future?

Card 7. The most likely outcome for us.

Eternal Soulmate Course

If you believe in Soulmates, then you might also believe there is a link between the two of you that can never be broken.

Predict your Soulmate Tarot Course

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