How does he/she feel about me tarot spread


Discover his/hers real feelings with the Tarot


This tarot card spread can be used to look at both friendships and romantic relationships, both existing relationships and potential relationships. 

Card 1. How he/she communicates with me.

Card 2. How I communicate with the other person.

Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together).

Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships)

Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now?

Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future?

Card 7. The most likely outcome for us.

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  1. Hi. It’s marty again. Here’s what i got: card 1) the empress as how he communicates. 2)king of wands as how i communicate. 3)knight of wands as what he is beleiving about a romantic future together. 4)the moon as his beliefs about romantic relationships. 5)ace of cups as what is he feeling about me now 6) page of pentacles as what will he feel about me in the future. 7)the star most likely outcome for us. Please help me interpret. Virgo who doesnt vocalize feelings and very hard to read/understand.

  2. Hi, I’m Danny, I did a reading for my wife and myself and I just wanted some objective insight to what the reading means.

    1. Devil for how she communicates
    2. 7 wands for how I communicate
    3. 4 SWORDS reversed for what she believes about future togther
    4. 2 cups for what she believes about relationships
    5. King of wands for how she sees me
    6. 10 of cups for how she will see me in the future
    And 7. 4 PENTS for likely outcome.

    Any insight you have would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Your site is awesome, and I appreciate your fresh perspective. It’s hard to find good info and guidance for tarot meanings. Either it’s vague, or sterile in its definitions. You have a very organic view. Good Stuff!

  3. Hi Inger. Avid reader and learner here.
    I got
    – 8of cups
    – page of pentacles
    – wheel of fortune
    – seven of wands
    – the world
    – the magician
    – the high priestess.

    What could these mean?

  4. Hi, Danny. These cards can mean that your wife wants you to be more romantic and wants to feel a stronger soul connection. 10 of cups as how she will see you in the future denotes you will have a stronger connection. 🙂

  5. Hi Inger.

    I just found your site and have to say I like your spreads. I’m new to tarot and I drew the cards and this is what I got could you please explain what you see? i wanted to know how someone feels for me. Thanks.
    1) the star
    2) page of cups
    3) 3 of wands
    4) justice (don’t understand this one)
    5) 9 of wands (not sure what this means)
    6) King of cups
    7) the empress

  6. Hi, this layout can mean the person has feelings but has problems trusting in their feelings. There might be a need to be more open when it comes to talking about feelings and also being completely honest with each other. This layout also speaks of you being able to attract a romantic partner, and they say that you need someone who is an open and honest communicator.

    Cheers, Ingie

  7. Hi Inger
    Thank you so much!
    So spot on! This is exactly what I am going through now with him. He Is there but not saying exactly how he feels. Is there a way I can pose a question to find out if he will act on his feelings or tell me how he feels?
    Thanks again for your help! X

  8. P.s – I keep asking what’s really going on and what he’s really thinking and feeling and I get the 2 of cups non stop. Do I need to pull another card after it? To see what the 2 of cups is about?
    Thanks again. X

  9. Hi Inger,
    Thank you for your wonderful site. It’s a great help. Could you tell me what this reading means about my husband’s feelings for me? We’re separated and I want to know if we might get back together again.

    1) five wands reversed
    3)King of cups
    4)seven stones
    5)page of cups
    6)six of wands reversed
    7) Sun

    Thanks Inger.. I appreciate it.

  10. Hi, Dianne. I believe the cards are telling you that he needs time to tell what is going on and that if you explain it in a loving letter, then he will be able to respond to that in a good way.

  11. Hi, i got
    1. 7 of pentecles
    2. 4 of swords
    3. page wands
    4 knight wands
    5. 10 wands reversed
    6.queen of swords
    7. ace of swords

    can u tell me what these mean please, thank you

  12. Hi, Teena. This card combination can indicate that this person might not yet be ready to make a commitment, as the cards indicates he is a bit emotionally unattached at this stage.

  13. thank you, is there any thing else you can tell me in the reading in more detail as i get no info from him at all except he says he thinks of me and visits every few months for very quick visits, ? do u ever see a future for us or any feelings at all as i have been seeing him for bout 5 years off n on but get no affection from him whatsoever , but he keeps showing up at my house every few months wanting my attenttion but wont give me any back. i just did another reading asked same question and cut the deck in 3 piles and chose the middle pile.. then took the first 7 cards from the top (am i doing this right?)

    i got..

    ten cups
    the wheel
    fool (rev)
    ace wands
    queen cups
    3 swords
    8 swords

    bottom of deck – 4 cups

    as much info as u can give me would be highly greatful as im not getting any info from him at all. my main question is should i continue to see him or move on and ignore anymore visits from him.


  14. Hi. It sounds like you are putting more into this relationship than he is. It almost feels like the relationship is very one-sided. No one can ever be truly happy in a relationship that is one-sided. The fool reversed indicates he is not really interested in starting a new relationship. Therefore, you would be more fulfilled finding a relationship with someone who can give of himself to you completely. Here is a link to the twin flame spread in case you are interested in manifesting a more loving relationship:

    Cheers, Ingie

  15. Thank u so much, yes i felt this all along but needed a 2nd opinion. you are so right, even tho i gave u more detail in the 2nd question u nailed it in the first reply, thank you for answering.

  16. Hi Inger!!! I’m a newbie…

    This person is my ex and also my soulmate and life partner (or twinflame)…

    1) The Hermit
    2) 2 of Pentacles
    3) 3 of Cups
    4) 4 of Wands
    5) 9 of Pentacles
    6) 4 of Cups
    7) The Chariot

  17. Hi, Nicole. Your cards can mean that you both want to make a commitment, but you might not trust in each other enough yet. This relationship needs you both to love yourself more before you attempt to be in a relationship. Just because this person is your twin flame does not mean you can escape reality and you still will have to take care of this relationship. You must learn to comn=bine your passion with the intellect, and your psychic nature and this relationship can flourish.

  18. Thank you so much Inger!!! And you’re absolutely right!!!

    Do you have a “Is there someone else” spread? This is where my doubts emerge although my intuition ties in with your interpretation, basically saying “he’s the one” but because we haven’t came together yet, I begin to doubt my intuition.

  19. Hi Inger,

    I really love your site and it has been my tried-and-true go to. I would really appreciate any insight you have for me. I ended up doing two spreads on this only after realizing I hadn’t really specified the person or romantic side to the question and felt I had to do the second for my peace of mind…lol hopefully. I know I’m not supposed to do two…but hopefully it won’t matter in the end result 🙂 thank you so much for all that you do!

    First reading:
    1. Knight of swords
    2. 5 of cups
    3. Death
    4. King of cups
    5. 7 of cups
    6. 7 of Pentacles
    7. 6 of Pentacles
    Bottom card of deck: 3 of swords

    Second reading:
    1. Wheel of fortune
    2. High priestess
    3. 4 of swords
    4. The chariot
    5. 10 of Pentacles
    6. The empress
    7. 9 of cups
    Bottom of deck: strength

    Thank you,

  20. Hi, Misty. These cards indicate that the person you had in mind is honest with you and is communicating feelings in a way that is truthful. Looks like this is someone who if you want to know something, will tell you the truth every time. It looks like this is a very sincere person.

  21. Hi Inger,

    Please could you give your interpretation on my reading please. My boyfriend and I are moving in with each other real soon, and I love him to bits, just hoping our love will continue to grow.
    Thank you for all you do dear Earth Angel 🙂 Love from Lou x

    1. The Lovers
    2. 9 of wands
    3. Devil
    4. 4 of wands
    5. Judgement
    6. 5 of wands
    7. 2 of cups

  22. Hi, Lou. These cards show passion and also emotions are sometimes running high. I believe this is a relationship that has great potential and through your communication you can get through all situations and your relationship will continue to blossom. 🙂

  23. Hi Inger,

    Yes I agree we are quite passionate in general (both Leos) and very much towards each other and our relationship in a positive way.
    I wanted another opinion on this reading as the 9 of wands made me think I’m protective and scared I’ll get hurt, probably why I did the reading.
    Wasn’t sure of the Devil but have read it can be powerful strong bonds. The main card I was concerned with is the 5 of wands in how his feelings will be. I thought oh no, as our relationship is harmonious. but I totally get it now, you mentioned ”emotions are sometimes running high”, which to be honest we are both very sensitive and being Leos we make ”mountains out of molehills”, over dramatize, w both get a lot of stress with our jobs and moving is stressful too.
    So in all I’m happy that your interpretation looks as though we will get through all situations and our your relationship will continue to blossom. Insecurity lessened!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to give your interpretation and to get back to me. I really do appreciate it and love your website, which is so informative and I think you have a real gift. Love Lou x

  24. Hi Inger,

    I wonder if you could tell me what this means for me and the guy I’ve been (sort of) seeing…

    1) King of Cups
    2) page of Cups
    3) Five of Pentacles
    4) Ace of Cups
    5) Queen of Cups
    6) Nine of Cups
    7) The World

  25. It seems like this person has some insecurities that affect how he views a potential future, and he might not be ready for commitment yet. He needs to feel a deep friendship before he can commit fully.

  26. Hi Inger just found your site and love it.
    Can you help me with my interpret my spread thanks.
    1.Seven of Pentacles
    2. Three of Penracles
    3. The magician
    4.Six of cups
    5. Queen of Swords
    6. The World
    7. Knight of swords

    thanks again .

  27. Hi Inger
    Will you please interpret.

    1. King of wands
    2. Death
    3. Reverse 9 of wands
    4. Knight of swords
    5. 5 of wands
    6. Page of wands
    7. The sun reversed

  28. Hello Inger,

    I am a beginner and i pulled for this spread and these are the cards i got. I asked if there was potential for a romantic relationship with a good friend of mine.

    1. the moon
    2. seven of cups
    3. ace of swords
    4. the lovers
    5. the fool
    6. two of swords
    7. nine of pentacles

    I feel as though some of these contradict each other and I just having trouble understanding it

  29. Hi, I’d love to know your interpretation into 2 potential relationships please!

    With J:
    (1) Queen of Cup
    (2) Queen of Wands
    (3) 3 of Coins/Pentacles
    (4) King of Cup
    (5) Knight of Coin/Pentacles
    (6) The Chariot
    (7) 20 of Coin/Pentacles

    With A:
    (1) 6 of Coin/Pentacles
    (2) Key of Coin/Pentacles
    (3) Justice
    (4) Queen of Coin/Pentacles
    (5) 4 of Swords
    (6) The Fool
    (7) 2 of Cups

    Thank you!

  30. Hi Inger,
    Please, I really need your help. Could you tell about my cards ?
    1) X of cups
    2) VI of wands
    3) Page of Cups
    4) Ace of pentacles
    5) The Fool
    6) IV of wands
    7) III of swords

  31. Hi Inger!!!! Things have changed. I tried to interpret them on my own but it’s hard to be objective with your own reading. And I’m still learning to use combination interpretation.

    1) 6 of Wands
    2) 8 of Cups
    3) 4 of Cups
    4) Justice
    5) The Lovers
    6) 6 of Cups
    7 Knight of Pentacles

  32. Dear Inger,

    I expanded upon your spread and I added these elements. I just wanted to know what you thought. I am a beginner reader and still get a general gist, but…I am just wondering where our relationship is heading based on these cards I’ve pulled.

    Card 1. How he communicates with me.
    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person.
    Card 3. What is he believing about a romantic future together
    Card 4. What is his beliefs about romantic relationships

    Card 5. What is he feeling about me now?
    Card 6. How do I feel about him now?

    Card 7. What will he feel about me in the future?
    Card 8. How will I feel about him in the future?

    Card 9. The most likely outcome for us.

    Card 10. How he feels about himself in the relationship?
    Card 11. How do I feel about myself in the relationship?

    I got this line up:
    1. Justice
    2. Wheel of Fortune
    3. Three of Wands
    4. Two of Wands
    5. Ace of Wands
    6. World
    7. The Chariot
    8. Seven of Swords
    9. The Lovers
    10. Strength
    11. The Hanged Man

    I also tried to clarify about the Seven of Swords cards, and drew three cards. These cards came up:
    1. King of Cups
    2. Temperance
    3. Death

    Would you be able to tell me about the nature of the relationship based on the first group, and then what the clarifying cards are saying about the Seven of Swords?

    Thank you!

  33. Hey Inger,

    Thank you for your site. I am new to it and tarots. I drew these cards asking if my husband and I will fix our marriage although we are living apart.

    I drew

    The lovers
    10 of swords
    8 wands
    The moon
    3 of cups
    7 pentacle
    King of pentacle

    I appreciate your readings


  34. Dear Inger,

    I would like to find out what you think about this spread. I added a few cards onto your spread. My romantic relationship with this person sort of seems in limbo, and I’ve been struggling with it. I just wanted to ask if there was anything that jumped out at you about the cards. I’m especially curious about the outcome for us, considering the 7 of Swords placement, which seems to denote trust issues. It is a little long but I hope you don’t mind.

    Your spread w/ modifications (all romantic relationship).

    1. How he communicates with me: Justice
    2. How I communicate with him: Wheel of Fortune
    3. What is he believing about a future together: Three of Wands
    4. What is his belief about relationships: Two of Wands
    5. What is he feeling about me now: Ace of Wands
    6. How do I feel about him now: World
    7. What will he feel about me in the future: Chariot
    8. How will I feel about him in the future: Seven of Swords
    9. The most likely outcome for us: The Lovers
    10. How he feels about himself in the relationship: Strength
    11. How I feel about myself in the relationship: The Hanged Man

  35. Hi, Jade.
    Card 1. How he communicates with me. Justice.
    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. Wheel of fortune.
    Card 3. What is he believing about a romantic future together. Three of wands.
    Card 4. What is his beliefs about romantic relationships. Two of wands.

    Card 5. What is he feeling about me now? Ace of wands.
    Card 6. How do I feel about him now? World.

    Card 7. What will he feel about me in the future? The Chariot.
    Card 8. How will I feel about him in the future? Seven of swords.

    Card 9. The most likely outcome for us. The Lovers.

    Card 10. How he feels about himself in the relationship? Strength.
    Card 11. How do I feel about myself in the relationship? The Hanged man.

    It seems like he has passion for you and he will gain confidence from this relationship. You get hanged man in the future which means you will need to have strong communication with him to keep you passion alive or you might seek a relationship with someone else. Seven of swords with the three supporting cards you showed me can mean you have to work at not putting this person in your friend zone once the relationship develops.

  36. Hi Inger,

    Are you only allowed one reading interpretation? If this is so, I apologize for sending you my second spread. There’s been a change and I’m still learning how to interpret my spread as a whole.

  37. Hi Inger,
    I really need your help. My cards were:
    Card 1: The Fool reversed
    Card 2: Five of Cups
    Card 3: Two of Swords reversed
    Card 4: Five of Wands reversed
    Card 5: The Devil
    Card 6: Eight of Pentacle
    Card 7: King of Cups reversed

    Thank you so very much for your support!

  38. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. The Lovers

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. Ten of swords

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). 8 of wands

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). The Moon.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? 3 of cups.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? 7 of pentacles.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. King of pentacles.

    Hi, I believe the cards are telling you that you can fix your marriage, but you might need some help from an outside expert who can help you navigate the emotional waters. Your husband might have some beliefs about the relationship that is blocking him from seeing clearly what is going on. King of pentacles can mean you will find a way back to each other, but you must focus on each other and make each other a priority.

  39. Hi, Shantise. You get as many as you like 🙂 I don’t have a limit on it. I am only a bit slow to answer now because I am in the middle of preparing for a trip to the states…normally I answer within 12 hours 🙂

  40. Hello Inger!! Thank you for the reply and wishing you happy and safe travels to the states?!!

    My spread is below. I’m having a bit of trouble with the 7 of Wands and then the Knight of Swords as outcome.

    1) The Lovers
    2) Knight of Wands
    3) Page Pentacles
    4) 7 of Wands
    5) 6 of Pentacles
    6) The Sun
    7) Knight of Pentacles

    The bottom of deck: 9 of Pentacles

  41. Hi,

    Would need some help here.

    Card 1: knight of pentacles
    Card 2: four of wands
    Card 3 six of pentacles
    Card 4: eight of cups
    Card 5: five of swords
    Card 6: ten of pentacles

  42. Hi, Jude. I am a bit behind replying to the comments at the moment because I am preparing for a big trip overseas. I will go through all the comments tomorrow 🙂
    Cheers, Ingie

  43. Hi, Shantise. 7 of wands means this person is scared of getting hurt and is putting up walls in a personal relationship. This is until this person feels comfortable that there will be no betrayal. This person is now learning to trust you and is starting to open up to you more. The sun in the future position means this person will trust you completely in the future. Was it knight of pentacles or Knight of swords as a final card? The knights denote doors opening, so your connection will bring in a new way of living your life that often involves a desired change that you have been praying for.

  44. Hi Inger, sorry to bother you again. In an earlier post you mentioned A has more potential than J. Could you elaborate about A a little more please, like what did his cards mean? Thank you so much!

  45. Hi, I believe the knight of swords mean you will bring out different qualities in each other you previously didn’t know you had, and I believe you will as a result have new life experiences that could bring you very close together.

  46. Hello, i’ve forgotten my cards! hope my earlier post is still safe in your inbox!:)

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

  47. Hi Ignie,

    I’m so sorry!!! I missed out one card and redo my reading.

    Card 1: 4 of cups

    Card 2: Emperor

    Card 3: 3 of Pentacles

    Card 4: Chariot

    Card 5: 9 of Pentacles

    Card 6: 2 of Swords

    Card 7: the Lovers

  48. Hi Ingar
    I tried this romantic spread for the first time today
    I got
    1) 2 of cups
    2) 9 of pentacles
    3) 2 of swords
    4) 5 of swords
    5) 3 of swords
    6) 7 of cups
    7) Judgement

    The bottom of the deck: The World

    I’m a beginner so I’m only sensing some kind of heartbreak? or love triangle? (3 swords) and delusion (7 of cups) on her part
    And that there is some kind of a feeling of completion? as if things have come full circle (judgement and world) but I’m not sure.
    Thank you for sharing your spread and thanks for your advice in advance 🙂

  49. Hi, Juri. Yes, it seems like this person is communicating one thing and feeling something different. This person could be suffering from low self-esteem issues and is unable to speak up if feeling unsettled. However, Judgement card in the outcome position denotes you can save it if you are already in a relationship.

  50. Hi Inger,

    Thank you for your comment. (I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong before! I couldn’t edit my comment)
    I was wondering if the outcome would still be interpreted as positive if we are not in a relationship as you said?
    We have been friends for a long time but I always felt some kind of chemistry between us. We have not been on speaking terms for over a year (but the way she communicates= 2 of cups? i couldn’t understand) after an unpleasant incident involving another party.
    Thank you so much!

  51. Hello, could you help me with this spread?

    1. Knight of Pentacles
    2. The Star
    3. 4 of Wands
    4. The Devil
    5. King of Swords
    6. 6 of Cups
    7. 5 of Cups

    It’s about a loving relationship. I appreciate your help.

  52. Hi, I recalled my cards for this 7 card spread! My question was about reconcilliation with my ex bf who left and shortly after, i found him dating a new girl which he initially denied as he wanted to be single. Any advice for me? Thank you

    1) 9 of wands
    2) 8 of wands
    3) 5 of cups
    4) The hangman
    5) Temperance (reversed)
    6) Queen of cups (reversed)
    7) Ace of cups

  53. Hi, Jude. I feel like your ex is not ready to settle down, and I feel like he doesn’t know what he wants. He is searching for something that may not even exists. It seems like he has high ideals when it comes to relationships, and therefore, his relationships will sooner or later run into difficulties. Ace of cups in final position can mean you will be able to forgive and let go.

  54. Hi Inger! Thanks so much for taking time to reply amidst your big trip! hope the trip is going well!l for u!

    I was waiting for a long time for this reply hahaha! because earlier, i drew a 3 spread card before the 7 spread — chariot (past), 2 of swords (present) and the moon (future) and u told me that the 3 card spread showed that things are not clear between us and that i need to talk to him..

    given these two different spreads about the same question, are the two stories laid out contradicting or complementary? do u still think i need to talk to him now?

    since he is seeing someone new now, and i’ve tried asking for reconcilliation months ago and he had refused, the logical thing for me is to move on, yet, part of me harbours a tiny hope that one day he will wake up and realised what he truly wants (hopefully is to be with me).

    This might be silly to ask, but i would like to know if u think we should remain as friends when all wounds are healed some day? or as majority says, ‘let the ex go and dont bother being his friend’?

  55. Hi Inger,
    I got these 7 Cards:

    1. Three of wands
    2. Hierophant
    3. Queen of cups
    4. Knight of cups
    5. Knave of swords
    6. Seven of coins
    7. Five of wands

  56. This person seems to like you a lot, and wants a relationship. This person also seems very social and likes to have fun, and this can also create some drama (5 of wands). Ask yourself this question: Is there true and sincere love between the two, or is your connection based on more of a recreational lifestyle? Communication is the most important thing to the other person, so make sure you are always willing listen and communicate clearly how you feel. This will keep the passion alive.

  57. The Moon can mean that you will remain in his shadow. If you would like to have fulfillment and have the light of your true love and twin flame, then you must let this man go.

  58. Hi, Juri. Judgement as final card can mean one is trying to save the other. She communicates in a way that makes you feel a strong connection, thus, you want to be there for her emotionally. Time will heal this situation. 🙂

  59. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. The Fool reversed. This person might be very shy.

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. 5 of cups. You might be feeling let down and are communicating your hurt feelings.

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). Two of swords reversed. This can mean the other person feels you need to get to know each other more.

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). Five of wands reversed. This person seems to believe relationship can mean losing your personal identity and feeling of self.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? The Devil. This card can mean this person has a lot of passion for you.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? Eight of pentacles. This person will need to feel very secure, or will not want to deepen the relationship.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. King of cups reversed. You must work on your friendship. If there is friendship, it can be romance as well, but there can not in this case be romance without a deep friendship.

  60. Hi again Inger =)
    Thank you very much for your reply! It does very much make sense due to the current situation. We dont talk anymore, because of communation errors. I think im too slow for him. And he is too energetic. Can 5 of wands indicate competition between the two of us? To be honest, I dont feel that this relationship is spiritual from his side. Its more about achievements in life. Cards that I see alot with what he wishes from me are always coins like 3 of coins, 4 of coins and Queen of pentacles. What does that mean? Thank you very much again for Your time and repy Inger =)

  61. Hiya, i just found your site/spread suggestion. I asked about a ‘potential’ love interest… to see if he is interested or if we will just remain friends. The cards that came out are (in order)…. 5 cups, 5 swords, the sun, the hermit, 5 pentacles, 1 pentacles and the king of swords. I completely confused! Any ideas please?? X

  62. Hi Inger,

    I got this spread for the relationship potential:

    1. Emperor
    2. Magician
    3. Empress
    4. Chariot
    5. 8 of Pentacles
    6. 4 of Pentacles
    7. 3 of Pentacles

    Please tell me what do you think about this.

    I’m not really sure what the Chariot means in terms of vision about relationships.

    Also, I keep getting Pentacle cards whenever I ask about his feelings, especially the 8 of Pentacles that keeps appearing. What does it mean?

    What does 4 of Pentacles mean, as I see it as being a card about possessivness and avarice.

    Another card that I drew so many times when I asked about the outcome of our relationship is the 3 of Pentacles. What does it mean?

    Thank you so much in advance! I really appreciate your posts and webpage which brings many insights for Tarot.

    Kind regards,

  63. Would love to have an interpretation please – this is so interesting!

    Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. – 6 of Pentacles

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. – King of Pentacles

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together . – Justice

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships – Queen of Pentacles

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? – 4 of Swords

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? – The Fool

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. – 2 of Cups

  64. Hi Inger

    Having some confusing times with a love interest blowing hot and cold with me. The king of Cups fell twice when I was shuffling. However, the cards actually pulled were:

    1. Knight of pentacles
    2. Six of swords
    3. Four of Wands
    4. Two of Cups
    5. The moon tarot
    6. Knight of Cups
    7. Ace of pentacles

    Would be grateful for your insight please.

  65. Your cards indicate your love interest is very involved in work at the moment, and you might have to be the one making the first move, and also letting this person know how you feel. Do it in a obvious and direct way, and have the strength to let this person fulfill his responsibilities and business endeavors until he is able to give you more of himself. In the future, this person will be more emotionally available to you. The key to this relationship is to have patience and understanding. 🙂

  66. Hi, you are getting a lot of pentacles with Major arcana cards which can mean that the person wants a lot of security and a partner who has a lot of wealth and status. You may see him as a soulmate, while he might be looking for more of a material/business relationship. That is how it looks like at the moment, however, these energies can also change in the future.

  67. Hi, it looks like you are in each other’s friendzones. All the fives in your spread suggests a commitment can be difficult to achieve here, as it is hard to get out of the friendzone. Have faith that a new love interest will enter your life and bring you fulfillment. I pulled a few cards for you and it looks like you will get what you want in love and there is a romantic interest in your life in about 8 to 10 months time.

  68. Thank you, Inger. It is a bit strange and true at the same time, because he’d suggest me indirectly to buy him different things. He used to complain a lot about how he doesn’t have enough money to buy the things he desire so much. And, in order to make him happy, I made him the gifts he wanted. Ironically, we argued precisely because he said he doesn’t feel ok with the fact that I’m buying him things. Since that argument we don’t speak anymore, so I don’t know what to believe. He is indeed pretty materialistic, but this doesn’t bother me too much, if there are also feelings involved. What do you think?

    I add again the spread, so that it is easier for you to follow up:

    1. Emperor
    2. Magician
    3. Empress
    4. Chariot
    5. 8 of Pentacles
    6. 4 of Pentacles
    7. 3 of Pentacles

    Thank you 🙂

  69. We also have the same professional aspirations and I am more ahead in my career at this moment. We work with the image.

  70. Dear Georgiana. This may not be the best relationship for you to hang on to. Ultimately it may only be based on materialistic desires on his end. I also feel if you turn away from him, he will show his true face, and he might not very nice to you. I also believe there is a new love interest coming into your life that is willing to give as much as you go.

  71. I did a little spread and asked 2 questions:
    1. Which is the current situation in our relationship as we currently don’t speak? – got the Hangman
    2. How will things evolve in the future for our relationship? – got King of Wands (didn’t understand this one, so I pulled another one for clarification and I got the Lovers)

    What do think?

    Thank you again 🙂

  72. Thank you, Inger. I’m not sure if he is as materialistic as the cards indicate, for sure not only materialistic. When I got those things for him he didn’t have a job and he needed those in order to advance with his work. He also did things for me. Indeed, he is very pragmatic and loves money, nice things, but I’m more practical than him and more business oriented in life in general. And if we are to be together on the long run, I would very much like to make a business partnership with him, not only love. To me, love doesn’t mean only flowers, candies and cuddling, it means more getting great things done together, also in terms of career and money.

    Not sure if those spreads I did translate my intentions or the relationship outlook. When I asked about what will come for our relationship in the future and pulled King of Wands and the Lovers, I specifically mentioned that those cards should strictly refer to our relationship, not to my future love life in general.

  73. What it is more interesting is that previously I also did a Twin Flame spread (a couple of weeks ago) and in the Outcome position (last card – destiny of the relationship) I got the King of Pentacles, so again Pentacles.

  74. Hey Inger 🙂 Can you help me with this spread:
    1. The sun (reversed)
    2. The devil
    3. The moon
    4. The tower (reversed)
    5. The Chariot (reversed)
    6. The emperor
    7. The high priestess.

    Thank you!

  75. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. The sun reversed. Sometimes this person is too vague and is not always telling you the truth.

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. The Devil. You sense deception and you want to get to the truth.

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). The Moon. He feels he will need more freedom to be himself.

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). The tower reversed. This person seems to wants to avoid making any decisions about relationships.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? The Chariot reversed. He seems confused where to take this relationship.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? The emperor. He seems to feel more secure about himself, thus, be able to trust his feelings more in the future.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. The high priestess. There could be a strong emotional bond between you, and you might find out something about each other that you share that could help you resolve any restless feelings.

  76. Thank you Inger for your answer! But didnt understand what he feels about me. From your interpretation it seems like he is confused about his feelings for me? Is there any love from his side?

  77. Hi Inger, I’m so hooked with your tarot interpretations 🙂 May I ask about my cards for the feelings spread? Thank you so much 🙂

    1- Eight of pentacles
    2- king of swords
    3- two of swords
    4- strength
    5- page of wands
    6- knight of cups
    7- six of wands

  78. Hi 🙂

    Can you please tell me, how does he feel about me? I got :

    1) Knight of pentacles
    2) 2 of wands
    3) 6 of wands
    4) Ace of cups
    5) 9 of wands
    6) Death
    7) Knight of swords

    Nothing at all, i think :((

    Thanks so much.

  79. 1)6 of cups/2 of wands at the same time
    5)king if cups
    6)knight of cups
    7)page of pentacles
    Please tell me how he feels n all

  80. Hi, Sita. I could be timing issue because I feel like this person might not be ready for big changes in his life, and he enjoys things the way they are now. I do feel that he must change on some levels, or you will outgrow this person, and I feel like he already knows this, and is not sure how to proceed. You might want different things in the end when it comes to your goals in life.

  81. Hi, Pauline. This person seems to have great values about relationships and makes a great partner. Page of wands indicates excitement. Knight of cups indicates romantic feelings. Six of wands indicates success.

  82. Thanks, Inger. You are right. He is all about the money, i don’t care about the money. I am pisces, so … i just want love. I dont want rings and diamonds, i hate this stuff. I want hugs and kisses :). We are so different, and we both know this. That’s why i don’t understand, why is keep coming back to me, if he doesn’t care about me. There are so many woman out there, better than me, with money, beautiful, .. I know is not good for me, but is so har to let him go. Even now, when he hurt me, and we are not speaking since 15.2. Is this karmic relationship? How do i know that?

    Thank you 🙂

  83. Hello 🙂

    Here is what I got :

    1 – 2 of cups
    2 – 3 of swords
    3 – 8 of pentacles
    4 – The Star
    5 – 9 of pentacles
    6 – The Judgement
    7 – 3 of pentacles

    Thank you so much!

  84. Hi good day Miss Inger 🙂 I would like to ask about the interpretation of my cards. I pulled the following cards:
    1: queen of swords
    2: temperance
    3: page of pentacles
    4: magician
    5: world
    6: 4 of Wands
    7: nine of cups.. Thank you very much!:)

  85. Hi, Deedee. It looks like this person thinks the world of you and also this person believes that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Nine of cups indicate that the union between you can be very abundant and happy.

  86. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. 2 of cups. Loving and friendly.

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. 3 of swords. Wanting to get to the bottom of every situation. Possibly over analyzing.

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). 8 of pentacles. This person believes that you will have to work at your relationship to make it harmonious.

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). The Star. This person believes a relationship is about living in the light and making each other’s life as happy as possible, and also to have a strong focus on spirituality.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? 9 of pentacles. This person likes you and has positive feelings towards you.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? Judgement. This person’s feelings will be tested, and this person might need more support from you in the future.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. 3 of pentacles. You seem to work well together, and you need also to be able to have fun and romance which would lead to a closer relationship.

  87. Hi again Inger your insights as very helpful, thank you.. I just have to ask though when you said he thinks the world of me, that means what he feels is just platonic,right? Bcoz I guess if a guy says he thinks the world of you it means in a friend zone? I think that The World tarot is not really romantic feelings

  88. Hi, Deedee. The World when it comes to feelings bring in a sense of reality to a relationship through the Saturn connection that many relationships will need to make it work in the physical plane. The World can mean he feels you are a strong presence in his life.

  89. Hi Inger!!! I enjoy your page and watch your videos, you are wonderful and very gifted!!

    Recently my ex and I had an argument and although we resolved it, I had to inform him that I’m still in love with him and we need space so I can move on. I know he only see’s me a friend but I’m worried that my admition of my feelings pushed him away for good. Deep down I want us to get back together but I know it most likely won’t happen.

    These are the cards I drew…

    1) 5 of Swords
    2) 8 of Cups
    3) The Devil
    4) Death
    5) 7 of Wands
    6) The Empress
    7) Ace of Pentacles

    Under the deck: Knight of Wands

    The 5 of Wands have me a bit confused as his feelings for me.

    Thank you!!! ?

  90. HI Inger,
    I just did your ” how he feels about me “. spread. We have just become engaged and are both aged over 60. Because of our past relationships, I am feeling a little insecure about our future. Q6 5 of wands ! Not sure how to interpretate. I would very much appreciate your insight of the cards I drew.

    1. 5 cups. , 2. 10 pentacles 3. Judgement. 4. Ace cups 5. 9 cups 6. 5 wands 7. 3 pentacles

    THank you so much in advance. Annie

  91. Hi again Inger! I have another thing to ask, I have a feeling that he doesn’t think the world of me lol because I dunno it just feels that way, I think it’s more of finished, I’m done with you, move on to the next person. Bcoz I feel that’s what he is feeling towards me. Like it’s the end of a cycle and lesson have been learned. Also the four of wands as his feelings for me in the future I guess it also reflects that feelings are over or what’s between us are done. Can you please shed some light Inger. Thank you very much

  92. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. 5 of swords. This card can mean the person sometimes can be rude and even nasty to you.

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. 8 of cups. You communicate in a more spiritual and meaningful way.

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). The Devil. He might be controlling in some way, and have lustful feelings towards you.

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). Death. Ths person might not have very positive beliefs about relationships in general, and most likely is sabotaging his relationships.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? 7 of wands. He is feeling a bit on the defense, thinking about what will be his next move.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? The Empress. This card can mean your ex will have very positive feelings towards you in the future, and he thinks you are very beautiful.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. Ace of pentacles. This card can mean you will be supporting each other and you will be in each others life. There could be a reconciliation.

  93. Hi, Deedee. The cards you got mean he likes you, but he might not show it very well. You could have different ways of communicating, and there could be misunderstandings, and there could be financial reasons behind it.

  94. Hi Inger. I dont know how accurate the readings are, as I use random tarot deck on internet. And it doesnt show cards in reversed positions. But here is my spread.
    1. 9 of cups
    2. The wheel of fortune
    3. 6 of coins
    4. 10 of coins
    5. World
    6. Queen of wands
    7. 5 of wands
    Thank you =)))

  95. Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. 9 of cups.

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. Wheel of fortune.

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). 6 of pentacles.

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships). 10 of pentacles.

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? World.

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? Queen of wands.

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. 5 of wands.

    Hi, your cards denote that this person is serious about relationship and really likes you. The cards also denotes passion between you.

  96. Hi Inger! I would like to ask about the six of wands as what my crush feels towards me. I also asked the tarot what does he think of me and got the queen of cups and how he sees me as the hierophant. Also, is their a chance for him to like me? Thank you Inger

  97. Hi Inger,

    How can you interpret these cards that I got?

    1. King of Pentacles
    2. High Priestess
    3. Hangman
    4. Strength
    5. Empress
    6. 7 of Cups
    7. King of Swords

    The last 2 cards completely puzzle me.

    Thank you!

  98. Hello inger!
    I was wondering if I could have your insight on the cards I drew.

    F was an ex fiancé for 8 years who broke up with me suddenly 2 years ago..,never heard from him again, even though we were best friends since school and live in the same city… he is always in my dreams and mind.

    A is the man I had been dating, all new and exciting and getting ready to take our bond further! yet he was in a bad accident comatosed for months, now leaving him injured and our future hazy..
    I hope you can help!

    Card 1. How he/she communicates with me.

    F -The Moon
    A – 8 of pentacles

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person.

    F – 6 of Swords Reversed
    A – Queen of cups reversed

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together).

    F -9 of cups
    A – 10 of pentacles

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships)

    F – King of wands
    A – ace of swords r

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now?

    F – 3 of cups reversed
    A – the wheel

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future?

    F – Knight of cups reversed
    A – 8 of wAnds

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us.

    F – King of swords
    A – 7 of wands reversed

  99. Hi Inger,

    What does 9 of Wands mean as a one card reading for what a person feels for another?

    Thank you!

  100. Hi, Joy. It seems your ex fiance has some blocked feelings, as if he shuts them out. It also seems like he feels he can come back and start things up with you whenever it suits him (9 of cups), which can mean he doesn’t know how to appreciate you fully. About A: Card position 4: what he believes about relationships, Ace of swords reversed. This can mean he is confused. 7 of wands reversed in the most likely outcome can mean you will have to rely on your faith in regards to this relationship as the cards do speak of a spiritual connection between you and A, and his accident could in fact teach you both to rely on your faith and spiritual bond. Your cards do create an arrow of sprituality, so I believe your bond will be very strong, and in fact, help A heal his fears and doubts about relationships.

  101. Hi, Jojo. I feel like these cards align well with romance. I also feel like you are a mystery to this person, and this is why you got the 7 of cups. King of swords can mean there will be more demands put on you in regards to this relationship, as it looks like this person is very strong, especially in regards to romance, and might have very high expectations.

  102. Hi Inger,

    Thank you for your reply!

    What does it mean strong in regards to romance?
    Also, what does the Hangman mean in the terms of how he sees a relationship with me?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  103. Hi Inger,

    Thanks for this post! I got 1. Strength, 2. Ace of Cups, 3. Two of pentacles, 4. Two of cups, 5. Ace of pentacles, 6. Eight of pentacles and 7. The moon.

    I understand this as mostly positive, but perhaps more hopeful thinking than a relationship that would work in reality. And the moon as the most likely outcome doesn’t seem very positive. Is this correct?

    Many thanks!

  104. Hi, Jojo. I feel he has strong beliefs about relationships and what he believe a relationship should be like. I feel like he wants a very stable and strong relationship.

  105. Hihi Inger! ive replied to the celtic cross spread on the other page (soul mate spread). Thanks for interpreting

  106. Hi, Amelia. The Moon can mean that you will be in the dark about what this person is really thinking and feeling, most likely because this person is changing his mind a lot, and not being sure what he wants.

  107. HI Inger can you please help
    Me interpret this cards thanks 🙂

    1.8 of cups
    2.knight of rods
    3.the star
    4. 10 of rods
    5. 5 of swords
    6. 4 of swords
    7. 3 of swords

  108. Hi, Melissa. 8 of cups can mean he is not always emotionally available at the moment. 5 of swords in how he is feeling about you at the moment can mean he is upset about an issue. 4 of swords in the future position in ‘how he will be feeling about you in the future’ indicates he gets resolution. 3 of swords in outcome can mean there will be miscommunication, so it is important to get to the bottom of your issues, so it doesn’t cause you any disharmony.

  109. Hi me and my ex are very on off ! Wondering if there’s a future I feel there is
    I got
    1 – the chariot
    2 – page of pent
    3- 2 swords
    4- ace of wands
    5-8 wands
    6- 9 swords
    7- the moon

  110. Hi, it looks like your ex wants a lot of adventure and excitement all the time, and he it might be hard for him to settle down into a normal life. It looks like he has big plans for his future. He is on the fence at the moment as he is unsure where he will end up. He seems to have feelings for you, and if he doesn’t make a commitment to you, he could end up regretting it (9 of swords).

  111. I did this reading for me and my ex

    I got

    1- 7 pentacles
    2- knight of pentacles
    3- strength
    4- queen of pentacles
    5- 8 cups
    6- death
    7- 10 wands

  112. I feel like your ex might be moving soon. He is changing due to seeking out a new path in his life. He might need some time alone, however, Strength in 3rd card position can mean there is hope for a reconnection in the future.

  113. Hi 🙂

    This is the reading for me and my ex lover. We are not talking righ now (5 weeks), because of something he did. I still can’t believe, but it is what it is. I am not angry at him anymore, and i feel that he regrets losing me because of this. But mybe is that just my wishful thinking 🙁

    1 – The Hierophant
    2 – 8 of pentacles
    3 – The Devil
    4 – 4 of pentacles
    5 – Strenght
    6 – 2 of wands
    7 – 7 of swords

    Thank you 🙂

  114. Hi Inger. Can you help me with these cards. Thank you very much ?
    1. Justice
    2. Three of wands
    3. Knight of cups
    4. 5 of coins
    5. Three of wands
    6. The emperor
    7. 7 of coins

  115. Hi. The cards indicate that he looks at a relationship more as a financial agreement rather than for romantic reasons. Strength indicates he does love you, however, he might have problems with commitment as indicated in 7 of swords as outcome card. I feel like if he feels like he has lost you he will try and win you back by impressing you (seen in the two of wands).

  116. Hi, Mishi. This person could be too cerebral when it comes to how he looks at a relationship. However, it looks like he is gaining more confidence as seen in the Emperor. 7 of pentacles can mean there is some financial stress involved that could cause communication breakdown.

  117. A reading on my ex we are talking about wether to move forward together or seperate

    1- 6 wands
    2- ace of swords
    3- the devil
    4- 2 swords
    5- 2 pentacles
    6- the sun
    7- king of swords

    And when I asked about king of swords I got tempertance

  118. Me and my ex have been talking of being a couple again I got
    1- knight of swords
    2- 5 swords
    3- the hermit
    4- 4 swords
    5- the emperor
    6- the hanged man
    7- 2 wands

  119. Hi. Was this a love/hate relationship? For this relationship to be successful you must work on how you communicate with each other as it looks like you both can say hurtful things to each other.

  120. Very on/off but not love/hate we have had a really big talk and he has told me how he feels and we are gonna decide where we move forward

  121. No we get along very well, we are just very on/off so maybe that brings some frustration to the relationship but when we’re together it’s perfect

  122. They was no really reason we were just young and got stuck in a rut and he over thinks it’s all but we have time to grow sepeterly and work on ourselves which has been good but we have pretty much been a couple the year we have been broken up

    Could this change the meaning of the tarot reading

  123. Hiya Inger. Can you please please help me with these cards. I recently started working at the same place my ex-partner is also working at. Im getting so many mixed signals from him. Thank you ?
    1. 2 of pentacles rx
    2. 8 of wands
    3. 2 of cups
    4. 10 of pentacles
    5. 10 of wands
    6. 9 of swords
    7.Ace of wands rx

  124. Hi Inger,
    I am slowly learning about tarot and how to interpret cards and how to tell the story but I’m always lost when reading for myself. You would be a blessing if you could read the cards and tell their story regarding me and my lover (he’s a Virgo and I’m a Cancer)..

    1. Ace of Cups
    2. Ace of Rods
    3. Wheel of Fortune
    4. The Lovers
    5. Three of Rods
    6. Six of Cups
    7. Two of Cups

    I will GREATLY APPRECIATE your help…

  125. Hi Inger!!!

    My ex and I had a big fight last night where we severaly ended our friendship. I asked about our friendship and views on reconciliation whether friendship or relationship.

    1) Queen of Pentacles
    2) 2 of Swords
    3) Ace of Wands
    4) Strength
    5) Queen of Swords
    6) Justice
    7) Two of Cups

    Under the deck: 3 of Cups

    Thank you this soulmate journey is not easy, very tough!

  126. ***I asked my Spirit Guides about our friendship and views on reconciliation whether friendship or relationship.

  127. Hi Inger

    I need some insight with a very slow burning romantic interest. these were my cards:

    1. Wheel of fortune
    2. High priestess
    3. Hierophant
    4. The sun
    5. The fool
    6. Nine of pentacles
    7. Nine of swords

    Is there any future for us as a couple?

  128. Hi, I feel this person really likes you, however, this is also a connection where you might feel you have little control due to all the Major Arcana cards. Nine of swords as final outcome card can mean this could cause you some stress as you will worry about what will happen. Nine of swords is however only the energy during the early stages of your connection so this can transform into a more carefree energy. 🙂 Yes, I do think you can have a future, there is a lot of flow of energy between you. This energy can at times be hard to ground into a day to day relationship, however, I feel you can totally land on your feet in this relationship and make it work.

  129. Thanks Inger! Your reply actually made me cry, it was spot on regarding the stress and worry and trying to ground things. We were just starting to get on track but he had a particularly tough year losing his brother suddenly and throwing himself into creating a memorial fund in his memory to continue his legacy. Meantime, I’ve been tiptoeing around trying not to push for clarity on where I stand with him but getting stressed and paranoid at the same time. Thanks for giving me hope…

  130. Thank you Inger!!!

    I’ve been searching through your site and YouTube for knowing which card(s) would show a soulmate connection. When we do fight I belive is officially over between us and he has left the soulmate connection.

    Are there certain cards or combinations that would show the people are still in their soulmate relationship or the connection between is still there?

  131. The Magician, The High Priestess, Strength, The Lovers, The Hierophant, Wheel of fortune, and Two of cups are the main soulmate cards 🙂 I especially think the Magician speaks of a strong soulmate connection.

  132. Hi, Julie. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it 🙂 In situations like this, I would pray to the Creator of all to bring you together in the highest and best way and to make this relationship solid so you both can have peace and happiness 🙂

  133. Hi Inger, I need some help with my ex who I’ve recently been talking to again… we broke up in December after a big argument and waited 3 months to reach out to him again… maybe it’s a loss?

    1.) page of pents
    2.) 4 of swords (reversed)
    3.) queen of cups
    4.) knight of swords
    5.) page of cups
    6.) judgment
    7.) 6 of pents (reversed)

  134. I got for me and my ex we are trying to sort things out
    1 – strength
    2- page of cups
    3-8 wands
    4- 6 wands
    5- temperance
    6- judgement
    7- wands
    And when I asked out the outcome I got fool and 10 cups

  135. Hi, I feel like this relationship could go through a renewal, but whatever caused the argument in December is still lingering as can see in 4 of swords reversed and this could potentially jeopardize the outcome.

  136. Maybe you could recommend a good spread for advice on how to rectify the situation? He’s terrible with commutation and I’m a little nervous about bringing it up, not wanting to set off another argument…
    thank you so much

  137. Please help me with my spread any chance of us being a couple again

    1- 6 swords
    2-king of pent
    3- the empress
    4- 5 pents
    5- hermit
    6- cups
    7 – ace of cups

  138. Hi Inger!!! It’s Spring Time!!! ?
    Hope you are doing well! ?

    1) Ace of Swords
    2) 4 of Wands
    3) 3 of Cups
    4) The High Priestess
    5) 4 of Swords
    6) Knight of Swords
    7) King of Cups

    The first 2 cards really confused me because we are not speaking at the moment, it’s been a few weeks now. I would have expected the Hermit or even the 5 of Cups.

  139. Hi Inger
    My results in this was:
    1) the hierophant
    2) eight of wands
    3) king of swards
    4) King of wands
    5) four of cups
    6) the moon
    7) the lovers

    Thank you:-)

  140. Hi Jane. 5 of pentacles can mean your ex needs reinsurance that things will be different this time. 2 of cups in 6th position means he is developing deep feelings. Ace of cups can mean you will have a new relationship again.

  141. Hi there!
    What a nice page I love to spend time here.
    I did this reading, because I fell hard for someone, but he has been very scared to make commitment because of a past relationship even though I’m not doubting his feelings for me. But I’m kind a scared of his “when he gets scared”-moves. Cause they are making me very sad and frustrated, because it’s like he is trying to pull away, but when we talk about it, it always turn out great anyway. It’s very new so I hope you can hel interpret.

    1) The emporior (makes a lot of sense)
    2) Knight of wands (makes sense too, I’m very dedicated and he knows)
    3) The lovers
    4) Five of wands (Maybe this indicates, that he is a scared (before hurt) man?)
    5) Knight of pentacles (I can’t read this one in this context)
    6) Four of swords (Is it possible that he will finally peace with his insecurity, and its likely for us to have a positive outcome as a couple?)
    7) 10 of pentacles (linked with my question about 6).

  142. Hi Inger,

    I’ve been getting really confused over this person so I just did another reading after we started talking more often…it seems to be a little too good to be true?

    Card 1. How he/she communicates with me: Eight of Pentacles

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person: Ten of Swords

    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a future together: Six of Wands

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships: Five of Pentacles

    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now?: Seven of Cups

    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future?: The Lovers

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us: The Sun

    The cards which got me confused and stuck were Five of Pentacles and Seven of cups; I was wondering it it had been due to me being negative, sounding tired/stressed-up (Ten of Swords) being the source of his confusion? I did not quite understand the meaning of his beliefs with regards to relationships (Five of Pentacles). Does this actually leads to anywhere romantically though; it seems a little too positive given that we had not talked for some time.

    The Eight of Pentacles means that he is busy with work or that he is simply uninterested?

    Would be glad receive your guidance 🙂

  143. I feel like 8 of pents means he wants to work things out….he might be a bit cynical about relationships in general (5 of pents), but not about a future with you (6 of wands)….also it seems his feelings are getting stronger….:)

  144. Hi Hinger, still learning and did this spread for a potential relationship that’s been groing very very slowly.. this were the cards that came out:

    1- Six of Swords
    2- Six of Cups
    3- Six of Wands
    4- Five of Cups
    5- The World
    6- Ten of Cups
    7- Page of Wands

  145. Hi. Five of cups in the fourth position can mean he is very afraid of getting hurt and he could be feeling a bit off balance. Page of wands indicates that you will soon find out exactly where you stand 🙂

  146. Hi, again 🙂

    My ex came back a week ago, but i told him that it is over, because he hurt me in the past. Bu i still love him, and want him back. But i don’t know how he feels about me. I think he try to come back again. So …

    1 – 10 of pentacles
    2 – Ace of swords
    3 – The sun
    4 – King of cups
    5 – 5 of cups
    6 – 4 of cups
    7- 5 of wands

    Thank you again.

  147. Hi, I got these cards when I asked about a guy who I have been friends with for quite a few years and who I have feelings for. We have just recently got in contact again. 1. Page of Wands. 2. The Fool. 3. Two of Cups. 4. Four of Wands. 5. Ten of Cups. 6. The Star and 7. Kight of Pentacles. How would you interpret this? Thank you.

  148. Hello Inger,

    Please take a look at my spread for a new love interest who I have been giving much needed space to him, since I know he is working hard and not passionate about what he does for a living anymore. These cards tell me he is choosing fear instead of love.

    Please let me know your thoughts on the cards. Thank you so much:)

    Card 1. How he/she communicates with me. The Lovers
    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. Ace of Pentacles
    Card 3. What is he/she believing about a romantic future together Death
    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about romantic relationships Seven of Cups
    Card 5. What is he/she feeling about me now? Ace of Wands
    Card 6. What will he/she feel about me in the future? Eight of Pentacles
    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. Five of Pentacles

  149. Hi Inger,

    I pulled 3 cards to clarify the Five of Pentacles (#7) as likely outcome
    Six of Wands
    Ten of Wands
    High Priestess
    Thank you for the help. Very much appreciated!

  150. These cards show difficulty in forming a relationship. He seems not to believe in romantic relationships, or he enjoys the idea, but when it comes down to actually having a relationship, 7 of cups can denote he finds it difficult to settle down. 5 of pentacles as the outcome can mean you might end up hurt by this person who doesn’t seem to have much to offer you at this point….

  151. Hi Inger,

    Can you please help me interpret?
    Card 1: The Hierophant
    Card 2: Page of wands
    Card 3: Four of cups
    Card 4: Ten of wands
    Card 5: The Moon
    Card 6: Two of wands
    Card 7: Seven of wands

    It doesn’t look good, aren’t they? :-/
    Thank you for your time.

  152. This person might be unsure at the moment seen in the Moon, however, Two of wands means clarity and direction. You get a lot of wands which mean passion and energy. I feel like this person wants to have more fun and adventure in day to day life….

  153. Hi Inger.. I did a new reading after several months as I feel very much have changed. I got these cards, can you interpret? Thank you very much!
    1. 5 of wands
    2. 6 of swords
    3. Knave of coins
    4. 6 of cups
    5. 5 of cups
    6. Queen of coins
    7. 10 of swords

  154. Hi Inger..
    Please interpret my spread:
    1. Ace of wands
    2. 9 of swords
    3. Page of pentacles reversed
    4. 5 of wands reversed
    5. 8 of wands
    6. 3 of cups
    7. Devil reversed

    Thank you so much

  155. Hi Inger, I got:

    1. The Emperor
    2. 8 of cups
    3. Page of cups
    4. Ten of wands
    5. Knight of Wands
    6. The Magician
    7. Strength

    What could these mean? Thanks for your help!

  156. Hi I wonder if you come help me with my ex we are seeing eachother
    1- the star
    2- 3 cups
    3 – 8 wands
    4- 6 swords
    5- Knight of swords
    6- 9 cups
    7- ace of pentacles

  157. Hi Inger!
    I got the following however I’m confused what it implies:

    Card 1-.Page of Swords Reversed
    Card 2 Ten of wands reversed
    Card 3. six of swords
    Card 4. two of wands reversed
    Card 5. Strength reversed
    Card 6. nine of cups reversed
    Card 7. six of pentacles reversed

  158. Hi Inger

    Fantastic how you offer help to read the cards for so many people.

    This is a guy at work, who just came to us one day, like out of the blue, from the other side of the earth.
    I feel a special connection with him ,something familiar and his energy really affect me.

    Qeen of cups
    High Pricetess
    Ace of sward
    King of wands
    Ace of cups
    The tower
    10 of sward

    Then i took 3 cards for the ten of swards and got:
    8 cups
    The magican
    4 wands

  159. My reading went like this:
    1. Queen of Wands
    2. Ace of Cups
    3. The Chariot
    4. Nine of Pentacles
    5. The Lovers
    6. Three of Wands
    7. Page of Pentacles

    Please tell me what this means?

  160. Hi. This person is a very independent person who seems to also be very charismatic. The Lovers denotes this person has romantic feelings and if you are in a relationship, it will be a relationship wit a lot of personal freedom to enjoy the relationship through travel, eating out etc.

  161. Hi Inger!
    I got the following however I’m confused what it implies:

    Card 1-.Page of Swords Reversed
    Card 2 Ten of wands reversed
    Card 3. six of swords
    Card 4. two of wands reversed
    Card 5. Strength reversed
    Card 6. nine of cups reversed
    Card 7. six of pentacles reversed

  162. 1. Ten of Wands
    2. Three of Cups
    3. Ace of Wands
    4. Four of Swords
    5.Seven of Pentacles
    6. Queen of Cups
    7. The Empress

    Please make me understand this. I wish to confess, yet I’m afraid of the outcome. Please motivate me, or just tell me straight up that he doesn’t like me.

  163. Hi I wonder if you come help me with my ex we are seeing eachother
    1- the star
    2- 3 cups
    3 – 8 wands
    4- 6 swords
    5- Knight of swords
    6- 9 cups
    7- ace of pentacles

  164. When you get a lot of reversed, then it can mean there is a lot of miscommunication causing hiccups and misunderstandings. In this case, it seems you are both misinterpreting each other. Page of swords reversed can also mean the person is lying and be hiding things.

  165. When you confess your love, just be prepared that this person seems to have no idea so the initial respond could be that he doesn’t feel the same way, however, you get queen of cups in how he will feel about you in the future, so he could change his mind about you, and realise he can love you. The Empress indicates a happy outcome for you two.

  166. Thanks Inger!,
    I did the spread again yesterday and all the cards were different this time and the outcome was 8 of pentacles I suppose as the situation changes so do the cards, however I’m very confused at the moment.

    Thanks a lot for your help and this website. 🙂

  167. So I confessed… It’s true, he said that he had a girlfriend. However, I wish to clarify this reading again because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over him.

    1. Ten of Cups
    2. The High Priestess
    3. Six of Wands, and Seven of Pentacles fell out together.
    4. Page of Wands
    5. Knight of Wands
    6. Ten of Pentacles
    7. Ace of Cups

    Do you really think that something might happen between us in the future? We honestly have so many obstacles between us, sometimes it’s really hard to even think about ’em. However, I can’t change the fact that I’m in love.

  168. Please help me, I really wish to learn what these cards actually mean in this reading.
    I’m in love with a boy, so I’m really curious to know what he is feeling about me.

    1. The High Priestess
    2. Seven of Wands
    3. Seven of Swords
    4. Ten of Pentacles
    5. The Star
    6. Three of Cups
    7. Queen of Cups, and then The Fool fell out on its own.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Sorry for these two posts, I accidentally misspelled my gmail)

  169. Dear Inger,

    Many thanks for your help. Just wanted to say that your website is amazing – your interpretations of some of them are so accurate they give me goosebumps. I have just a reading and bizarrely 2 cards have flew out for answers to 5 and 6.

    1) Queen of Wands
    2) Knight of Cups
    3) The Chariot
    4) Justice
    5) Three of wands (Queen of Pentacles popped out)
    6) Devil & (Three of Swords popped out for this one)
    7) Hierophant – although I have a funny feeling that Three of Swords could potentially be the answer to the last question.

    It would be so great to hear your response and advice.

    Kind regards,


  170. Hi. This person could be needing a lot of attention and affection. The devil with three of swords could mean this person could have some issues with control. Justice in 4th position also means he needs strong rules in a relationship and will feel hurt if he feels these rules are broken. Communication is the key to this situation. Hierophant in the last position denotes a very traditional and secure relationship.

  171. Could you help im seeing my ex could you help me ?
    1- hanged man
    2- the world
    3- page of cups
    4- the lovers
    5- 4 wands
    6- the chariot
    7- 2 wands

  172. Hi Inger,

    Can i ask for your help in understanding my card combination. There is this guy who I like at my work. After he discovered I like him he acts wierd when I am around to the point that we both got awkward with each other. He can’t even look me in the eye anymore when we talk. He also doesn’t talk to me anymore unless i start the conversation. I can’t seem to know what’s gotten into him. I tried asking him what is it about but he is not answering me. He seems distant but wherever i go in the office he is always lurking around me, talking to everyone around me but me. It is so confusing. To add some info this guys is super introvert and shy. Had no relationship since birth, 6 years younger than me.

    1. Emperor (rev)
    2. Knight of Cups (rev)
    3. Nine of Cups (rev)
    4. Fool
    5. Six of Pentacles (rev)
    6. Heirophant
    7. King of Pentacles

    It looks bad. I hope it is not as bad I’ve understand it.

    Much appreciated,

  173. Hi, He’s shy cause he hasn’t had any relationships before. I also feel he wants to open up but doesn’t know how. He feels insecure. I also feel he is not looking for a relationship at the moment, or not looking for a serious relationship.

  174. Maybe I did this wrong.
    The combination looks weird.
    I got:
    1. 2 of wands
    2. Knight of cups
    3. 8 of swords
    4. Justice
    5. Knight of Swords reversed
    6. 9 of cups
    7. 5 of cups reversed

  175. Hi Inger,

    Could u help me to interpret these cards. There’s a guy I’m interested in but he seems to be bringing drama n negativity into my life now. I’m hoping to avoid any conflict with him. Thank you.

    1. Queen of swords
    2. King of coins
    3.Two of swords
    4. Page of coins
    5. The magician
    6. Ace of wands
    7. Eight of wands

  176. Hi. This person is very confused about relationships and has some strange ideas about what relationships are about. He must learn to trust his feelings and not live in his head so much.

  177. 10 of pentacles
    Page of pentacles
    10 of swords
    High Priestess
    5 of wands
    7 of wands

    For Romantic relationship. Card on bottom of deck: Hierophant.


  178. This person is overwhelmed and unpredictable as a result. There seems to be a lot of passion, and you need to be careful it doesn’t become too intense and out of control situation.

  179. 1. The Star
    2. Seven of Wands
    3. The High Priestess
    4. The Fool
    5. Six of Wands
    6. Strength
    7. Nine of Cups

    Please help!

  180. Hi Inger, every time I have tried to do a spread on my (deceased) twin flame, the cards come out all reversed, every single one every time. Is this like a slap on the wrist from the universe, to tell me that it’s not appropriate?

  181. Hello Inger, thankyou for your spread. I did this reading thinking about someone romantically (because I’m not sure whether I love this person or not, but I start to feel attracted to him recently). He communicates a lot to me for about 4 months, starting around March this year, but since 1 week ago he suddenly got more silent and seems distant. Here are the cards that I got, please help me interpret them.

    Card 1. How he communicates with me. [The Emperor upright]

    Card 2. How I communicate with the other person. [The Devil upright]

    Card 3. What is he believing about a future together (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic future together). [The Hierophant upright]

    Card 4. What is his/hers beliefs about relationships (specify to the cards if you are asking about friendship or romantic relationships) [Ace of Pentacles upright]

    Card 5. What is he feeling about me now? [Two of Pentacles reversed]

    Card 6. What will he feel about me in the future? [Page of Pentacles upright]

    Card 7. The most likely outcome for us. [The Lovers upright]

    Bottom deck : Page of Wands upright

    Thankyou in advance.

  182. I still feel emotionally connected with a girl from my past. Once upon a time we were madly in love, and now there are miles separating us. But I’ve never truly forgot about her. And after 2 years of silence she contacted me as if only from curiosity, asking how I’m doing. I’d like to stay in touch with her, yet trough out conversation she seemed somehow distant, so maybe she doesn’t want that at all. I wish to know if there is a chance she has similar feelings to mine. I’m not good with interpretations so I’d be greatfull for any help.

    1. Queen of Swords
    2. Four of Pantacles
    3. Page of Swords
    4. King of Cups
    5. Eighth of Swords
    6. The Lovers
    7. Six of Swords

  183. Hi. I feel there could be potential for a relationship. He is not communicating much with you right now because he most likely doesn’t think you are interested in him.

  184. Hi. She seems confused at the moment about what she is feeling. She has been hurt a lot in love, I feel. The lovers in 6th position can mean her feelings towards you will grow stronger and you can begin moving forward again.

  185. I am still having a hard time letting go of someone I felt I had a deep connection with. One night of passion has me wondering if it was just a fleeting moment or if we really do still share a connection or not. I can’t help but be drawn to him and I am not sure if he shares the same feeling. Here is my tarot spread:
    1. 3 of swords
    2. Queen of swords reversed
    3. The Star reversed
    4. 7 of swords
    5. The Magician
    6. 5 of cups
    7. Knight of wands

  186. Hi. I think the connection is still there. 🙂 This person is not really ready for a relationship as you got star reversed and 7 of swords, however, the Magician and 5 of cups mean he did and still does feel the connection is real.

  187. Hi, again. I can’t forget my ex :(( . He hurt me, but is till love him. Is there a hope for us? Thank you.

    1. 9 of cups
    2. 9 of wands
    3. Ace of cups
    4. The wheel of fortune
    5. 9 of pentacles
    6. Ace of swords
    7. King of swords

    Bottom of the deck is 4 of wands.

  188. Hi Inger! Would u plz help me interpret:
    1- knight of pentacles
    2- 10 of cups
    3- the fool
    4- 3 of wands
    5- ace of wands
    6- 4 of pentacles
    7- ace of swords

  189. Thank you so much Inger for your insight! I ran into him recently and I caught him staring at me as I walked passed him. I did a spread today to see if he still is feeling a connection to me. I was hoping you could help me with interpreting my spread?
    1. 8 of swords
    2. 4 of pentacles reversed
    3. 5 of swords reversed
    4. The Tower
    5. Queen of Swords
    6. Strength
    7. 6 of Cups

  190. This person is not ready for a relationship (5 of swords reversed and the tower). You will have to be patient and maybe the best thing is to focus on someone who is more relationship ready.

  191. hi inger,
    I did this spread for my ex but we’ve been like best friends since over a year now but now its beginning to bother me this instability so i pulled out cards
    9 of swords
    page of pentacles reversed
    the chariot
    the empress
    ace of swords
    four of swords
    the hermit

    I took out two cards for the final card :
    five of swords reversed
    three of cups reversed

  192. Dear Sita. Sometimes our closest soulmates are the ones that hurt us the most. You get a 3x Nines in this reading, so this is a very old connection you are feeling, and why it also cuts so deep. This person is very independent and has some growing up to do. I feel the heartache you are feeling is making you very strong and resilient and you will need these qualities for something you are meant to achieve in this lifetime. I also feel that you could have a reconnection with this person later on, but by then, you are at an advantage point emotionally, and you will be able to handle yourself very well. 🙂

  193. Hi, Marty. This person could have some problems committing. However, Ace of swords indicate there is a strong karmic connection between you two, and you will teach each other some valuable lessons. The best things you can do is to trust and to recognise what these lessons are.

  194. I feel he could be having some abandonment with a mother figure and is waiting for someone to fill that void. There is not much you can do other than being a friend. You have good communication, however, it seems your friend has shut down a bit on an emotional level.

  195. Thank you so much, Inger, you are such a beautiful soul.
    I really think i am going crazy because of him. I let him go 3 months ago, because he hurt me so much and i ask him, to delete my number. And when i send him this message, i feel like i wanna die. The pain was unbearable.
    And he is much younger and he works in another country, so … what is the point anyway? And yes, he is very independent.
    I just start a healing process, and BUM, her we go again. He called me, that he came back and he wants to see me. And I KNOW that he will hurt me again, but i can’t say no to him :(((. Why is he do that?? Do you think he can’t help him self, like i do? I wanna know what he feels. But he never talk about his feelings. I miss you … that is it.

  196. Hi Inger! I was hoping for your help interpreting my reading. I have feelings for this guy but I’m not sure he wants a romantic relationship or not. I care about him enough that I would rather keep him as a friend if it means I won’t loose him. He’s just too important for some reason to me. I hardly know him, but for some reason I feel like my soul connects with him on a deeper level than I have ever felt before.

    1. 5 of swords
    2. 6 of cups reversed
    3. ace of pentacles
    4. king of swords
    5. 3 of pentacles
    6. 8 of swords reversed
    7. 3 of cups reversed

  197. Hi, Sita. You have a strong karmic connection. 🙂 When you are strong within yourself, this person will change, and you will be able to communicate and move foward.

  198. Hi Inger,
    Thank you for your site; I visit and use it daily. I did a reading for a guy I am not talking to at the moment. We had casual relations earlier this year and all the cards ever seem to say is that there is a delay. I feel that he is too young to want anything serious, but I remain hopeful. I’m hopeless, lol.

    1) What do I need from you: 4 Wands R (Stability, due to the lack thereof?)
    2) Why do I need you: Ace Cups R (Looking to him for validation for lack of self-esteem?)
    3) How do I communicate with you: The Devil (Addiction)
    4) Do I want us to have a romantic future: 8 Wands (Yes, built on honest and rapid communication.)
    5) What do I think about you: Knight of Cups R (Womanizer.)
    6) What are my true feelings for you: 9 Cups (He’s my wish.)
    7) What will I feel about you in the future: Fool R (Changeable nature, carelessness, & reckless behavior.)
    8) The most likely outcome for us is: 4 Swords (This is where I am stumped. Further delays? Continued disengagement by him even if a relationship were to develop? Feeling single in a relationship?)

    These are my interpretations, but please feel free to comment with how you see things; I very much welcome your opinion.
    Thank you!

  199. We did speak about it and since we are both just in college we are focusing on ourselves and letting this evolve on its own for now. Let’s see where it’s headed . Thanks for your help Inger ! 🙂

  200. Hi, Neen. I feel you live very different lives, is that correct? I feel what you really want and need from him is better communication. I think you have seen the potential in this person and want to see more of the good qualities this man inhabits.

  201. hi Inger
    how do I do this spread- do I have to have cards and then just pull them? I do not practice tarot but want to know how a person now feels for me- can you please assist.

    guide me

  202. Hi Inger,
    Sorry for my late response. Yes, he lives in a metropolitan city and I live on an American Indian reservation. We connected through our work in politics. I may just be barking up the wrong tree here. We may be too different and yes, everything you’re saying is how I view him.

    Thank you for your response and time,


  203. Hi Inger! After a brief and turbulant encounter with one of my Karmic soul mates I met recently, my husband and I still seem to be struggling to be happy and continue to stay together. I even have stopped talking to this other man completely to not cause problems in my current relationship. It hurts to walk away from him especially when I feel a soul connection with him, but I feel it’s important that I do this to spiritually find myself. Eventually maybe we can learn to be friends in the future, but not at the expense of causing the people I love to hurt like my husband and children. Despite my attempts to talk to my husband he just won’t open up and talk to me about how he is feeling. I can see he is struggling with something inside himself just like I am but this constant tension is making me feel confused as to what to do. I am unsure if my husband wants to leave me so I did a tarot spread to see how he is feeling. I was hoping you could give me your interpretation?

    First Reading Second Cards pulled
    1. The High Priestess reversed 1. 8 of swords
    2. 8 of pentacles 2. hermit reversed
    3. 7 of cups 3. knight of swords
    4. Death reversed 4. 4 of pentacles reversed
    5.Judgment reversed 5. Queen of wands
    6.2 of swords reversed 6. 9 of cups
    7.Wheel of fortune reversed 7. The fool reversed

  204. Hi Again! I was sensing a bit more clarity from my end so i pulled out cards,
    could you help me interpret :

    1] Page of swords
    2] Page of pentacles reversed
    3] temperance
    4] hierophant
    5] star
    6] hermit
    7] wheel of fortune

  205. Hi Inger,
    I want to need your help
    I ask this spread about 3 person
    I want to know who I can trust and love him in the future
    and i want to know what dose they feel for me

    1st person
    – the moon
    – strength
    – six of swords
    – two of cups
    – knight of sword
    – the devil
    – 2 of coins

    2nd person
    – six of pentacles
    – the hierophant
    – eight of wands
    – the hight priestess
    – king of cups
    – three of swords
    – five of wands

    last person
    – knight of pentacle
    – four of wands
    – two of wands
    – the tower
    – the empress
    – two of swords
    – nine of wands

    please guide me with your reading
    Ganya ❤️

  206. Hi. I feel you can get through this and I dont think your husband wants to leave you. He is afraid to open up because he thinks you will say you want to leave him. Wheel of fortune reversed and fool reversed as final outcome mean if you take a step back and avoid putting so much pressure on each other, yourself, and this relationship, the joy and happiness will come back again.

  207. Dear Inger,

    I have been having communication and understanding problems in my relationship so we decided to take some step back and I wonder how’s she feeling for me and will we find the way to solve these problems and stay happy together in the future.I got the cards as below

    1. Pages of Pentacles
    2. Four of swords
    3. Nine of rods
    4. Eight of Pentacles
    5. The Hermit
    6. Queens of cups
    7. Four of rods

  208. Is this a long distance relationship? You get a lot of majors which often shows up when people the relationship is developing outside of our control, and it can often feel like that in long distance relationships. I feel you need to have more fun and light hearted conversations and this will bring you closer together emotionally.

  209. Yes! this is so accurate , we are in different continents since two years now but that hasn’t created emotional distance infact we grew closer, but the past month has caused a lot of emotional turbulence so I’m scared that he might end up hurting me.

  210. Inger! Thank you again for your insight as always! Just a few day’s ago he finally opened up to me and said exactly what you just said. I think we have both been so terrified of being ourselves at the cost of loosing eachother. We are both trying to be open and honest with our feelings, and we both want to be together forever. Our recent incounters with other people have been such an enlightening and yet very confusing time in both of our lives. As you said, once we took the pressure off we have been much happier since then.

  211. Hi, Inger! I could really use some help with my cards… they feel a bit contradictory, but perhaps that’s because the Queen of Swords is a very positive energy to me personally. This is in regards to something romantic with a man (I’m a woman) who, like me, went back to school for a performance art degree in a very exclusive and prestigious program. Upon meeting last summer, we were both very attracted to each other, but both held back in order to stay focused on our respective goals. Additionally, we are both from different countries and did not think we would see each other again, but after some major life changes, I will begin school (in the same program in the class below him) this fall in his home country. I am concerned about getting sidetracked from my goals, but I also felt a deeply inexplicable connection when we first spent time together last year. What do you think?

    1: XII The Hanged Man
    2: Page of Swords
    3: Queen of Cups
    4: Seven of Cups
    5: XVI The Tower
    6: Queen of Swords
    7: XV The Devil

  212. Hi, He could be having some commitment issues, which is what 7 of wands means. This relationship is teaching you about self-love which is the most important aspect of being in a soulmate relationship. You have to ask yourself if you believe H is your true soulmate.

  213. Your cards indicate there has been some misunderstandings and miscommunication between you. His cards almost indicate he is upset with you. Could there have been a misunderstanding?

  214. Hi Inger
    Hope you can help me interpret my cards on a romantic interest who I keep going around in circles with and need clarity.

    1. The world
    2. 8 of swords
    3. 6 of pentacles
    4. Ace of pentacles
    5. Page of pentacles
    6. Ace of Wands
    7. 10 of pentacles

    Thank you

  215. Hi, Julie. Your card indicates you are the confused one in this situation whether or not you really like this person or not. You need to connect to your heart and soul and ask yourself what you are most afraid of. You could be holding back because you are afraid of getting hurt.

  216. Hi I’m in a long distance relationship and I got the following cards:
    king of wands
    queen of wands
    queen of swords reversed
    nine of cups
    eight of cups
    two of swords reversed
    ace of pentacles

  217. YES I feel that too I fear he might get distracted and end what we have, we don’t yet have clarity about the future as we are just 20 year olds. 😛
    However I did tell him that he doesn’t give me enough time and there were fallouts but he’s been working on it since the last two days my only fear is that distance might cause him to get distracted.

  218. Hi Inger,

    Thank you very much for the spread. I am a beginner in tarot so please help me with this reading. I have one-sided romantic feelings for this person but I’m not sure about his. He is hot and cold at times. We are coworkers as well so I am battling myself to be IN or OUT, I’m very tired of being in the middle. Here are my results, please help me interpret them.
    1. The Hanged man
    2. 4 of pentacles
    3. Queen of cups
    4. King of pentacles
    5. 3 of swords
    6. The Hierophant
    7. 5 of swords.
    Thank you very much Inger, please keep your site running forever.

  219. Hi, this is for a potential relationship.

    1) Emperor
    2) Page of Cups
    3) Three of Pentacles
    4) 6 of Cups + Chariot
    5) Justice
    6) Ace of Pentacles clarified by Lovers

  220. Hi. This person is not giving much of himself. I feel he could be recovering from a relationship and is in a healing phase. 5 of swords in outcome position means this person could be causing you more trouble than what it’s worth.

  221. Hi Inger please help interpret!
    1 nine of pentacles
    2 four of cups
    3 three of cups
    4 seven of pentacles
    5 six of pentacles
    6 five of pentacles
    7 Death
    Bottom of deck 10 of cups


  222. Hello Inger, great spread!! I did this spread asking about a guy friend feelings towards me. We’ve been friends for almost 3 years now and I have no romantic feelings towards him but I think he does for me. However, I was hoping you can help with each position that the cards fall on. I will list them below. Thank you!!

    1: Ace of Pentacles
    2: The Hanged Man
    3: 2 of Pentacles
    4: 5 of Swords
    5: King of Wands
    6: 6 of Cups
    7: knight of Pentacles

  223. Hi. I think you are right, he likes you. I do think he will move on soon though as indicated by 6 of cups and knight of pentacles. He could meet someone through his work. I feel your friendship will continue.

  224. Hello Inger. I come to you again for ur expertise. Today I got a call from a ex lover who had just disappeared about 3 months ago. It was shocking so say the least. I met him out of the blue 3 months before that when he was lost and we just met at a gas station. I don’t know much about soulmates but I’ve gotta say there are too many coincidences and synchronizities between us. Anyways, he’s in a long-time committed relationshipand so am I. Today he told me that he had pulled away because I was taking a big chunk of his heart he said I was too perfect, meaning that he wanted to be around me all the time and travel to see me everyday, drive 5 hrs to spend time with me and when he knew that really couldn’t be possible he’d get grouchy. So he had to end it, to lead his “normal” life. He claims there’s not a day he doesn’t think about me. I did a spread. I want to know if thi is true or if he’s feeding me some BS.
    1 tower
    2 chariot
    3 magician
    4 three of cups, three of swords, ten of pentacles
    5 two of pentacles
    6 six of cups
    7 ace of cups
    Bottom of raider waite deck is 6 of swords

  225. I don’t get a great feeling about this. When people suddenly disappear and then re-connects with these types of explanations it is never a great sign. Three of cups next to three of swords could mean he has other women as well… Don’t let this man ruin your current relationship….

  226. I got:
    Ten of Pentacles
    Seven of Wands
    Three of Swords
    Ten of Wands
    I did not pull a seventh card as I was pretty bummed so many ‘bad’ cards appeared. It is about my romantic relationship, we are together quiet a while now and he is currently unhappy about his career. Why such bad cards? Is he upset with me? Maybe he is sad about something I don’t know yet? I do know he is stressed about work and graduate school. The 3S for how is he feeling for me makes me sad. Thank you…I love your channel.

  227. The way he feels about you and the relationship now is most likely about how he feels about himself. In long-term relationships this is common. You get the tower for how you communicate with him so maybe you are stressed as well? The best thing you can do is to talk to each other. There is a spiritual connection between you and you will most likely have some ups and downs that are actually spiritual growth opportunities. If you get a chance to spend time in nature, this will do you both the world of good.

  228. Hi…such an honor that you replied :-). Yes, we are both stressed. We are both in graduate school and unhappy with our careers; we are in the middle of changing careers. We are both tired and we share this, so it brings us closer together. So I understand now why such “bad” cards popped up in this spread. And he loves nature. We are currently planning on taking a vacation next month, so we can relax!!! Thank you Inger…bless you.

  229. Hello Inger,
    I would appreciate your help on what my cards mean. I asked the cards if Iain & I would end up in a relationship. This is what I got:

    1: 3 wands
    2: 10 pentagles
    3: 4 cups
    4: 7 pentagles
    5: Knight of wands
    6: The lovers
    7: 6 wands

    Thanks for your time.

  230. Hello. I’m hoping you’re able to help me interpret this spread? I’m kind of confused by what I got.
    1. Seven of Pentacles
    2. Three of Wands reversed
    3. The Hierophant
    4. Four of Wands reversed
    5. Knight of Pentacles
    6. Queen of cups reversed
    7. The Sun
    8. The Moon
    9. The Stars
    10. The Lovers

  231. Really? That’s baffling. This person wanted a break because they felt our relationship was suffocated and they wanted to date others. Not sure what to make of this but thank you!

  232. Hi Inger! I was hoping for your insight on why I keep seeing the high priestesses in my relationship spread. I keep seeing this particular card when I ask about one specific person that I feel I have a soul connection with. I’ve seen her upright and reversed, but she is constantly comng up! I’m not sure why I keep pulling this card and was hoping you could help me interpret this card.

  233. 4 of wands reversed in that card position indicates he might not enjoy the dates he is on. Hierophant in 3rd position indicates you were quite compatible. He might realise the hard way.


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