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Astral travel step by step

We have all astral travelled. We do it every night. Ever woken up by the sensation that you are falling. That is you returning to your body. There are ways of doing this while in awake state as well. All you have to do is to have the ability to relax and concentrate. Ask your guides to help you if you feel stuck.

I asked my guides to help me and they did. I had what is called; ‘be careful what you ask for’. I woke up in the middle of the night with sleep paralysis. I could not move my body at all. It was creepy to say the least. I saw 3 male guides around me. They were ready to pull me out. I was about to have my wish, but instead of feeling joy I just wanted control over my body again! A lot of will power later I managed to unfreeze my sleep paralysis and I was safe from astral travel. The truth is: I wasn’t ready. I have had sleep paralysis before. I woke up one night many years before the previous example with same sensations only this time I could not see any spirit guides. I was unable to move. I could hear what sounded like a the thuds from a helicopter growing more and more intense. Little did I know I was about to astral travel, I thought I was dying! My will power fought and fought until I gained access to my body. I was so shaken up I stayed awake the rest of the night wondering what the heck just happened!

Many years later I am finding myself practising astral travelling, but without the drama I previously experienced. There are several methods of astral travelling, and the most gentle I have experienced so far is the rope technique.

The rope technique

I love this technique because it allows you to feel your astral body within your body without actually having to do the separation. I love doing this technique when I am a bit stressed and anxious as it reminds me that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience; rather than the other way around. I need to rise above the physical, or else life quickly gets too heavy for my liking.

  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.
  • Imagine a rope hanging from the sky. Imagine this rope to be connected to heaven.
  • Visualise your astral hands pulling up the rope. Visualise your astral body climbing effortlessly up the rope. Up and up and up. You will be surprised to see how energised your astral body is.
  • Climb up and up and up until you feel a vibration starting inside of you. This is your astral body. If you continue climbing the rope you are likely to free yourself from your body. 
  • Keep climbing up and up until you are hovering above your body.

Climbing the mountain technique

This technique is as effective as the Rope technique. It gets your astral legs going as well.

  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.
  • Imagine a mountain that reaches all the way up to heaven.
  • Imagine your astral body effortlessly climbing the mountain. Up and up and up you go.
  • Keep climbing until you feel your astral body vibrating inside of you.
  • Keep climbing up and up and up until you are out of your body.

If you are not ready to completely separate yourself from your physical body you can explore your astral body one step at the time. Visualise you are painting a picture with your astral hands, or imagine your astral hands giving an energy healing. Soon you will be deep in theta/delta brainwave and you will most likely enter astral in dream state. Now the trick is to remember that you are dreaming, so called Lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming

Before you are going to bed tell your guides to remind you while you are dreaming that you are in a dream. You might have to do this every night before your subconscious allows you to experience lucid dreaming. Once you know you are in a lucid dream ask to see yourself in the bedroom. Doing this will in most cases take you out of dreamland and you will find yourself floating above your body.

Getting back in to your physical body

Astral travel might not be for everyone. Always connect with the Creator of all before attempting Astral. The biggest block people have to Astral is the fear of being unable to get back in their body again. Sooner or later your physical body will pull you back in, however the fear of not getting back in can create unpleasant feelings while out of the body. My advice is to practice Lucid dreaming and ask to have your Guardian angel entering your dream, reminding you that you are dreaming. This is a gentle way of entering into the Lucid dream. Your angel will protect you while you explore.