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Connect to the Creator of all through a simple brain exercise

We can never be disconnected from the Creator, but we can certainly feel very disconnected. Our thoughts and feelings can create an environment in and outside us that makes us feel flat. When we consciously know we are connected to the Creator we feel energised and balanced, not to mentioned more intuitive and in the flow of things. We become kinder and more compassionate people. Every time you feel you are disconnected and need to feel the energy of the Creator, there is a simple little meditation you can do that doesn’t take long, AND you will prove to yourself that you are connected (due to a little trick I’m going to show you).

This is an incredibly powerful meditation that you can do anywhere and as many times as you like:

Sit or lay down (after a while you can do this standing up as well, it’s easy!!). Now imagine this without distracting yourself, so do it quickly: Go above your head into a ball of light. Inside your ball of light, you are travelling up into the universe. Go into the light above the universe. Go through many lights until you go into the golden light where all the angels and ascended Masters are. Go above it and into the Laws (laws of the Universe and all spiritual laws). Your ball has dissipated, and you are swimming through the Laws that feel like thick water. You see lots of colors and shapes. You feel an amazing sense of logic here. You see a beautiful pink color which is the Law of Compassion. This is one of the highest Laws and will push you into a very special place. Feel the Law of Compassion embrace you. Inside your head say: The Creator. Then everything turns into a bright, iridescent white light that moves all through you. This is the energy of pure Creation. There are no people or things here, just energy. This is the Energy that makes atoms and molecules. You are connecting with it. Want to prove it to yourself? COOL!!! Let’s do that. Put the palm of your hand in front of each other. There is chi energy moving from the palms of your hands, but it might be difficult to feel this chi. Connect to the Creator, you don’t have to do the whole meditation, just embrace yourself in the white, iridescent light and say The Creator inside your head. Soon you will feel the chi becoming stronger. When you are connected to the Creator you can feel things very easily. Think of someone you know. Go into their hearts through the Creator. Feel their joys and their pains. Only do this in a gentle way through the Creator, or you can hurt the other person. You can also enter into people through their Crown chakra. You can see depression and worries in people if their brain has dark energy around and inside of it. Ask the Creator to send them love and light. Sit in front of a plant or a tree. Ask the Creator to connect you with the life force of the tree or the plant. Soon you will feel their whole being connecting with you . Don’t be surprised if the plant will turn their leaves towards you. You can connect this way with objects too. You can even practice moving objects (telekinesis) this way. You will never have to feel disconnected again.