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Make your Own Runes Tutorial

First I’m going to show you a way to create your own Runes and Rune table in an emergency. Let’s say you need to consult your Runes, but your Runes are safely tucked away at home while you are out travelling. This happened to me, and since I almost always use a Rune table while consulting the Runes, I needed to make that as well. I thought, why don’t I just use pen and paper. I quickly wrote down the Runes on a piece of paper, and I included the keywords to make it even more easier to read.

Paper Runes

runes and keywords

Then I cut them out into individual squares.

runes paper cut out

Then they got folded up neatly.

paper runes

Then I drew up a diagram of the main areas I wanted to have a look at, such as finances, health, education, career and love and I cast the runes on top as picture shows. The rune that fell on the money bag describes finances, the runes that fell on the education tree describe learning and education. I opened the folded paper runes and got my answers.

paper rune table

Mosaic style Rune table

At home I use a Mosaic style rune table. This is how I made it. I bought grout, mosaic glue, a round cardboard cut base, craft stones and craft decorations. First I glued the stones creating the pattern I wanted. Then I mixed the grout with water as per instruction and added it on top. I made sure it was as even as possible across the table. Then I waited 24 hours until it was set. Then I washed the grout off the stones so the stones are as visible as possible while still set in the grout. Then I glued on the craft decoration making another pattern. I made sure I had the major areas covered such as a symbol for love, finance, career and so forth. You choose what you want on your table. I also added a symbol for ancestor, guardian angel and spirit guide. I went a step further and added symbols that represented Soon and Delay. You can also do Yes and No. This is the end result.

mosaic rune table

Making your own Runes

If you want to take time and effort making your Runes I recommend you use polymer clay. Below is a tutorial in how to make your own Polymer Clay Runes.

Polymer Clay Runes.

Buy some polymer clay. If you have a clay press you can put pieces of the polymer clay through the press to soften it. In this tutorial, I didn’t have a clay press and it still worked very well, it is up to you. The clay is quite tough to work with. I use a metal rune stamp set. They can be hard to come by. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can use a ready set rune set to make your own set of stamps. (Press the runes into the clay. This will make mirror images of the runes. Cook the runes and you have made yourself a rune stamp set!)

making runes

The first you have to do when making your own polymer clay Runes is to divide the clay into 24 round little balls. Stamp the Rune symbols into the Clay. It helps that the Clay is hard, it makes the symbols set easier.

making runes with polymer clayhow to make your own runesmaking runes with stamps

Then the Runes has to cook in the oven. Follow the instructions set by the manufacturer of the polymer clay. When the runes are finished cooking the clay will be very hard (like a rock). I usually put mine on for 15 – 20 min on 180 degrees heat. It is important that you check on your Runes while in the oven. If they over-cook they get bubbles in them, and they don’t look good.

Once they have cooled down you are ready to paint them. I usually paint mine black to start with, and then I gently press another paint color on top using a sponge making sure the Rune symbols remain black.

making runes paintedmaking runes finishedpainting your runes

As you can see the Runes look spectacular.

I like to put my Runes into boxes. Sometimes I decorate them, and I like to put include the Rune descriptions either inside the lid of the box or as the picture below shows; on top of the lid.

making rune box

I hope you enjoyed this Rune making tutorials. Make the Runes a part of your everyday life. You can also make Rune jewelry. You can combine several Rune symbols in what is called Rune binding to bring in different qualities into your life.

rune jewelry rune jewerly2Inger rune binding

Sometimes having something you made yourself makes it even more valuable.

You can also make your own Witches stones. They often come in 8 or 13 depending on which template you are using. You can get the Witches rune templates here. 

witche stones witches stones witches stones1