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3rd Eye Meditation

How to open your 3rd Eye

This meditation is designed to open your 3rd eye. There are ways for you to also close your 3rd eye if you feel they are getting too open. This will be revealed in the final paragraph. For now, we are going to focus on opening your 3rd eye.

Sit or lay down.

Close your eyes.

Imagine energy from the bottom of your feet going into Mother Earth.

Pull up Energy from Mother Earth, let it travel through you and above your head.

Imagine energy going all the way up to Creator of All. Just Imagine the energy from your feet to above your head is shooting up to heaven where it is all sparkly bright iridescent bright light. You have now made a connection to the Creator who will keep you safe.

Center yourself by focusing on the center between your eyes. Imagine light pouring out of your 3rd eye creating a beam of light. Feel the spot between your eyes filling up with energy. You might feel tingling. Some of you might start getting visions.

Imagine a tunnel opening up in front of you. How wide is it? Imagine it becoming wider and wider until you are a tiny dot inside the tunnel. Imagine the tunnel filling up with light and bright colors. Imagine you traveling through this tunnel in blazing speed.

What you are going to do now is the KEY to opening up your 3rd eye. Behind your ears, you have intuitive sensors. Opening up these will open up the 3rd eye more than any other exercise I have experienced. Imagine you have volume buttons behind each ear and you can turn up the volume. Imagine light pouring into the spots behind your ears. Listen. Listen. Listen. 

Intuitive listening opens up the 3rd eye faster and more efficiently than any meditation I have tried. If you have a question and you want to see the answer with your 3rd eye than do this: Imagine light pouring into the intuitive sensor spots behind your ears, imagine turning up the volume both sides, still your mind and start to Listen. Soon your 3rd eye will open and you will start seeing intuitively.

The Secret to opening 3rd Eye is Opening up the Ear Chakras.

All of our psychic energy spots are linked. Activating the Intuitive ears activate the 3rd Eye in an automatic Chain reaction. Every time you want to get more intuitive, imagine turning up the volume buttons behind your ears and start listening for the answer. Soon you will start Seeing the answer. Some of you might start Sensing the answer more than Seeing because Sensing and Knowing the answer are also connected to the same psychic chain reaction you started by psychic listening.

The more you practice the more intuitive you become. Get in the routine of Practice every day.

How to Practice Psychic Abilities.

I practice a lot by scanning tarot cards (see if I can get the right card and right card meaning without looking). This is a great way to put your Psychic Abilities to the test because you can check if you were right.

Another thing I do is to scan the environment I will be in before I will be there. For example the shop assistant at the grocery store: Will it be a he or a she, young, old, what will he/she look like, what will they be wearing etc. Then I see if I was right. ‘

You can also scan your circle of friends. Scan their energies until you see who needs some extra support. Send love and healing energy in their direction.

Scan someone you don’t get on with. Ask intuitively to see the situation from the other person’s perspective. See if you can sense their beliefs and programs that make them act in a certain way.

How to Scan intuitively

Basically, Scanning is sensing using your intuitive antennas. They will be activated doing the exercise we described in the 3rd eye Meditation. Your mind will quickly pull you in one direction. If you are scanning your friends then one person will stand out, and you are unable to move on until you realize you just got your answer. Sense what their issues are. You might also get a colleague or a family member. If the person is sad then you will sense their sadness.

Don’t be surprised if the most confident and happy-go-lucky person shows up as sad and depressed when you look at them intuitively. People mask themselves in all kinds of way, and your intuition will soon be able to see past these masks. 

How to close the 3rd Eye.

Sometimes it might not be in your highest and best to have a very open 3rd eye. It can cause overwhelm. It is easy to close it. One way is to read a book. Another way is to color in a picture. I like to Crochet, and this is how I discovered that focusing and concentrating on one task actually make the 3rd eye close. Anything that you are doing that is just focusing on a fairly easy task aid in the closing of the 3rd eye. Then when you are ready you can open it open again. It is empowering to be able to open and shut down the 3rd eye as it gives you more control when you want to use your abilities and when you want to focus on something else.

Near Death Experience

Nothing makes a person more intuitive than a Near Death Experience. Every time a person comes back from an NDE they are a lot more intuitive. Some start seeing spirits and hearing spirits, and many find these psychic experiences very disturbing until they get used to having an expanded sense of reality.

Ask the Creator to Increase your Psychic abilities to the optimum level for your highest and best with grace and ease. Each day you can ask this, and each day you become more intuitive, but only to a point where you can handle it emotionally.