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How to predict someone’s name using Tarot

Tarot is ruled by the law of synchronicity. Tarot is also connected to the law of truth and law of attraction, and the more you practice with the Tarot the more you will work with these laws. Here are a few games that will help you get in touch with the laws.

How to Predict someone’s name with the Tarot: Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out each card and count A-Z as each card goes down. A is card 1, B is card 2 and so forth. Continue until you have the Wheel of fortune card. Since there are 78 cards and only 26 letters in the English alphabet you might have to rotate it around and begin with An all over again. When you get to the Wheel of fortune card notice what letter it represents using this method. Now click on the link to the letter and do as following. Shuffle and cut the deck again. Start counting from 1 and up to where the wheel of fortune is. Notice the number. Count down the baby names. If the number is higher than the number of baby names rotate and start from the first name and keep counting down until you hit the name.

This method is not a tested method in Tarot and will not always give accurate results. That is why it is called a game only. It serves to keep you on your toes and practice your skills.

Baby Boy Names – A

Baby Boy Names – B

Baby Boy Names – C

Baby Boy Names – D

Baby Boy Names – E

Baby Boy Names – F

Baby Boy Names – G

Baby Boy Names – H

Baby Boy Names – I

Baby Boy Names – J

Baby Boy Names – K

Baby Boy Names – L

Baby Boy Names – M

Baby Boy Names – N

Baby Boy Names – O

Baby Boy Names – P

Baby Boy Names – Q

Baby Boy Names – R

Baby Boy Names – S

Baby Boy Names – T

Baby Boy Names – U

Baby Boy Names – V

Baby Boy Names – W

Baby Boy Names – X

Baby Boy Names – Y

Baby Boy Names – Z

Decide whether you are predicting a boy or girl name before you start the game. The methods are identical.

Baby Girl Names – A

Baby Girl Names – B

Baby Girl Names – C

Baby Girl Names – D

Baby Girl Names – E

Baby Girl Names – F

Baby Girl Names – G

Baby Girl Names – H

Baby Girl Names – I

Baby Girl Names – J

Baby Girl Names – K

Baby Girl Names – L

Baby Girl Names – M

Baby Girl Names – N

Baby Girl Names – O

Baby Girl Names – P

Baby Girl Names – Q

Baby Girl Names – R

Baby Girl Names – S

Baby Girl Names – T

Baby Girl Names – U

Baby Girl Names – V

Baby Girl Names – W

Baby Girl Names – X

Baby Girl Names – Y

Baby Girl Names – Z