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How Will I Recognize my Soulmate ~ Pick a Card Tarot Reading

Who is my Soulmate Video

Click here to get the Who is my Soulmate pick a card video. 

How will you meet your Soulmate Video

Click here to get the How will I meet my Soulmate video. 

Time Stamps for each tarot card

Card 1: 0:37
Card 2: 4:34
Card 3: 8:11
Card 4: 10:34
Card 5: 14:49

Many intuitive people know before they are about to meet their soulmate. They get that feeling within them that something is about to happen that they are about to meet someone. Before you were born, you would have practiced the Meeting so that you will not miss each other. There can be many such meeting points just in case you don’t recognize each other the first or second time :)