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An ongoing guide to Peace and Tranquility

Are peace and tranquility even possible in today’s society? I believe it is, but our beliefs can make it difficult. Our beliefs shape our reality to such an extent that we can think ourselves to absolute joy or misery. A person’s religious beliefs can make it very hard to have inner peace if there is no spiritual understanding. The belief there is eternal damnation for example. At the same time, rigid beliefs can make life easier if all one has to do is to follow them, no questions asked. At least then the person has something to hold on to. Challenging them can cause a deep personal and spiritual crisis. This is why some choose to instead only challenge other people’s beliefs. I enjoy watching a good debate, and many are very intellectually stimulating and educational. However, they rarely bring any kind of inner peace, at least not for me. Is it even possible to get any kind of absolute truth? We will never fully understand another’s point of view because we didn’t walk in their shoes. We might feel they are wrong because we believe the world works in certain ways, but how can we be absolutely certain? How can we possibly even understand ourselves properly? Most attempts are met with fear and self-judgment because we believe our mistakes define us. If we believe our actions make us good or bad, how can we ever learn about why we made them? Even if we wanted to take the time to search within for answers, how would our relationships change? Would some of us be left behind, or would we be the ones that left? We all are a work in progress. We change for the better and sometimes for the worse. When we change for the worse, it is often so we can learn by opposites. We learn to hold different views so we can let go of being defined by them. If one of our core beliefs is the understanding that we are limited only by our beliefs, our limitations would as a happy by-product, have limited effects on our peace of mind.

Beliefs and peace of mind

Let’s say, you believe that after we die, we go to a beautiful heavenly realm, far away from the violence and suffering experienced here. That can be a comforting thought for sure, but what about the needs of the planet? How do we care for her if we believe we don’t even belong here. Indigenous cultures tend to believe we are of this Earth and we will return to this Earth when we die. If we have harmed her in any way, there will be severe consequences for that. How do you integrate into the modern world if you believe that will damage your soul? The differences between the new way and the old way, from western cultures to indigenous cultures, could not be more different when it comes to the views of the afterlife. How we view the afterlife can create an enormous amount of suffering in us, like believing in eternal damnation. Can you imagine if your religious beliefs caused you to believe your son or daughter who died of a drug overdose is no burning in hell forever? Life would be unbearable. No wonder people give up on religion, but what happens when we give up on our spiritual beliefs entirely. Believing there is no afterlife, and all of our efforts, connections, family, loved ones, our dreams, fears, and hopes, are all going to be discarded into less than nothing, does not exactly create a lot of peace of mind either. The cynicism and unhappiness, not to mention the panic and terror, could cause severe mental illness in a person.

What is the solution?

What if the solution is to understand ourselves better, and instead of wanting all the answers straight away, we took our time? What if we started to enjoy the process, knowing that all the answers would come? To me, God is in all things. This is my belief and if I move away from this belief, I suffer. When I believe I can do it all myself, and I don’t need to take time to listen and to be humble, my world begins to crumble under my feet. I become mentally tired and I feel easily annoyed and cynical. When I ‘crawl’ back to God and start listening again, I begin a new journey almost immediately. It is peaceful, it is meaningful, and it is joyful. I wonder if my difficult life lessons were meant to happen so that I would stay close to God.

One belief that is helpful in releasing painful memories, toxic guilt, and shame, is knowing you are worth saving. You deserve to live free from reminding yourself of your worse moments every minute of every day. Everything happens for a reason, and when you are at the end of the road, you will ask what that reason was. Instead of waiting until things get so bad and there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, you begin to invest in yourself every single day. This prayer has helped me immensely: Dear God, give me your truth, perspective, and understanding on this issue in a way that I can understand, and in a way that gives me peace of mind, so that I can move forward in joy, in the highest and best way. Thank you it is done it is done it is done. You might not get the full picture or understanding straight away, but a path will be laid out for you to have closure. You might come across a spiritual teacher who explains it to you perfectly. You might have an A-HA moment, a dream, a rapid spiritual awakening, or you will gradually see how it was all connected, and why things were the way it was. Maybe the soul lesson was for you to learn to let go of things and to live in the present moment. 

Good vs Evil

It is also a good idea to challenge some of your views on good vs evil. Especially people who have been sexually abused could have a difficult time believing in Good being stronger then Evil, especially if the person who abused them was a close relative or a person in a trusted position. Being abused in any kind of way can destroy the person’s self-worth and negative thoughts can be like a loop playing over and over again the person’s mind. If you have lost your faith in a kind and loving God, the fear of the dark and dark energies could become paralysing. In an attempt to restore faith, the person could even choose a false teacher, a narcissistic guru who makes things much worse. This Prayer can help to restore faith in Love, and to know what Love feels like and to have discernment: Dear God, show me what true and pure love feels like and that it is possible for me to have true love, that I am connected to Divine love and that I have loving, soulful, and meaningful relationships in my life, and I know how to trust, who to trust, and when to trust, and that I love and I trust myself fully, in the highest and best way, with grace and ease. 

Releasing Karma

People also have a fear that they have accumulated a lot of negative karma and that they acted in a way that caused people harm. When they grow into more spiritual and conscientious people, they tend to look back at their lives wondering why they acted the way they did. This prayer can help heal guilt: Dear God, take away my guilt and shame, I now live my life true to God’s will and every day I become a better person, in a way that brings me joy and happiness, in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. 

The Obsession with Good can sometimes be bad.

I notice people who go on a spiritual journey sometimes feel they have to reject all kinds of negativity and pretend it doesn’t even exist. It is hard for them to admit that there is an evil side to humanity and that bad things happen all the time. This can be a very dangerous thing. It puts them at enormous risks. I nearly lost my life as a result of this belief. It made me trust people I should not have trusted, and it also made me disillusioned as the world showed me every day that my belief was wrong. I was so invested in my belief in the Good that I lost perspective on what matters. I came to realise that we are here to overcome our negative and fear-based programming. We are truly a work in progress. We are not angels. We are flawed humans. If we were meant to be angels we would be. Our purpose on this planet lies in that we are flawed. Our combined efforts are giving us plenty of opportunities to choose every day to be either good or bad or indifferent. We can choose to understand a person or judge a person. We can choose to listen or to ignore. We can make hurtful remarks or we can be supportive. We can choose to listen to our own needs or hide away from ourselves. Every day is a gift. Every day we can choose to be kinder to ourselves and others, including using our wisdom to know when we need to walk away or stay away from a person or situation. Gratitude is one of the most healing emotions I have ever felt. It takes away all kinds of heavy burdens. I think Gratitude is such a powerful emotion because it connects us to God in a very profound way. Our Gratitude is us Saying Thank You, God, because everything we are and everything we can be, is because of you.