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Interpret the Blocks to love Spread and the Ultimate Soulmate spread together

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The Steps to your Soulmate using the block and soulmate spread

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The 6 blocks to love

The blocks are your fears, doubts and disbelief around love, vulnerability, and intimacy. I catagorise them in 6 parts. The blocks are fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, financial reasons, safety (lack of), self-love (lack of), and Possible (believing it is not). 

Begin by removing the Possible block. Then work on the other blocks. If you have a block in safety, always work on the financial block as well, because these two are connected. If you have a lack of self-love you most likely also have a block in abandonment.

When you move on to the Ultimate soulmate spread, go card position 4 which is the block position. This will give you more information. Then look at card position 3. This tells you what you desire deep down and your block is the only thing that can prevent this from happening. Go to card position 2 and see how you can best manifest your soulmate. This is also a hint to how you will meet. Go to card position 5. A court card here means you will meet through family or friends. A minor arcana card means you will meet through your everyday routine. A major arcana card means you will meet by what looks like complete chance. Read card position 5 with 6, how you will meet. Read card position 2, 5, and 6 together and you will get a good idea how you will meet your soulmate. Read card position 7 and 10 together as these cards describe who is your soulmate and how you will know it is your true soulmate. Card position 8 and 9 gives you a clue where is your soulmate and when you will meet. These card positions work with specialised card reading techniques that you will learn in the Soulmate course, so note these cards.