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Intuitive tarot exercise

Check out my 4 favourite tarot exercise methods. 

This is an incredibly effective way of improving your tarot reading abilities drastically in a very short time. You will also need to know the Celtic Cross spread, so in case you don’t know this spread I have included it here for your reference.


Card 1. The situation.

Card 2. The obstacle.

Card 3. The Advice.

Card 4. Your past that is gone.

Card 5. Your recent past.

Card 6. Your future.

Card 7. You in the now.

Card 8. Other people around you. (often shows significant other in relationship questions and colleagues in work related questions)

Card 9. The surprise.

Card 10. The outcome.



To improve your reading abilities using this technique do as following:

Pick a random card from your tarot deck. Do NOT look at it, leave it face down.

Shuffle the rest of the cards while you ask the tarot to describe the card that you just picked from the other tarot deck.

Shuffle and cut the deck into two piles. Choose one pile using your non-dominate hand (the hand you don’t use for writing).

Lay the cards out in the Celtic Cross spread described above. Imagine the card you are describing being an actual person that you are reading for. Start describing from card 1 in the Celtic Cross and as you get to the final card, keep describing what is unfolding on the table. Connect all the cards together, and when you look at the final 10th card you draw your conclusion about the card you faced down.

You will be SHOCKED to see how accurate this method is. The Tarot is explaining the card on all levels, and you will drastically understand the meaning of the cards on a whole new level. The best thing is, this method increases your belief in yourself as a reader. Keep practising to become more and more confident in your tarot reading abilities.

Have fun with this, and keep practising.