Justice Tarot card combinations

The Traditional meaning of Justice tarot card is Justice. Justice represents fairness, equality, cause and effect, and your Divine Right.

Learn more about Justice tarot card meanings here. 

Justice in the Grand Tableau

Justice in Fool position: New law. New justice. New moral. Letting go of guilt.

Justice in Magician position: Speaking the truth. A Barrister. Legal documents. Lawyer.

Justice in High Priestess position: Women’s right. Psychic detective.

Justice in Empress position: A lucrative contract.

Justice in Emperor position: Large legal firm. Government laws. The Courts.

Justice in Hierophant position: Law school.

Justice in Lovers position: Marriage contract.

Justice in Chariot position: Legal victory.

Justice in Strength: Being an advocate for someone.

Justice in Hermit: Common sense. Unwritten laws.

Justice in Wheel of Fortune: Casino.

Justice in Justice: Divine timing.

Justice in Hanged Man: Copyright laws. A patent.

Justice in Death: Long sentence. Strict sentence.

Justice in Temperance: Logic and facts combined with intuition.

Justice in Devil: The underworld.

Justice in Tower: Truth coming out.

Justice in Star: Intelligence. Being clever.

Justice in Moon: Investigator.

Justice in Sun: Children’s right, integrity, and moral.

Justice in Judgement: Resolution.

Justice in World: Teaching. Evolution. The modern world. Cities. The legal world.

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