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King of Cups as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, King of cups denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

King of cups as the final card in a tarot reading signifies a time where you can sit back and enjoy your achievements. This card signifies a beautiful time where you can feel emotionally stable and secure. You feel safe enough to be yourself. There is depth to you that gives you emotional strength. You also have knowledge that will benefit society on a large-scale, even internationally. Social justice and humanitarianism are situations where you can make a huge impact for the better. You are diplomatic, mature and respectful and you know how to respond rather than react. Because of this, you often find yourself in conflict resolution and as a meditator. People depend on you because of your calm and mature nature. You are meant to be in management and leadership positions.

King of cups in a general reading:

King of cups in this position denotes that you have received some sound advice recently. You are starting to learn about what is important to you, and as a result, you have grown into someone who people want to be with. You become their point of call for love and support. You career is important too, but you have learnt to value yourself above what you do for a living. Sometimes our work becomes who we are, but in your case, you no longer lose your identity in your work. You are no longer confused. You are becoming more and more enlightened.

A popular and emotionally strong person is coming into your life, and this is someone who will become very important to you. This person has a large network and they might even be famous. If not famous than at least well-known in a certain field where he/she has much expertise. You will recognise this person by his/hers charisma. There is an artsy edge to this person that makes them stand out. This is someone who will inspire you to do something great in your own life. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears, and this is much the case here. The presence of the teacher (who can come in many forms) is a sign that you are about to embark on an important part of your life purpose.

King of cups denotes that you will reach to the height of your aspirations . You have most likely worked extremely hard and now is the time for the reward. You are done with living life in the fast lane, you are slowing down and connecting to your life from the inside out. Most importantly you are getting to know yourself. Look for other kings in the spread, as the more kings show up, the stronger you will feel within yourself.

King of cups in career questions:

King of cups signifies work as an industry specialist. King of cups is often a doctor, CEO or in high-level management. king of cups denotes a happy time at work due to the friendships developed with co-workers. King of cups denotes a career that gives the seeker joy and purpose.

King of cups in a love question:

King of cups speaks of falling in love with your best friend. Suddenly you see this person in a whole new light and you wonder why you didn’t see it all along. If you are already in a relationship King of cups speak of a deep friendship between you that makes this relationship extra special.

King of cups reversed:

When King of cups is reversed you might find that you are doing too little about your current predicament. This is meant to be a fruitful and abundant time where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Spend time doing things you truly love and enjoy, and avoid being at the beckon call for other people’s dramas. You are a good friend and a good listener, but at the moment, people might be driving you crazy. Someone is not respecting your boundaries.