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King of Wands as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, King of wands denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

King of wands as the final card in a tarot reading signifies new and fun projects, often working with someone who has natural leadership abilities. You want to have it all and part of it is making others believe in you and in your dream. You have the ability to make other people feel special and thus, turn them into faithful allies.

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You are encouraged to be assertive and a leader. King of wands denotes industry leadership and expertise that can be used to be self-employed. Use your charisma to make people want to follow you. You will have to be willing to recreate yourself and embrace change to stay on top as an industry leader and business owner, but avoid making too many compromises. Stand your ground.

King of wands in a general reading:

You are learning how to be strong, to take charge and to be a leader. You are becoming more assertive and you are realising you can achieve great things. You are raising the bar and are expecting more of yourself. There is a strong will to succeed. There is confidence derived from someone who is king of cool. You feel in control and someone is believing in you. You are attracting plenty of attention from someone who care deeply about you. This is someone who is protective and kind, and who puts your needs first.

King of wands in a career question:

Someone will come into your life and influence how you look at work and career. This is someone who wants to guide you and be your mentor, especially in business and entrepreneurship. They love to invest and will give you plenty of advice on how you can make good investments of your own. King of wands denotes careers in business, technology and mentoring.

King of wands in a love question:

If you are single and asking about love, King of wands can often represent meeting someone who you have a great connection with, but who is already taken, and you might be playing with fire. If you are in a relationship King of wands denotes other people showing you interest, but your heart is fully committed to your relationship. There might be some jealousy issues in the relationship as other people are showing you interest.

King of wands reversed:

When King of wands is reversed then leadership is blocked. You might find yourself dealing with an unreasonable leader. Red tape and bureaucracy might be blocking your ideas from materialising.

In a love reading when King of wands is reversed you might find that your love interest is either shutting you out emotionally or is devoted somewhere else.