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King Of Pentacles as The Final Card In A Tarot Reading

As All Court Cards, King Of Pentacles Denotes Both A Person, A Personality, And A Situation.

King of pentacles as the final card in a tarot reading denotes being at the top of your game and living a very comfortable life materially speaking. You will be working hard and there is much success financially. You are a warm and stable person who gives your heart and soul to the projects you are working on. People can trust you to get the job done properly. You can accomplish more than most people and you can excel like no other when you put your mind to it. You are completely dedicated to your work and your family. When someone is lucky enough to call you their friend you never let them down.

King of pentacles in a general reading:

King of pentacles as the final card in a reading signifies success in the material world due to your hard working and dependable character. You achieve success through becoming an expert in your field. You are ambitious and you put in the effort to succeed. You need stability and to be in charge over your financial future. You are a great provider. King of pentacles shows up when you are mastering the material world and can enjoy a life in excess.

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Someone is coming into your life to teach you about abundance and how to master prosperity. This person is good with both money and with people. They are able to get many things done at the same time and they create security for the people they love. King of pentacles are the managers and business people of the world.

King of pentacles in career questions:

King of pentacles is a very career oriented card. It denotes success in business and career. It often shows up when the Seeker has talents and skills as a business owner or in management. King of pentacles is the perfect project manager. This card can also indicate a promotion and a raise.

King of pentacles in a love question:

King of pentacles denotes that you will find love with someone who is financially secure, most likely a business man/woman. If you are already in a relationship then this card indicates a relationship that is secure both financially and emotionally.

King of pentacles reversed:

King of pentacles reversed indicates a time when there are fears around money and security. Someone is being too conservative and afraid of taking risks. King of pentacles reversed can often indicate hoarding.